Chapter 6 Summary, likely questions and answers for The Life Changer

Welcome to the chapter 6 Summary, Likely Questions and Answers for the life changer. Also read the summary, JAMB possible questions and answers from chapter 1-5.

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The Life Changer Summary – JAMB Novel

The Life Changer Summary
The Life Changer Summary

Salma experiences another misfortune after losing Habib to Tomiwa.

She finds Moral Philosophy very difficult yet she did not start on time to tackle it. On the night before the moral philosophy exam, she studied using past questions. Although, she focuses on some areas thinking that those areas will come out.

Salma is blank during the exam as she does not know what write in the exam. None of the topics she read the night before came out. Everything seems strange to her.

For this reason, Salma resolves to engage in examination malpractice. Kola provides the answers for her as she copies from Kola’s answer booklet. Unfortunately, a female lecturer catches her in the practice. As a rule in the University, she was compelled to fill the Examination Malpractice (EMAL) form. She was also brought before the HOD and her case file moved to the Exam and Ethics Committee for futher examination and for the proper sanction to be given. Expulsion is the punishment given to Salma for indulging in examination malpractice.

Both Salma and Kola were both involved in the mess so both were expelled from the school.


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Likely questions and answers for chapter six

The life changer chapter 6 likely questions and answers
The life changer chapter 6 likely questions and answers

1. In what course did Salma engage in malpractice?

Answer: Moral Philosophy

2. Who is Kola in this chapter?

Answer: Kola is the a guy who provides answers to Salma during the Moral Philosophy examination. Salma copied from his work into her own answer booklet.

3. Who caught Salma as she indulged in examination malpractice?

Answer: A female lecturer.

4. What does EMAL stand for according to the chapter?

Answer: Examination Malpractice.

5. What material did Salma use in preparing for the Moral Philosophy examination?

Answer: Moral Philosophy past questions.

6. What punishment was given to Salma for indulging in examination malpractice?

Answer: Expulsion.

7. Salma and Kola engaged in the examination malpractice but Kola escaped as Salma was the only one punished. True or false?

Answer: false.

8. If the answer to the above question is ‘false’, what punishment is given to Kola?

Answer: Kola was also expelled. Both Kola and Salma were expelled.

9. Where was Salma’s case file transferred to after she fills the EMAL form?

Answer: Examination Ethics Committee

10. Since Salma finds Moral Philosophy difficult, what did she resolve to do about it in the examination hall?

Answer: She resolves to engage in examination malpractice.

11. What part of speech is ‘expulsion‘ as used in the passage?

Answer: Noun.

12. How many students went to the HOD’s office after the exams?

Answer: Three students went to the HOD office and they are: Salma, Kola, and the other student who also signed the witness form.

13. What is student magic?

Answer: Student magic is a method which students secretly use to communicate during exams without moving thier lips.

14. Which course was Salma’s last paper of the semester?

Answer: Salma’s last paper during her final year exams was Moral Philosophy.

15. What did the invigilator do when she caught Salma cheating?

Answer: The invigilator asked Salma to fill the Examination Malpractice Form aka EMAL and asked Kola to sign as a witness.


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Moral Lessons from The Life Changer chapter 6

Chapter 6 of the Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli supports the proverb which says “a stitch in time saves nine“. If Salma had started to prepare for the exam on time, she won’t have found the course so difficult to the extent of going blank in the examination hall.

The passage also tells us that she studied past questions. Yes, that is a good idea, studying past questions but she needs to read the philosophy textbook. So, as you read you summaries, past questions and answers, also try to read the original text as it will give more solid ground to face any form of exam.

Thirdly, examination malpractice can terminate one’s future.

Salma finds Moral Philosophy difficult yet she fails to start to prepare on time which makes her go in to the examination hall without much knowledge of what she was about to write.

Since she doesn’t know what to write, she resolves to indulge in examination malpractice which finally fetches her expulsion from school. Her expulsion from school makes her fall back into the hands of Habib as we shall see in the next chapter.

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End of the JAMB likely questions and answers for chapter six


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