2021 Oregon Consular Corps International Studies Scholarships at Portland State University – USA

Portland State University Scholarship. The Portland State University is offering two $2,500 scholarships to students majoring in International & Global Studies. Consul members of the Oregon Consular Corps (OCC) are committed to improved relations, communications, understanding, and trade between nations, peoples, and regions of the world. 

Portland State University Scholarships Application – Details

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Scholarship Description

The Oregon Consular Corps Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) Oregon nonprofit corporation established to provide scholarships for junior and senior students in international studies related disciplines at participating Oregon universities and colleges.  Presently, ten $2500 scholarships are awarded annually to meritorious students at Lewis & Clark College, Oregon State University, Portland State University, University of Oregon and University of Portland. Scholarship funds are dispersed to the student’s college account and may be applied to cover the cost of tuition and/or travel expenses associated with approved study abroad or international internship activities.

Beyond annual scholarships, the goal of the fund is to build a fund to support scholarships into the future for an expanded student population. The principal sources of funding come from the annual Celebrate Trade gala sponsored by partners from state and local government and businesses, and from charitable gifts to the endowment. Contributions to the fund may be deductible. 

For more info on the OCC Scholarship Fund: 

Scholars — Oregon Consular Corps (orconsularcorps.org)

For info about the Oregon Consular Corps: 

Oregon Consular Corps (orconsularcorps.org)

2021 Oregon Consular Corps International Studies Scholarships at Portland State University – USA

Eligible Countries: International

Type: Undergraduate and Graduate degree

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Value of Awards: $3,250

Number of Awards: Not Known


  • Must be US citizen, or legal resident, or international student on student visa
  • completed a minimum of 8 credit hours INTL core coursework
  • declared International & Global Studies major as of Fall 2021
  • junior class standing or above (90+ credits) in good academic standing
  • maintain full-time status (12 credits per term) during the 2021-2022 academic year (fall, winter, and spring)
  • maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Note: past recipients of the scholarship are not eligible to apply again

Requirements for Application

  • Download and fill out the OCC application form
  • A current resume/CV
  • A copy of your unofficial PSU transcript
  • Two letters of reference: At least one letter should be from a PSU faculty member or advisor with specific knowledge of your international study, international-related work experience, volunteer experience, or schoolwork. Please ask for your reference letters to be emailed directly to us at internationalstudies@pdx.edu.

Portland State University Scholarship Deadline

Application form, resume/CV, and unofficial PSU transcript must be emailed to internationalstudies@pdx.edu.

September 1 – October 31: The universities will announce the opportunity to apply for the OCC scholarships to students in the international related disciplines. 

October 31: This is the deadline for students to submit the OCC scholarship application form, resume/cv, transcript and two references to the college/university scholarship coordinator: It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all elements of the application are submitted by this deadline.

November 15: This is the deadline for the college/university’s designated coordinator to review and evaluate the application materials; select the finalists; and forward the finalists complete application materials to the Scholarship Committee Chair(s) for their consideration. No fewer than 3 and no more than 5 finalists will be submitted by each college/university.

November 22: This is the deadline for the college/university to provide the OCC Scholarship Chairs the available dates and times the finalists are available for back-to-back interviews with the OCC Scholarship Committee interview panel. Interviews will take place in person at the university campuses in Portland, unless the interviews are conducted on a virtual platform.

December 1 – December 15: Selected scholarship candidates will be interviewed by the OCC scholarship committee panel. Each interview will be approximately 25 minutes long, back-to-back on the half hour for each university. Each interview panel will be made up of three to five members of the OCC. Interviews will be recorded if they take place on a virtual platform and be available to our membership to watch.

December 17: This is the deadline for the OCC Scholarship Committee Chair(s) to make the final decision and announce their selection of the scholarship recipients.    

January: The Treasurer of the OCC Scholarship Fund will mail checks to the college/university’s Student Financial Services to be placed in the recipient’s accounts.

January 31: This is the deadline for the selected scholars to submit individual photos to the Scholarship Committee Chair(s). These photos will be posted on the OCC website’s scholars page and used in the video clip at the annual Celebrate Trade event that occurs in the spring 2022. Instructions will be sent to the students in early January.

February: The OCC Scholarship Reception will take place on date, time and location to be announced. Students will be invited to the event. If scholars selected are not available to attend this event, they will submit a one-to-two-minute video to the OCC’s videographer to be shown at the reception. Information and instructions will be sent to the students in January.

February 15: This is the deadline for the selected scholars to submit videos to the OCC’s videographer. These photos will be used in the video clip at the annual Celebrate Trade event that occurs in the spring and posted on the OCC website after the Celebrate Trade event. Instructions will be sent to the students in early January.

Spring: Date to be determined. Celebrate Trade event held in the spring will honor the scholars and businesses selected for their contributions to international trade and relations. Students will be invited to attend the event. For more information:

Celebrate Trade — Oregon Consular Corps (orconsularcorps.org)

How to Apply for Portland State University Scholarship

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