The Life Changer Chapter Nine Summary, Likely Questions & Answers by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

Welcome to chapter 9 Summary, most likely questions and answers for The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. If you have not read The Life Changer Chapter 9, read it now.

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The Life Changer Chapter 9 Summary

The Life Changer summary

This chapter talks about Salim and his experiences on social media platforms. Salim is a guy who has very good knowledge of diverse social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Baddoo, etc. He also belongs to virtually all those platforms.

Salim is seen confessing his experiences on social media to his friend Lawal. He gets ugly experiences from these platforms yet does not want to learn from them.

First, Salim meets a girl called Natasha on Social Media and both agree that Salim comes for a visit after they had exchanged contacts, messages and pictures. Salim does not know that the girl wants to trick him. He goes to visit the girl. On arrival, the girl sits with him in the front of his SUV. Salim gets lost at Natasha’s beauty. He is also ignorant of the plans of Natasha to rob him. Suddenly, gunmen attack Salim and almost robbed him of his possession. Fortunately, he escapes the attack.

Again, Salim meets another girl on social media. He pleads with Lawal to go with him to visit the girl but Lawal refuses.

Salim thinks the girls he met on social media is as beautiful as she poses to be on her social media pictures. For this reason, Salim actually wants to meet her.

Not minding his first experience with Natasha, he proceeds to visit the girl. Unfortunately, Salim meets an ugly girl. The girl is quite different from what she appears to be in social media.

Finally, the children are seen commending Ummi for telling them such interesting stories as they keep waiting for Dad.

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Possible questions from The Life Changer Chapter 9

The Life Changer Question and Answers

1. Who does Salim tell a story of his bad experiences in social media?

Answer: Lawal

2. Who does Salim go to visit at first?

Answer: Natasha

3. What was the motive of Natasha towards Salim?

Answer: To trick him

4. What did Salim experience on his way back after visiting Natasha?

Answer: He was attacked by gunmen.

5. Where did Salim first meet Natasha?

Answer: On social media

6. What did Salim request from his friend Lawal?

Answer: He pleads with Lawal to go with him as he goes to visit a girl he met on social media.

7. Why does Salim want to visit the second girl he also met on social media despite his first experience with Natasha?

Answer: He really wants to visit her because he thinks the girls is aa beautiful as she looks on social media.

8. What nature of girl does Salim meet when he visited the second girl?

Answer: He meets an ugly girl. She does not look beautiful as she posses to be on social media.

9. What is the name of Salim’s friend?

Answer: Lawal

10. What was Salim addicted to on his new smartphone?

Answer: Salim was addicted to social media and chat applications.

11. Why did Lawal dislike online dating?

Answer: Lawal disliked online dating because he believed people often perpetrate scams and even kidnapping through online dating.

12. While didn’t Lawal agree to accompany Salim on his date?

Answer: Lawal thought it wasn’t wise to follow his friend Salim to visit a complete stranger.

Moral lessons from chapter nine – JAMB novel

This chapter supports the proverb which says “not all that glitters are gold“. This simply means that you should not trust everything you see.

This is evident in the life of Salim who is almost a social media addict. He is in diverse social media platforms as he knows about them too well. He feels everything on social media is real.

First, he meets a beautiful girl called Natasha. He thinks he has finally got the best fish in the sea without knowing that his life is at risk. Salim visits and becomes disappointed.

Secondly, he meets another girl who, from the look of things, has better intentions than Natasha but he looks ugly. From the way the girl posses on social media Salim feels he has gotten another fine fish in the sea not knowing that the cover of the book is quite different from the content which is not supposed to be so. Salim visits her and becomes disappointed for the second time.

Furthermore, it is important for one to learn from his first experience. Salim learned the hard way. He fails to learn from his experience with Natasha. So, he gets similar experience with the second girl.

Again, social media can endanger one’s life and property. It almost robbed Salim of his life and possession. Users should be careful as they use it.

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Finally, one thing I like about Salim as a character is his contemporary knowledge and exposure. His role in the book actually helped me to trace the setting (period) of this book. So, you can read when and where the story in The Life Changer happened.

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