Characters and their Roles in The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

Here are the characters and the roles they played in The Life Changer Written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. Knowledge of these characters is important because they will enable you understand the book faster. It will also help you figure out who performs a particular action at s particular time.

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Also note the themes, tone, mood, structure, language and about the author of The Life Changer.


The Protagonist and Antagonist in The Life Changer

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Characters and roles in The Life Changer – JAMB Novel

The life changer characters and roles
The life changer characters and roles


Ummi is the narrator or teller of the whole story in the book. Her full name is Ummi Ahmad. She is a mother of four children, a son and three daughters. The names of Ummi’s children are: Omar, Teemah, Jamila and Bint. Omar is the first child and the only son. Teemah is the second child Jamila is the third child while Bint is the last child.

The story starts in her family. She is an epitome of good motherhood as she tells stories of her past days in the University to her children so that they will learn. Even in the absence of the father of the family, Mr. Esquire, she controlled her children to the fullest. She organizes them and tells them befitting stories.

She starts by joining her children in their conversation when Bint, her last child, was telling a story of her experience in school. She makes an opinion debunking the comment of Bint against her teacher.

She keeps engaging them in a long session of story telling. She tells all the stories that happened in the book. In other words, she serves as the voice of the novel.

As a narrator, she knows virtually all the weaknesses and strength of all other characters. This is exactly the reason she gives full details of each character in the book. In the novel, she serves as First-person view (witness character) narrator because she is a character who isn’t necessarily involved in the story but provides his or her point of view.


Salma represents the arrogant life in the University and its come back. She appears to be one of the major characters in the novel. The story revolves around her mostly.

She is seen as an arrogant and proud type who sees lecturers as corrupt chaps who could be bribed by just giving them 2,000 or 3,000 Naira.

She also displays her pride when she turned down Habib’s proposal to date her. Salma consciously gave her roommate’s number to Habib. Habib did not know she gave him a wrong number. Habib ends up dating the girl whose number Salma gave to him. This particular event brings misunderstanding between Salma and her roommates.

In another development, Salma appears to be a student with criminal tendencies. She displays it when she copies from another student in the examination malpractice. She fills Examination Malpractice (EMAL) form after which she gets expelled together with the Kola from whom she copies.

Moving on, she meets Habib whose proposal she formerly turned down to help him restore his admission in to the university. After all, it did not work out as planned. Finally, she turns a new live after the death of her guardians. She also becomes a friend to Ummi.


Omar is the first child and only son of Ummi. He was not around when the novel started, instead he joins later in the novel. He brings a good news home that he got admission to study law in Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. This news prompts the whole story. Ummi, while expressing her happiness starts to tell stories concerning her university days experiences.

Omar also serves as one of the audience who listen to the stories of Ummi.


Teemah is the first daughter and the second child of Ummi and Mr. Esquire. She enjoys the story by Bint and laughs loudly such that it attracts the attention of the Ummi, the mother. She is one of the audience in the story as listen to the story of Ummi.


Jamila is the second daughter and the third in the family of Ummi and Mr. Esquire. She also enjoys the story of Bint. She also serves as one of the audience as she listens to Ummi narrating her story.


This is Ummi’s last child. She has three other siblings who are Omar, Teemah and Jamila. She tells Teemah and Jamila her experience in school with her teacher who claims he knows it all. She was 5 years old when she told that story. In fact, she was 5 years when the whole story in the novel was told.

The happiness caused by her story attracted the attention of Ummi. Ummi Joins the conversation as she feels there is something special about Bint’s story.

Bint is the best pupil in her class when it comes to French. She asks her teacher a question on French which he could not answer. Although, she likes the fact that the teacher could not answer it because it will help mellow his pride as an all knowing which he takes himself to be.

She is also one of the audience in the story.

Mr. Esquire

Mr. Esquire is the name of Ummi’s husband. She works as a banker. He wanted to study law but it didn’t work out for him. That is one of the reasons why Ummi was very happy when Omar got admission.

Mr. Esquire was not present when the novel started. The family was actually waiting for him when everything started. He is a minor character in the novel as he did not play a significant role.

Mallam Salihu

Mallam Salihu is the teacher who claims he knows it all. The novel started as Bint tells her siblings of her experience with her teacher (Mallam Salihu).

According to the story of Bint, the teacher first asked the pupils how do you say good morning in French? Bint Answers and says “Bonjour“. In turn, Bint asks him how do we say very good in French? The teacher could not answer. Instead of him to mislead the pupils by giving a wrong answer, he calls the French teacher to answer it.

Bint, in the novel, appears to be a bright character judging his ability to amuse his siblings and also ask the teacher a question he could not answer. It shows she is a bright pupil who wants to learn more by asking questions.

Dr. Sam John

Dr. Sam is Ummi’s Head of Department (HOD). He appears to be a man who likes to start and keep relationships. This is seen in his effort to ensure that Ummi gets admission. Ummi comes for her registration; he also showcased it through the way he extends endearing pleasantry to Ummi. Although, Ummi thought he wanted to make an advances at her but it was not so.

In another development, he also appears to be a trustworthy type as Ummi’s husband did not really consider the report which Ummi brought to him concerning the way Dr. Sam acted towards her.


Talle also forms part of the major characters in this novel, The Life Changer. He plays a significant role as his actions paves way for another in the novel.
Talle comes from a village called Lafayette. He appears to be a silent one, who wants and causes no problem for others.

In the novel, he represents the saying “bad company corrupts good manners”. He kept company with Zaki who instead of proffering a legal solution to the problems of Talle decides to lure him in to abduction of an Alhaji’s son for money. Talle gives in to the suggestion which finally lands him in prison.


Zaki appears to be the bad person here, a political thug who works for Habib. Habib hires him to abduct Alhaji Adamu’s son, then he involves Talle. Two of them were arrested and sentenced to some years of imprisonment.

He also goes for another attack against Kabir who fraudulently presents himself as what he is not. In his first mission, he did not succeed but this time he succeeds.

Dr. Debo

Dr. Debo is Salma’s Head of Department. He makes irregular advance at Salma when she went to get her documents signed in his office. She leaves the office sadly. However, Dr. Debo regrets taking such action as he becomes remorseful for his action.


Habib is a rich politician who owns a Mercedes Benz. He gives Salma a ride. Right from the moment he offers to give Salma a ride, Salma already decides that she will turn down his proposal if eventually he asks for a date. She decided so, not for any other reason but just to earn respect on campus for turning down such a wealthy man. She finally turns him down. Habib receives a wrong number from Salma as Salma gives him her roommate’s number. Habib ends up dating Salma’s roommate, Tomiwa.

Furthermore, Habib also planned the abduction of the son of Alhaji Adamu. His arrangement with Zaki for the abduction of Alhaji Adamu’s son finally caused Talle, the quiet one, to be arrested and sentenced to certain term of imprisonment as Zaki convinces Talle to take part in the operation and make big cash after it.


Labaran is Habib’s driver. He sleeps with Salma. He arranges an attack against Kabir who fraudulently collects some money from Salma claiming to be the chairman of Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC). Well, he (Habib) succeeds in his second arrangement.


Tomiwa is one of Salma’s roommates whose number Salma gave Habib. Tomiwa agrees to date Habib and she gains so much from him. This causes troubles between Salma and Tomiwa.

Ada and Ngozi

These are Salma’s roommates who defended Tomiwa during a misunderstanding between Salma and Tomiwa.

Dr. Kabir

Kabir is a character who fraudulently misrepresents himself the chairman of Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC). He collects some money meant for the chairman of the committee from Salma.

Meanwhile, he is neither the chairman nor a member of the committee. His real Identity is revealed in chapter three as the Mohammed Kabir, a laboratory technologist employed by the university.

He suffers an attack by thugs and Zaki who took all he gained in a game he played.


He is Salma’s course mate who engages in examination malpractice with Salma. His full name is Kolawole Abdul. He gets expelled together with Salma.


Salim is used in the novel to show the unpalatable experiences of social media and smart phones.

Salim meets a girl on social media and agrees to meet up with her. He does not know that the girl wanted to play tricks on him. He finally meets up with her and on his arrival he suffered attack by some gunmen who tried to rob him of his possession. He barely escaped the attack.

He later reveals all these to Lawal, his friend as he pleaded Lawal to go with him on that same kind of journey. Lawal refuses.

Salim moves again to meet another girl he also met on social media thinking that she is as beautiful as she looks on social media. Behold, the girl is ugly.


Natasha is a minor character in the novel who tricks Salim.


A friend of Salim who refuses to embark on a journey with Salim to meet up with a girl that he (Salim) met on social media.


Kartagi is the leader of the gambling group where Mohammad Kabir gambled and won three hundred thousand naira. He sends out his thug to attack Kabir after he won a three hundred thousand naira.


Gumusu is the thug that was sent after Kabir by Kartagi after he won three hundred thousand naira from his gambling group. His mission failed as Zaki chases him away and takes over the operation.


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