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Free WAEC Islamic Religious Studies, IRS, Correct Questions and Answers for 2022 WASSCE Examination including the past and likely questions. Others are searching: WASSCE IRS questions and answers. IRK question and answers, today’s IRS questions and answers.

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WASSCE questions and answers for 2022/2023 are here. Are you a WAEC candidate? I’m very sure it’s a ‘yes‘. If so, your in the right place. This post will show you the WAEC verified IRS answers and the tricks you need to write and excel in your WAEC exam. So, stay on the site and Excel.

WAEC questions are set and compiled by the West African Senior School Certificate Examination Board (WASSCE). Make sure you follow the instructions below as provided by WAEC.

Examination Scheme – How it will look like

There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2, both of which will be put into a composite paper to be taken at one sitting.

PAPER 1: This Will comprise fifty multiple-choice questions all of which should be answered within 50 minutes for 50 marks.
PAPER 2: This Will consist of six essay questions one of which will be compulsory.

Candidates will be required to answer the compulsory question and any three of the optional ones in 2 hours for 100 marks.

2022/2023 WAEC IRS Essay and Objective Question and answers


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This post contains both the Islamic Knowledge Objectives and the Theory questions and answers

2022 WAEC Islamic Religious Studies, IRS Theory Questions & Answers – Expo

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(i)There should be peace between the Muslims and the Quraish for a period of 10 years.
(ii)The Muslims will return to Madinah without performing Umrah this year.
(iii)The Muslims should be able to perform Umrah the next year with the stay of three days in Makkah.
(iv)The Muslims will only be armed with Swords and those swords will be hidden underneath sheaths.
(v)The Muslims living in Makkah can stay in Makkah but if any Muslim wishes to come to Madinah, should not be stopped.
(vi)If a person migrates to Madina, they can be returned. If a person migrates to Makkah, they can not be returned.
(vii)Tribes of Arabia are free to take any side they want.


Hadith is the name of that body of literature which includes the Prophet (SAW)’s speech, his action, his intention, the description of his physical appearance,or his moral character, and what he confirmed by raising no objection against it when mentioned or happened before him.
Sunnah is that practice of the Prophet (reported by a hadith) which he performed habitually,or regularly.


The Profession of Faith,; The Shahada
The Profession of Faith, the shahada, is the most fundamental expression of Islamic beliefs. It simply states that “There is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet.” It underscores the monotheistic nature of Islam. It is an extremely popular phrase in Arabic calligraphy and appears in numerous manuscripts and religious buildings.

Daily Prayers; Salat
Muslims are expected to pray five times a day. This does not mean that they need to attend a mosque to pray; rather, the salat, or the daily prayer, should be recited five times a day. Muslims can pray anywhere; however, they are meant to pray towards Mecca. The faithful pray by bowing several times while standing and then kneeling and touching the ground or prayer mat with their foreheads, as a symbol of their reverence and submission to Allah. On Friday, many Muslims attend a mosque near midday to pray and to listen to a sermon, khutba.

Alms-Giving; Zakat
The giving of alms is the third pillar. Although not defined in the Qu’ran, Muslims believe that they are meant to share their wealth with those less fortunate in their community of believers.

Fasting during Ramadan; Saum
During the holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, Muslims are expected to fast from dawn to dusk. While there are exceptions made for the sick, elderly, and pregnant, all are expected to refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours.

Pilgrimage to Mecca; Hajj
All Muslims who are able are required to make the pilgrimage to Mecca and the surrounding holy sites at least once in their lives. Pilgrimage focuses on visiting the Kaaba and walking around it seven times. Pilgrimage occurs in the 12th month of the Islamic Calendar.

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Past questions

Describe the religious conditions of the Arabs in the Jahiliyyah period.

2. Explain the causes and effects of the treaty of Hudaybiyyah.

3. Highlight six ways in which Islam has impacted on the people of West Africa.

4. Tanazzalulmalaikatu war-Ruhfiha….

(a) Identify the Surah in which the above ayah occurs.
(b) Complete the verse.
(c) Explain the lessons contained in the Surah

5. Discuss the three stages in which gambling were prohibited

6. Examine the three categories into which Hadith has been classified.

7. Write Hadith 4 of an-Nawawi in either Arabic orin transliteration. ranslate into Islamic Studies and comment on its teachings.

8. Explain the conditions necessary for a valid marriage in Islam.

9. Discuss the Qur’an as a major source of Shari‘ah.

Islamic Religious Studies (IRS) Likely Questions and Answers

1. The selection of a leader in the Jahiliyyah was based on
A. power.
B. age.
C. wisdom.
D. wealth.

2. The conquest of Makkah was as a result of the
A. eagerness of Muslims to return to Makkah.
B. violation of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.
C. detention of the Prophet’s messengers.
D. invitation of the Prophet by Makkans.

3. The division of the Qur’an into Manzil is to facilitate its
A. recitation.
B. preservation.
C. interpretation.
D. Standardization.

4. The ninth year of hijrah is known as the
year of
A. Deputation
B. Elephant
C. Peace
D. Aqabah

5. The least authentic among the following is
A. Sahih.
B. Hasan.
C. Da ‘if.
D. Mawdu‘.

6. According to Hadith 34 of an-Nawawi, evil in society can be corrected by the
A. hand, tongue and heart.
B. sword, bow and arrow.
C. Mallam, Sultan and Shaykh.
D. teacher, politician and preacher.

7. The significance of Sadaqah is to
A. recognize the rich.
B. alleviate poverty.
C. accumulate wealth.
D. enrich the leader.

8. Disobedience of a Muslim wife can be checked by
A. taking her to court.
B. reporting her to her friends.
C. abandoning her in bed.
D. returning her to her parents.

DISCLAIMER! These are not real WAEC Islamic Studies questions but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidate understand the nature of their examinations. Ensure to take note of every questions provided on this page.

How to Pass Waec IRS Examination Easily

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 Start reading early

Early reading is one the  basic factors of passing your WAEC exam. When you start reading early it’s always easier and simple.

Don’t wait for the examination period before you start reading. Start preparing on time to avoid preparing under pressure.

Download WAEC syllabus for Islamic Religious Studies – IRS

Syllabus gives you the area of concentration in reading for your exam. In the same manner, WAEC syllabus helps you to know the area of concentration or topics which you should read. It also contains WAEC recommended textbooks and authors.

Download and Read WAEC IRS past questions and answers

Past questions and answers are of great help and it is something every examination candidate should not do without. Sometimes, questions are repeated or similar questions appear in your examination. The past question will enable you to have a clue of how to examination looks like.

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