Tricks you Need Adopt Inside and Outside WAEC Exam Hall

WAEC is a must-pass exam for all the concerned persons. If you must move to the next academic level then you need to clear all your papers. WAEC gives you a go ahead order to any university, polytechnic college of education or any tetiary institution of your choice.

How to successfully pass WAEC
How to Successfully Make WAEC

It is very disappointing to see that you did not clear all your papers in the exam. Some has written it for several years not because they are dull but because there’s something they are not doing. One may say it’s fate but I want to remind you that you can decide your fate.

Congratulations! to you because you are in the right place where you will get all the tips and secrets which will help you make all your WAEC papers without stress.

Secret of passing WAEC exam

Get these tips and apply them and you’ll see a better result.

Build your confidence

Your confidence is the first thing you have to work on. It determines a lot of things. Once you lack confidence, it means that you are afraid or you are doubtful of the outcome of the exam. Confidence boosts your morale to attack the exam and conquer it.

However, just like I mentioned in my previous article, don’t mistake over confidence for confidence. There are two different things. Confidence gives you boldness to approach something assuredly and fully prepared. On the other hand, over confidence makes you think you have all it takes to handle a matter when actually you do not have anything. Therefore, as you kill your fears, ensure you you build your confidence with books relating to your WAEC subjects.

Get the WAEC Syllabus | How to pass WAEC

WAEC Syllabus contains all the topics which you need to cover before your exams. It contains a comprehensive list of all topics and you have to maximize it. In other words, have the area of Concentration for each subject and the recommended textbooks for each. That gives you better chances of passing your WAEC examination successfully without Stress.

The best way to approach it is to start reading it on time. Read it slow but steady. Ensure you cover at least, two topics in a week and don’t allow it choke you.

In a case where the exam is already around the corner, all you need to do is, calm your nerves, grab your books and start reading. Don’t rush it. Read it without fear. Don’t say ” hey!, I haven’t read anything“. Just sit down and work on it slowly. Ensure you cover at least, one topic each day. This will enable you grab enough which will help you make your WAEC papers at once.

In case you do not know, these Syllabus are free. You do not have to pay before you get it. Do well to download a copy below.

BONUS: For those who will write government, the topics in government has been covered on this website for you. So, you can read from here. Simply search your topics using the search bar.

Download WAEC Syllabus:

WAEC Chemistry Syllabus

WAEC Physics Syllabus

WAEC English Language Syllabus

WAEC mathematics Syllabus

WAEC Government Syllabus

Read without ceasing | Make your WAEC papers

Do you think you are so dull such that you cannot pass your WAEC? That’s not true at all. Everyone is intelligent and able to do anything but you just need to develop it.

One sure way to clear your papers is to study all the topics regularly. I shared an observation in my previous article, how to pass JAMB, I observed that those who read more than once before they understand perform better as they keep reading over and over again. The truth is, they become more friendly, used and acquainted with those things they read. This simply means that if you are a type that reads once and understands, you still need to read it again.

Practice free WAEC Past Questions and Answers

Past questions and answers give you clue on how West African Examination Council (WAEC) sets their questions.

One important thing about WAEC past questions is that some questions from there may be repeated. Again, you will see the structure of the exam and how to tackle each.

There are so many free WAEC softwares out there. I recommend you go for myschool free WAEC software. If you do not want to download the software, you can go for free WAEC practice online.

Avoid distractions and procrastination

Undoubtedly, sometimes you plan to do a particular thing at a particular time but you find yourself doing another thing. It’s not normal. You need to work on that and curb it.

Don’t go clubbing and don’t allow friends over Shadow you. You can deny yourself some pleasures to achieve what you want first.

Furthermore, don’t say you will read later when actually you can read now. That’s a bad habit as it will contribute immensely to your failure. The reason behind this is that there’s something you need to achieve now and another thing to achieve later. When you procrastinate, you actually forfeit the stuff you would have achieved now. Even though you think you will achieve it later, then, you are actually forfeiting the one you would achieve later.

Avoid examination malpractice

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Malpractice may get you into trouble. Apart from the fact that it may get you into jail if caught in the act, it can also cause you to fail. Some WAEC markers are very strict and may not take it likely with any paper suspected to be a product of malpractice. Once they observe that two or more persons wrote the same thing, they may penalize those papers.

Sometimes we hear that some results were held. It may be as a result of malpractice. Some students involved may end up not seeing those results. In some cases where they release the result, it may be failure. Therefore, to be on the safe side, ensure you desist from such act.

Read the instructions carefully while writing your exams

One of the reasons WAEC candidates fail their exams is lack of obedience to instructions. Every exam has a mode of writing it and candidates are expected to obey it. The only way to know such mode is by reading the instructions.

Obey those instructions carefully! as it is one of the most effect ways to pass your WAEC.

Answer your questions completely | Make your WAEC papers

Ensure you answer your questions completely from each section. It is a contributing factor to passing your WAEC examination.

However, in a situation where you cannot provide the answers to all, ensure you answer at least 70% or even 60% of all the questions. Majorly, here I’m talking of the theoretical part of the exam. In the objective part, ensure you answer all, please.

Start from the questions you know best

Another trick to get good grades in WAEC is to start from the ones you know best. As you provide your answers, ensure you make your points within the first 3-5 lines. Your first impression matters. So, you need to do your best in the first lines.

Some markers may not have time to go through all your work. They go through the introduction and conclusion and they award their marks accordingly. So, you also need to be apt in your conclusion.

However, the body of your work matters. That is where you expose your answer in details.

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God factor

God factor is very important as everyone has a maker. Pray and believe that he will see you through. You need Him right from the first secret I gave you to the last one.

Conclusion – How to make your was WAEC papers at once

Don’t nurse any form of doubt in any of the processes. Don’t give yourself high blood pressure in the course of thinking about the exams you just finished. Always stay positive and possibly, learn not to discuss any exam after writing it.

Here comes the end of the WAEC exam success tips I have for you.

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