2022 WAEC Geography Obj/Theory Questions and Answers (Practicals) 

Correct Questions and Answers for WAEC Geography 2022 Obj/Theory (Practicals) is Out: The WAEC Geography exam will be held on Saturday, September. Here’s how you can find out what questions and answers you need to know about the exam for free.

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2021 WAEC Geography questions and answers WAEC Geography obj/theory questions and answers

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Free 2022 WAEC Geography Obj/Theory Questions and Answers


Geography questions



settlement can be defined as a collection of building with people living in them. It is a centre for human activities and it consist of houses, communication, networks, roads, tracks and railways


*Pick any two*

I) megalopolis
II) conurbation
IV) metropolis
V) city
VI) town

A settlement is a place where people live but it also includes the people who live there, the buildings, the roads, streets and pathways which link up the buildings in the settlement and through which the people communicate.

(i) Towns
(ii) Cities

(i) Urban settlement depends on the rural settlement for food grains
(ii) Urban settlement depends on the rural settlement for water supply
(iii) Urban settlement depends on the rural settlement for waste disposal recreational value
(iv) Urban settlement depends on the rural settlement for the growth of their settlements
(v) Urban settlement depends on the rural settlement for agricultural raw materials

(i)Urban settlements provides industrial goods, social and utility services
(ii) Urban settlements serves as centres of innovation and commercial purposes
(iii) Urban settlements provides employment opportunities.


*(NUMBER 3)*

Tourism is the practice of travelling for pleasure or the business of offering information,accommodations,transportation and other services to tourists. In order words,tourism is the practice which involves the visiting of people to places of interest where they can relax,derive pleasure and entertainment.

*(Pick Any Five)*
(i)Favourable climate: For tourism to strive, the climate of the environment must be favourable so that tourists can relax and enjoy themselves.
(ii)Fine beaches: In Nigeria, there exist beautiful beaches along the coast. Such beautiful beaches include the Bar beach, Lekki and Badagry beaches.
(iii)Wild life: In Nigeria, there also exist beautiful wide life or game reserves such as Yankari and Borgu Game Reserves.
(iv)Effective publicity: For tourism to strive in Nigeria, there must be enough publicity to create awareness for the tourists on possible areas of attraction.
(v)Beautiful scenery: For tourism to grow, there must be natural and man made scenery where people can relax and entertain themselves.
(vi)Good transport network or communication: There must be good transportation system who will promote the movement of tourists without any obstructions. Vehicles and good roads are key to good tourism.

*(Pick Any Four)*
(i)Inadequate funding: In Nigeria, the tourism industry is poorly funded. Poor funding has led to the poor development of the sub-sector.
(ii)lack of access roads: In Nigeria, there is basically lack of access roads to most resort centres. Many of the roads are in bad shape and this tends not to attract tourists to such centres.
(iii)Poor publicity: Lack of effective publicity or communication system for publicizing the scenery, wildlife and cultural attractions to visitors is a big problem in the country.
(iv)Inadequate personnel: One of the problems of developing tourism attractions in Nigeria is the inadequacy of competent and trained tourism personnel. Very few personnel are trained and competent.
(v)lack of private investment: In Nigeria, tourism development are left in the hand of government. Government alone cannot develop tourism in Nigeria.
(vi)Inadequate infrastructure: Basic infrastructure like electricity, pipe-borne water etc are inadequate and in some areas are lacking and this tends to reduce the development of tourism in Nigeria.

No 4


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Questions and Answers for WAEC Geography 2022 – Obj & Theory

(1). When villages become urban centers, they

  • (A). entice more people to come.
  • (B). produce sufficient food
  • (C). establish educational establishments
  • (D). develop in business and industry.

(2). How many times will a 12cm by 7cm map be enlarged to make its area 336cm2?

  • (A). Three times
  • (B). Four times
  • (C). Five times
  • (D). Six times

(3). Eluviation is a term used to describe the process of .

  • (A). Soluble substances in the soil’s upper layers are removed.
  • (B) Soluble substances are deposited in the soil’s upper layers.
  • (C). fine particles are transferred from one soil layer to another
  • (D). The fine particles of are deposited in the soil’s upper layers.

(4). The seasonal migration of livestock is known as transhumance.

  • (A). from the plains to the mountains
  • (B). following the rains from the north to the south
  • (C) In the semiarid steppes of
  • (D). looking for water and pasture.

(5). Variations in day and night lengths over the earth’s surface are caused by the .

  • (A). the earth’s rotation and its inclination to the sun
  • (B). the earth’s rotation and its inclination to the sun
  • (C). the circumference of the earth’s orbit
  • (D). the earth’s atmosphere’s thickness.

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(6). The formation of is caused by the gradual widening of joints and cracks in limestone caused by solutions.

  • (A) grikes and clints
  • (B) Stalactites and stalagmites
  • (C) Caves and caverns
  • (D). dry valleys and cliffs

(7). Latent heat is created when condensation occurs in a rising air mass.

  • (A) Carbon dioxide absorbs
  • (B). dispersed in the atmosphere
  • (C). conserved in water molecules
  • (D). as sensible heat is released.

(8). There are two types of clouds with a large vertical extent that produce a lot of rain: and .

  • (A) Cumulus and stratus
  • (B). Cumulo-nimbus
  • (C) Nimbo-stratus
  • (D). stratocumulus

(9). For long-distance travel, the cheapest mode of transportation is .

  • (A) Rail
  • (B) Water
  • (C) Air
  • (D). street.

(10). What is the distance between two points on a 1:50,000 scale map if the distance between them on the ground is 35mm?

  • (A). 1.50 kilometers
  • (B) 1.55 km
  • (C) 1.75 km
  • (D) 1.85 km

(11). What is the area of a cocoa plantation represented on a map with a scale of 1:50,000 and a rectangle 5 cm by 4 cm on the map?

  • (A). 5 square kilometers
  • (B).6km2
  • (C) 20km2
  • (D) 25km2

(12). On the earth’s surface, the length of day and night is equal on which of the following pairs of dates?

  • (A). The 21st of June and the 21st of September
  • (B). The 22nd of March and the 22nd of December
  • (C). The 21st of June and the 22nd of December
  • (D). The 21st of March and the 23rd of September.

(13). are lakes that form as a result of landslides, screes, or avalanches.

  • (A). artificial lakes
  • (B) Barrier Lakes
  • (C) Lakes of  caldera
  • (D). lakes with rock-hollows.

(14). In heavily industrialized regions, which of the following is a major environmental problem?

  • (A). Erosion has accelerated.
  • (B). Pollution of water
  • (C) Frost damage
  • (D) Acid rain,

A migrant’s crossing of a border between two countries is best defined as .

(17)______ is a type of emigration that occurs when a person leaves

  • (A) Emigration
  • (B) Immigration
  • (C) Out-migration
  • (D). migration across borders.

(16). A is a process in which one plant community is replaced by another.

  • (A) colonization
  • (B). follow-up
  • (C) Competition
  • (D) Consolidation

(17). The length of time that sunlight lasts is determined by the_____

  • (A). aneroid barometer
  • (B). Campbell-Stokes
  • (C) cup-anemometer
  • (D). thermometers that measure the minimum and maximum temperatures.

(18). The three main minerals that can be seen in are quartz, feldspar, and mica.

  • (A) Basalt
  • (B) Coal
  • (C) Granite
  • (D) Limestone

(19) The rock with the least amount of carbon is_____

  • (A) Coal
  • (B) Sandstone
  • (C) Marble
  • (D). lignite is a type of lignite.

(20). is the process by which organic matter is decomposed and synthesized to become a part of the soil.

  • (A) Humification
  • (B) Mineralization
  • (C). postponement
  • (D). nitrification nitrification nitrification nitrification

(21). Energy resources are found in which of the following groups?

  • (A) Petroleum, uranium, and manganese, to name a few.
  • (B) Bauxite, coal, and uranium
  • (C). Sun, copper, and water
  • (D) Coal, petroleum, and water

(22) is a piece of evidence that confirms the earth’s spherical shape.

  • (A). standard time
  • (B). the solar system
  • (C). the earth’s orbit
  • (D). the eclipse of the moon

(23). A large change in pressure or temperature can cause the formation of .

  • (A). limestone
  • (B). granite
  • (C). gneiss
  • (D). clay

(24). Which of the following power sources is a renewable source of energy?

  • (A). Solar
  • (B). Coal
  • (C). Gas
  • (D). Nuclear

(25). A hygrometer is used to measure

  • (A) Length
  • (B). the direction of the wind
  • (C) Relative humidity
  • (D). the sun.

(26). The_____ is the world’s largest ocean.

  • (A) Atlantic Ocean
  • (B) Indian Ocean
  • (C) Arctic Ocean
  • (D) Pacific Ocean

(27) When the atoms that make up rock minerals are _______, they are considered to be crystalline.

  • (A) In sedimentary rocks.
  • (B) In crystalline rocks
  • (C). organized in a specific pattern
  • (D). vertically arranged

28. The time difference between two longitudes is roughly

  • (A) 15 hours
  • (B) 40 minutes
  • (C) 4 hours
  • (D) 4 minutes

29. When the contours of a slope are _________, it is said to be even.

  • (A). evenly distributed
  • (B) concentric
  • (C). close in proximity
  • (D). strewn about in a haphazard manner.

Free 2022 WASSCE Geography Questions and Answers 

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