University of Canberra Bachelor International Scholarship Grants in Australia 2023

Are you seeking an opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Australia? We are pleased to offer Gems International Partner Scholarships in Australia through the University of Canberra.

Students from GEMS who are applying to UC Bachelor’s degree coursework will be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Overseas students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the university are eligible to apply for this grant, which provides financial support.

The University of Canberra has the following characteristics:

Canberra University is a public university located in Bruce, Australian Capital Territory. Work placements, industrial projects, and internships give students a taste of what they can expect as graduates.

Under the guidance of well-experienced faculty members, students can also visit the fieldwork and learn about the process. In addition to outstanding instruction, this school offers you a wide range of options and facilities to help you achieve your academic goals.

Selection Criteria:

 The average GPA for students commencing their Bachelor’s degrees at GEMS is 5.0.

  • More than 70%
  • Student with full-time commitments.


For the bachelor’s program, participants who qualify will receive 10% off the tuition fee.

Procedures for submitting an application:

An applicant must be accepted to the university’s bachelor’s degree program to qualify for this award. Then, participants who qualify can apply for a study grant.

The supporting documents are as follows:

All relevant transcripts, evidence of language proficiency, work experience, and curriculum vitae need to be certified.

Programs that are available:

 Any UC Bachelor’s degree coursework can be applied to by interested students.

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