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All the past questions and answers for the new JAMB Novel, The Life Changer by Kadija Abubakar Jalli is now available. You can read them here for free or download them. Scroll down to download the past questions for free.

The Life Changer past questions

In this post, you will see all questions which were asked on the previous examinations concerning the JAMB book.

In case you do not know, this book is compulsory for every JAMB candidate. Therefore, you need to read the complete book, past questions and answers and also the possible questions and answers from that book. See them below.


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Characters and their Roles in The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

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The Life Changer past questions and answers


What is Ummi’s Occupation?

  • A. Nurse
  • B. Teacher
  • C. Businessperson
  • D. Accountant

Who can be described as meddlesome?

  • A. Daddy
  • B. Ummi
  • C. Bint
  • D. Mallam Salihu


”Just call yourself Omar Esquire

Who makes this statement?

  • A. Teemah
  • B. Bint
  • C. Jamila
  • D. Ummi


What position is Bint in the family?

  • A. Last born
  • B. First child
  • C. Second child
  • D. Third child

What was Ummi’s reason for her impromptu barging ?

  • A. To monitor her children’s activities
  • B. To ensure the children were safe
  • C. To keep them on their feets
  • D. To ensure they maintain cleanliness

Omar’s admission signals________

  • A. storytelling
  • B. a life-changing experience
  • C. being a learned
  • D. community’s appraisal

“Money moves Mountains”

This statement was made by _________

  • A. Salma
  • B. Teemah
  • C. Bint
  • D. Ngozi

What was the reason for the delay at the faculty registration office?

  • A. The lecturer’s negligience
  • B. The queue was endless
  • C. John’s delay in cleaning the office
  • D. the lecturer was absent

Salma compared lecturers with _________

  • A. Thieves
  • B. politician
  • C. lawyers
  • D. Policemen

At what age did Talle lost his father and stepmother ?

  • A. 21
  • B. 20
  • C. 19
  • D. 18

Talle was imprisoned for?

  • A. Murder
  • B. Kidnapping and Robbery
  • C. Kidnapping and extortion
  • D. smuggling

The novel is written in the ___________

  • A. First-person point of view
  • B. Third person Ominscient
  • C. second-person point of view
  • D. limited ominiscient

What brand of Phone did Salim buy?

  • A. Nokia
  • B. Iphone
  • C. Itel
  • D. Samsung

Labaran gives Tomiwa a bundle of _______?

  • A. 0ne thousand naira notes
  • B. five hundred naira notes
  • C. two hundred naira notes
  • D. dollar notes

Salma and her roommates were _________

  • A. A students
  • B. Outstanding students
  • C. B students
  • D. Average students

How old is Bint?

  • A. 7
  • B. 6
  • C. 5
  • D. 4

How did Omar check his admission status?

  • A. visiting a cyber cafe
  • B. through his phone
  • C. by visiting the university
  • D. through a friend’s phone

What subject is optional in Bint’s school?

  • A. Music
  • B. French
  • C. Fine Art
  • D. Hand writing

Omar had ______ credits in the WAEC examination

  • A. 9
  • B. 5
  • C. 8
  • D. 7

Who often says ” what you teach a child is like writing on a rock and when dried, it would be difficult to erase”

  • A. Ummi
  • B. Omar
  • C. Ummi’s Grandmother
  • D. Salma’s grandmother

Who is Jamila?

  • A. Salma’s roommate
  • B. Salma’s friend
  • C. Ummi’s second child
  • D. Bint’s immediate elder sister

Ummi is translated in Arabic as _____?

  • A. my mentor
  • B. my mother
  • C. my morning star
  • D. my muse

Teemah is the first ________ of the family

  • A. child
  • B. graduate
  • C. daughter
  • D. female

Ummi’s husband always wanted to study?

  • A. accounting
  • B. pharmacy
  • C. Linguistics
  • D. Law


What reward was Omar expecting for his achievement?

  • A. a bag
  • B. a shoe
  • C. a phone
  • D. a laptop

What was Omar JAMB score?

  • A. 300
  • B. 250
  • C. 200
  • D. 230

What was the double celebration in Lafayette?

  • A. The birth of Talle and his brother
  • B. Ummi’s admission and marriage
  • C. Omar’s WAEC and JAMB success
  • D. Salma’s admission and engagement

According to Ummi, what is the first noticeable thing in the university?

  • A. Different people
  • B. lawlessness and injustice
  • C. Freedom of dressing
  • D. immoral relationships

According to the novel, how would you describe Salma?

  • A. fair complexioned skin, tall and slim
  • B. fair complexioned, short and fat
  • C. dark-complexioned skin, tall and slim
  • D. dark-complexioned girl, short and fat.

Where did Salma and Ummi first meet?

  • A. the university
  • B. departmental registration
  • C. School hostel
  • D. Faculty registration

What is Salma’s surname?

  • A. Mohammed
  • B. Muhammed
  • C. Moshood
  • D. Moshud

Who among the following characters can be described as one with few words?

  • A. Ada
  • B. secretary to the HOD
  • C. John
  • D. Ngozi

Why did Ummi develop claustrophobia?

  • A. She was ill
  • B. She was pregnant
  • C. The HOd had asked if she wanted something to drink
  • D. the HOD was too nice to her

What is Ummi’s mariculation number?

  • A. UF0001
  • B. UG0002
  • C. UG0001
  • D. UF0002


Who assisted Ummi’s husband with Ummi’s admission?

  • A. Mallam Salihu
  • B. Salim
  • C. Kabir
  • D. Samuel

Ummi angrily left the HOD’s office because?

  • A. The HOD disrespected her
  • B. He tried to be romantic with her
  • C. Ummi assumed he was trying to make a pass at her
  • D. He delayed her

According to the Novel, How would you describe Dr Samuel Johnson?

  • A. He has a tribal mark and he looks like an igala man
  • B. He has a tribal mark and he is an igala man
  • C. He has a tribal mark and he is not a Yoruba man
  • D. He has a tribal mark and he looks like an Edo man

Who apologizes to the HOD on behalf of Ummi?

  • A. Salma
  • B. Ummi’s husband
  • C. Kabir
  • D. Salim

Who narrated the story of ”the quiet one” to Ummi?

  • A. Hakimi
  • B. the people of Lafayette
  • C. Zaki
  • D. Ummi’s husband

The following lessons can be derived from the story of ”the quiet one” except?

  • A. Never judge a book by its cover
  • B. Learn to trust sparingly
  • C. Justice is not fair
  • D. Not all that glitters is gold

What tradition was established in Lafayette?

  • A. Nobody was allowed to have visitors at night
  • B. No stranger should be hosted without the knowledge of the Hakimi
  • C. Nobody was allowed to accommodate friends
  • D. strangers were not allowed at ceremonial gatherings

Who is Boka?

  • A. district head
  • B. head of the capital
  • C. head of faming
  • D. traditional medicine man

Which of the following character dies while giving birth to her son?

  • A. Salma
  • B. Talle’s mother
  • C. Ada
  • D. Tomiwa

Which of the following character has a reticent nature?

  • A. Jamila
  • A. Jamila
  • B. Bint
  • C. Talle
  • D. Ada

Talle works as a ______?

  • A. driver
  • B. gateman
  • C. cleaner
  • D. government officer

When did Talle stop being quiet?

  • A. When he started taking to market women
  • B. When he started making friends
  • C. when his usual demand for food items doubled
  • D. When he made friends with Zaki

What was Talle guilty of?

  • A. Kidnap and murder
  • B. Extortion and Murder
  • C. Extortion and Rape
  • D. Kidnap and Extortion

Which of the following character did not respect the Hakimi?

  • A. Talle
  • B. the IPO
  • C. the courtier
  • D. the vllagers

Who suggested the abduction of a boy?

  • A. Talle
  • B. Zaki
  • C. John
  • D. Boki

According to the novel, EMAL means

  • A. Exam malpractice and license
  • B. Ethics and Morals
  • C. Examination Ethics and Morals
  • D. Examination malpractice

How long has Mr Dabo been in the university?

  • A. 10 years
  • B. 15 years
  • C. Mor than a decade
  • D. More than fiften years

”Don’t come in after me…”
Whose principle was this?

  • A. Dr Samjohn
  • B. Dr Mohammed
  • C. Labaran
  • D. Dr Dabo

”I want to know you intimately…”
The speaker of the excerpt above is_____

  • A. Dr Kabir
  • B. Dr Samjohn
  • C. Dr Dabo
  • D. Habib

”I want to know you intimately…”
This statement was made to whom _____

  • A. Salma
  • B. Ummi
  • C. Tomiwa
  • D. Ngozi

”I want to know you intimately”
What was the recipient’s response?

  • A. approval and acceptance
  • B. dismissal and confrontation
  • C. rejection, dismissal and contempt
  • D. sympathy and approval

How many girls were allocated to a room in the hostel?

  • A. five
  • B. four
  • C. three
  • D. two

Where does Ada hail from?

  • A. North west
  • B. North central
  • C. West
  • D. South south

What’s the name of Ngozi’s hostel?

  • A. Comrade
  • B. Beauty Queen
  • C. Queen Ana
  • D. Queen Amina

According to the novel, what delicacy is considered to be students’ favourite?

  • A. Danwake
  • B. Snail
  • C. Spagetti
  • D. Indomie jollof

What is Ada’s home town delicacy?

  • A. Danwake
  • B. Rat
  • C. Snails
  • D. Indomie

Who among the following characters appears to be less voluble?

  • A. Habib
  • B. Labaran
  • C. Kabir
  • D. Salim

Who among the following character is overconfident?

  • A. Ngozi
  • B. Ada
  • C. Tomiwa
  • D. Ummi

”I made a space for you in the front seat so you can sit near your heartthrob”
Who made this statement?

  • A. Habib
  • B. Labaran
  • C. Kabir
  • D. Lawal

”I made a space for you in the front seat so you can sit near your heartthrob”
This statement was made to whom?

  • A. Salma
  • B. Ummi
  • C. Tomiwa
  • D. Ngozi

How much money did Habib handed over to Tomiwa?

  • A. fifty thousand naira
  • B. one hundred thousand naira
  • C. Twenty-five thousand naira
  • D. Twenty thousand naira

What was the last General paper during Salma’s Final year?

  • A. Philosophy and logic
  • B. Special Education
  • C. Psychology
  • D. Moral Philosophy

Which of the following course does Salma find very difficult?

  • A. Moral Philosophy
  • B. Use of English
  • C. Special education
  • D. Philosophy and Logic

Who among the following character was sitting next to Salma during her final examination?

  • A. Tola
  • B. Kola
  • C. Bola
  • D. Deola

Dr Amina dislike Salma because?

  • A. Salma is not intelligent
  • B. She is intimidated by Salma’s appearance
  • C. She considers Salma to be a threat to the university
  • D. She does not like Salma’s appearance

Why did Salma sought for Habib’s help?

  • A. Habib was her only saviour
  • B. Habib was her boyfriend
  • C. He was influential
  • D. He was a philanthropist

What is Habib’s Political title?

  • A. Governor
  • B. Speaker of the house
  • C. Minister of finance
  • D. Minister of Education

How much did Salma give to Dr Kabir

  • A. one hundred thousand naira
  • B. one hundred and fifty thousand Naira
  • C. Two hundred thousand Naira
  • D. Three hundred thousand Naira

According to Salma, No man was worthy to be called a man except ____

  • A. her husband
  • B. her boyfriend
  • C. her brothers
  • D. her father

What is Dr Kabir’s weakness?

  • A. women
  • B. Easy money
  • C. Food
  • D. alcohol


The Life Changer is authored by?

  • A. Khadijat Abubakar Jilla
  • B. Khadijat Abubakar Jalli
  • C. Khadijat Abubakar Jali
  • D. Khadijat Abubakar Jila

The Author of The Life Changer dedicates the novel to whom?

  • A. her Husband
  • B. Her mother
  • C. her father
  • D. her children

The author of The Life Changer holds a degree in ______

  • A. BSc (Ed) Mathematics
  • B. BA (Ed) English Language
  • C. BA (Ed) Economics
  • D. BA Mass Communication

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