List of All Federal Universities in Nigeria and Date of Establishment

Have you been looking for the list of Federal Universities we have in Nigeria? You are in the right place.

Before I show you the names of these universities, let’s note that we currently have 44 federal universities in Nigeria.

Here in schoolisle, we deemed it fit to show you the number of universities established by the federal government to enable you know which institution to choose. We shall also show you the years those universities were established for the sake of knowledge. I’ll also give you tips on the best federal schools you should select.

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Which Federal University in Nigeria is the best for me?

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The best federal university for you depends on the course you want to study. Some universities are good in some courses but are not good in the rest. However, let me just give you some tips on the best universities for you.

Best Federal Universities for law in Nigeria

University of Ilorin

This is one of the best Federal Universities which has always ranked high when it comes to law. Some intending law students may make it first choice because its one of the best.

University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

UNN is one of the best schools which most intending university students scramble for. When it comes to law, it’s academic excellence is alarming.

Not only that, the prestige it offers its graduates is notable. For this reason, it is important to add that while looking for a university in Nigeria, also consider how reputable the school is.

University of Benin

This is one of the first universities in Nigeria. It has produced notable men and women like Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, the former governor of Lagos State.

Best Nigerian Federal Universities for medicine

University of Ibadan

The university of Ibadan is currently the best University to study medicine in Nigeria. The university, right from time has maintained it’s reputation. It has also produced notable thinkers and reputable men.

From what we currently see, the university is not ready to give up it’s reputations anytime soon, that is if they will ever lose it. A graduate from this university has an added advantage over other graduates from some other universities. The reason behind this is that the UI certificate can speak for you as it’s recognized even outside the country. However, the certificate can not speak for you if you don’t have good grades. If you graduate with good grades, that means you don’t have hitches on your way.

University of Nigeria Nsukka

UNN seems to have its way in most of the professional courses. Well, its supposed to be so because it was already there before other universities.

UNN is one of the oldest universities in Nigeria. It was established in 1960 and as such has gotten commendations from within and outside Nigeria.

Why you should look out for a federal university in Nigeria

Firstly, federal universities seem to be less stressful when compared to state Universities. Well, universities, generally are stressful but some seem to be more stressful than the other.

In terms of the funds, State Universities are costlier than Federal Universities. In some state Universities, students pay hundreds of thousands. While tuition fee in some Federal Universities is not even upto a 100k. Funding is done by the federal government and as such, students enjoy some subsidies in the things they pay for.

Federal universities seem to have more efficient administration than the state Universities since it receives order from a higher source.

Apart from reasons, one may have other reasons he/she may or may not choose a Federal University.

Final words

Federal Universities seem to be the best option for students. However, some state Universities can give you exactly what you want in a course even more than some federal universities. In all, before you choose a university, ensure you read how good the school is in your interested area of study.

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