UNILAG Cut-Off Mark 2021 | How to calculate Aggregate Score

It is necessary for UNILAG aspirants to know their chances of gaining admission even before the Post UTME form is out. This article will show all the necessary information as regards a candidate chances of gaining admission into the university. This information include the General UNILAG Cut-off Mark for jamb, departmental cut-off mark, how to calculate your Aggregate score and many more.

UNILAG Cut Off Mark 2021/2022

As a UNILAG aspirant, you should understand that there are certain requirements that must be met before you can be considered for admission into the University and for any desired course.

Anyway, one of these requirements includes beating the required departmental and faculty cut off mark for the year in view. However, it is generally advisable to carefully study and very high above the cut off point/mark to be on the safer side.

How To Calculate Your O’Level Points

A1 – 4 points

B2 – 3.6 Points

B3 – 3.2 Points

C4 – 2.8 Points

C5 – 2.4 Points

C6 – 2.0 Points

IMPORTANT NOTE: Subjects with D7, E8 or F9 grades will not be considered in the process of calculating your O’Level points.

In conclusion, your UTME score + Your Post UTME score + Your grades in WAEC or NECO based on the above points for O’Level, you can calculate your aggregate with ease by yourself.

What Does Cut-off Mark Really Mean?

Cut off mark simply means a certain mark which candidates are expected not to score below if they want to be admitted for the particular year in view.

For example, if UNILAG sets its JAMB cut off mark as 300, then any student who scores below 300 should automatically start thinking of other options.

The general UNILAG Cut-off mark for JAMB is 200. Any UTME candidate that scores 200 and above is eligible for UNILAG post UTME screening exercise.

FAQ: Does UNILAG Accept second choice candidates?
UNILAG accepts only first choice candidates 

In conclusion, if you want to be on the safe side, try to beat the cut off mark far above the normal cut off mark.

UNILAG JAMB cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session is 200, but this is different from UNILAG Post UTME cut off mark for all courses. See the possible UNILAG JAMB cut off mark for all departments in the table below:

Faculty of Sciences JAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Mathematics and Statistics 240 and above
2. Physics 240 and above
3. Chemistry 240 and above
4. Computer Science 240 and above
5. Geological Science 240 and above
6. Geophysics 240 and above
7. Marine Sciences 240 and above
8. Zoology 240 and above
9. Fisheries 240 and above
10. Cell Biology and Genetics 240 and above
11. Botany 240 and above
12. Microbiology 240 and above
13. Environmental chemistry 240 and above
14. Analytical Chemistry 240 and above
15. Environmental Biology 240 and above
16. Physical Oceanography and Coastal Management 240 and above
17. Marine Pollution and Management 240 and above
18. Marine Biology 240 and above
19. Fisheries Technology 240 and above
20. Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Management 240 and above
21. Aquaculture 240 and above
22. Cell and Molecular Biology 240 and above
23. Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management 240 and above
24. Aquatic Resource and Pollution Management 240 and above
25. Applied Entomology and Pest Management 240 and above
26. Environmental Management 240 and above
27. Natural resource management 240 and above
28. Natural Resources Conservation 240 and above
1. Civil and Environmental Engineering 260 and above
2. Chemical Engineering 260 and above
3. Computer Engineering 250 and above
4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 260 and above
5. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 250 and above
6. Mechanical Engineering 250 and above
7. Petroleum and Gas Engineering 270 and above
8. Surveying and Geoinformatics 250 and above
9. Systems Engineering 250 and above
Faculty of Art  
1. European Languages (French and Russian) 230 and above
2. English Language 230 and above
3. English Literature 230 and above
4. Linguistics, African and Asian 230 and above
5. Philosophy 230 and above
6. Department of History and Strategic Studies 230 and above
7. Creative Arts: Visual Arts 230 and above
8. Creative Arts: Theatre Arts 230 and above
9. Creative Arts: Music 230 and above
Faculty of Social Sciences                                                             JAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Economics 240 and above
2. Mass Communication and Journalism 240 and above
3. Political Science 240 and above
4. Social Work 240 and above
5. Psychology 240 and above
6. Sociology 240 and above
7. Geography and Planning 240 and above
8. Managerial Psychology 240 and above
9. Criminology 240 and above
10. International Relations and Strategic Studies 240 and above
11. Public and International Affairs 240 and above
12. Transportation Planning and Management 240 and above
Faculty of Business Administration
1. Department of Business Administration 260 and above
2. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 250 and above
3. Actuarial Science 250 and above
4. Insurance 250 and above
5. Risk Management and Insurance 250 and above
6. Accounting 270 and above
7. Management 250 and above
8. Finance 250 and above
9. Marketing 250 and above
10. Operations Research 250 and above
11. Organization behavior 250 and above
12. Production/Operations Management 250 and above
13. Development Finance 250 and above
Faculty of Law  Cut Off Mark
1. Jurisprudence and International Law 270 and above
2. Commercial and Industrial law 270 and above
3. Public Law 270 and above
4. Private and Property Law 270 and above
5. Legal Studies 270 and above
6. Conflict Management 270 and above
7. Dispute Resolution 270 and above
Faculty of Environmental Sciences                                           JAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Architecture 240 and above
2. Environmental Design 240 and above
3. Urban Design 240 and above
4. Landscape Architecture 240 and above
5. Building 240 and above
6. Construction Management 240 and above
7. Construction Technology 240 and above
8. Estate Management 240 and above
9. Urban and Regional Planning 240 and above
10. Quantity Surveying 240 and above
11. Facilities Management 240 and above
School of Clinical Sciences                                                        JAMB Cut Off Mark
1. Medicine and Surgery 270 and above
3. Pediatrics 270 and above
4. Physiotherapy 260 and above
5. Anaesthesia 270 and above
6. Nursing 250 and above
7. Obstetrics and Gynaecology 260 and above
8. Psychiatry 270 and above
9. Ophthalmology 270 and above
10. Clinical Pathology 260 and above
11. Haematology and Blood Transfusion 250 and above
12. Radiography 250 and above
13. Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy 250 and above
School of Basic Medical Sciences
1. Anatomy and Molecular Pathology 260 and above
2. Morbid Anatomy 260 and above
3. Physiology 260 and above
4. Pharmacology 260 and above
5. Biochemistry 260 and above
6. Medical Microbiology and Parasitology 260 and above
7. Biomedical engineering 260 and above
8. Medical Laboratory Science 260 and above
School of Dental Sciences
1. Child Dental Health 260 and above
2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 260 and above
3. Preventive Dentistry 260 and above
4. Restorative Dentistry 260 and above
5. Oral Pathology 260 and above
Faculty of Pharmacy
1. Clinical Pharmacy 260 and above
2. Bio-pharmacy 260 and above
3. Pharmacology 260 and above
4. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology 260 and above
5. Pharmaceutical Chemistry 260 and above
6. Pharmaceutical microbiology 260 and above
Faculty of Education                                                                  Cut Off Mark
1. Guidance and Counseling 220 and above
2. Adult Education 220 and above
3. Adult Education Management 220 and above
4. Adult Literacy and Non-formal Education 220 and above
5. Mathematics education 220 and above
6. Physics education 220 and above
7. Biology education 220 and above
8. Chemistry education 220 and above
9. Integrated Science education 220 and above
10. Social Studies education 220 and above
11. Geography Education 220 and above
12. History Education 220 and above
13. Human Kinetics and Health Education 220 and above
14. Exercise Physiology 220 and above
15. Sports Administration/Management 220 and above
16. Home Economics Education 220 and above
17. Technology education 220 and above
18. Business Education 220 and above
19. English Education 220 and above
20. English Literature education 220 and above
21. French Education 220 and above
22. Yoruba Education 220 and above
23. Igbo Education 220 and above
24. Christian Religious Studies 220 and above
25. Islamic Studies Education 220 and above
26. Religion Education 220 and above
27. Music education 220 and above
28. Curriculum Theory 220 and above
29. Educational administration and Planning 220 and above
30. Educational Psychology 220 and above
31. Measurement and Evaluation 220 and above
32. Philosophy of education 220 and above
33. Sociology of education 220 and above
34. Community Development and Social Work 220 and above
35. Manpower Training and Development 220 and above

You can view the aggregate Post UTME CUT-off mark for all departments and courses in the link below:


After seeing all of UNILAG’s departmental cut off marks for the year 2021/2022, the next important question to ask is How UNILAG do their screening.

Basically, the University of Lagos does its admission screening in two phases.

The first phase involves aspirants who applied to study in UNILAG proceeding for the pre-screening exercise immediately it is being announced.

Usually, during this first phase, only two major documents are needed i.e SSCE Result and JAMB Registration print out.

However, as a note of warning, all candidates are advised to go their pre-screening venues or centers 30 minutes before time to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Finally, the second phase then comes along immediately you have been admitted into UNILAG to study any choice of course. However, at the second phase, you need to do proper screening and the documents usually needed include;

  • Birth Certificate or Age Declaration
  • Certificate of Local Government of Origin
  • Original copies of your credentials (certificates and statements of result)
  • Letter of good conduct from your village head or any responsible member of your community/or civil servant not below grade level 10 or equivalent in the private sector.

NOTE:- UNILAG does not accept awaiting result and please do ensure you come along with your admission status slip printout.

How Do I Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score?

After going through UNILAG Cut-off mark for your desired course, and knowing fully well the JAMB cut-off mark; You can now calculate your aggregate so you will know where you fall into properly. you can use the method below.

NOTE: Your performance at O’level, UTME and Post-UTME are used for the final calculation.

O’Level usually takes 20% of the grading system, UTME takes 50% and Post-UTME which is usually the last hurdle takes 30%.

Therefore for the O’level result (WAEC/NECO),

A1……………4 points

B2……………..3.6 Points

B3……………….3.2  Points

C4……………….2.8 Points

C5………………2.5 Points

C6……………….2.0 Points

Use the grade point to calculate your 5 core subjects but however for JAMB UTME, you simply divide the overall JAMB score by 8 and divide your Post UTME Score by 2.

If you want to stand a chance to get admitted into the University of Lagos, then you must ensure your aggregate gets to at least 40%.

For more information, you can visit the university website unilag.edu.ng

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