I Misplaced My JAMB Registration Slip 2021 – How To Retrieve & Print?

I just giggle when I hear a newly enrolled JAMB candidates say, “ I misplaced my jamb registration slip 2021,” because it’s a common blunder.

misplaced my jamb registration slip 2021 – How to retrieve & Print

If you’ve misplaced your UTME registration slip and need to find out how to retrieve and reprint it, this article will show you how.

I misplaced my jamb registration slip 2021– How to find It?

Nobody is immune to making mistakes, especially when it comes to misplacing vital documents such as your JAMB slip.

Make sure you’ve done a thorough search for it so you don’t have to worry; if you still can’t find it, then this post is for you.

Please and please always make sure you do photocopies of all your documents. Forget about the fact that a photocopy costs 20 or 30 naira, do it.

You can also scan them and store them to Google Drive or another cloud storage.

What should you do now that the deed has been done, and how can it be retrieved?

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How to Retrieve & Print JAMB Registration Slips 2021.

If you don’t have access to a printer and a computer, I strongly advise you to visit an internet cafe or a jamb registration center near you.

Because it is free, you should bring some cash. The printing will cost 200 naira, while photocopying would cost 20 – 30 naira, depending on whether there is light or not.

Simply tell them you’d like to reprint your JAMB 2021 registration slip, and they’ll ask for your information, which you should be able to provide.

That’s all there is; I don’t need to turn this into an encyclopedia or dictionary; it’s simple and easy. You will receive your slip if you follow the instructions outlined above.

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Is it possible to reprint my JAMB slips anywhere?

Whether it’s a jamb registration center or a computer cafe, the answer is yes. They’ll take care of it.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the original printed out for you, make at least 5 photocopies.

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You can print it at the JAMB registration center or any computer café near you; don’t forget to make photocopies.

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