2021 WAEC GCE Food and Nutrition Practical Expo – Questions and Answers

Updated: Free WAEC GCE Food and Nutrition Questions and Answers for 2021.

Questions on Food and Nut in the WAEC GCE 2021: Expo questions and answers for the WAEC GCE Food and Nutrition exam in 2021 are now available. In this article, I will provide you with free access to the verified, past and likely WAEC GCE Food and Nutrition random repeated questions and answers. All you have to do now is stay focused and follow the steps in this guide.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board in West Africa that administers the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, as well as university and Jamb entrance exams. Over three million candidates registered for WAEC-coordinated exams in a single year.

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How do I get the correct WAEC GCE Food and Nutrition Questions for 2021?

The correct and verified expo for food and nut this year will be posted here on schoolisle for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to our latest updates by tapping on the notification icon blow your screen so that once we publish the answers here, you will see on your phone or laptop.

Today’s WAEC GCE Food and Nut Practical Questions and Answers

1a) A legume is a plant of its fruit or seed in the family fabaceae. They fruit containing a shed or a pod.

1b) bean: kidney beans

•legumes are rich in protein
Legume provide fiber for heart and digestive health
•Legumes help you manage your weight
•Legumes is easy to add to your diet

•baked beans
•Soya milk
•Pea butter

1. Long term storage of fresh produce (12months+) without needing a refrigerator or freezer.
2. Environmentally friendly – using seasonally grown and locally sourced fresh produce, re-use preserving jars, reducing food packaging and reducing food miles.
3. Save money by buying in bulk and seasonally.
4. Flavour! Home canned food won’t contain artificial preservatives, BPA or other artificial ingredients.
5. Convenience – ready to serve in minutes.
6. Community involvement – both the canning process and sharing with family, friends and neighbours. Teach skills to the next generation.
7. Gifts – nothing beats a homemade jam for a present?
8. Prepare for emergencies and/or illness.
9. Personal satisfaction. We love creating new flavour combinations that you cannot buy in your local store – and showing how to use canned food in cooking dishes

example Fish
example tomatoes

•Prevention or delay of microbial
• By keeping out microorganisms (asepsis)
• By removal of microorganisms
• By hindering the growth and activity of microorganisms (e.g. by low temperatures, drying, anaerobic conditions, or chemicals).
• By killing the microorganisms (e.g. by heat or radiation).

DISCLAIMER! These are not real WAEC GCE questions but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidate understand the nature of their examinations. Ensure to take note of every questions provided on this page.

2021 WAEC GCE Food and nut possible questions and answers

The likely questions and answers for food and nut most times come from the sample and past questions. The questions and answers above will be of great help to you. Therefore, check them out.

How Do I pass WAEC GCE Food and Nut Practical Examination 2021

Follow the tips below the make your GCE papers at once.

1. Download and follow 2021 WAEC GCE Food and nut Syllabus

Syllabus contains all the topics which you need to read in order to pass an examination. It shows you the areas of concentration such that you don’t have to read a whole textbook before you pass.

WAEC GCE Syllabus are always the same with that of WAEC SSCE syllabus. So, you can use the secondary school textbooks to read up the topics.

Check out the syllabus below:

WAEC Syllabus For Mathematics 2021: Download PDF

WAEC Chemistry Syllabus 2021/2022 (Download)

Comprehensive WAEC Syllabus for Government 2021/2022

WAEC Syllabus

See Other Syllabus:

Physics Syllabus for 2021 JAMB and Recommended Textbooks: Download PDF

2021 Agric Syllabus for JAMB (Download PDF)

2. Download and Read WAEC GCE Food and Nutrition past questions and answers

Past questions and answers are of great help and it is something every examination candidate should not do without. Sometimes, questions are repeated or similar questions appear in your examination. The past question will enable you to have a clue of how to examination looks like.

3. Go for tricks which will help you pass without stress

I recently published a post on how to pass any kind of examination without stress. I outlined the important facts and behaviors which you should not forsake if you really want to pass 2021 NECO mathematics. I also recommend the same post for you. Read it below.

Secrets of Passing Any Kind Of Examination With Good Grades

4. Be determined to pass

The first step is for you to decide and agree within yourself that you must pass. Build self-confidence and you will see other things working hand-in-hand with your confidence.

However, tdon’t be over confident as you it may make you not to focus as you will start thinking you already know it all.

I hope this post was helpful. Please, share with others.

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