WAEC Physics Practical Questions and Free Answers 2022/2023 Examination – Complete Solution

WAEC Physics Practical Questions and Answers for the year 2022 are now available. Many WAEC applicants struggle to accurately answer the senior WAEC Practical Physics problems because they don’t grasp the questions.

I’ll also show you how to answer WASSCE Physics Practical questions correctly so you may get a decent result on your Physics test. I will also give you free access to all the 2022 physics practical Questions and answers, for both theory and objective. You will also see other important examination details.

physics practical

Keep in mind that each process will receive a grade. So, when reporting and presenting your practical outcomes, make sure you don’t neglect any steps. Also, keep in mind that the units are quite crucial.

The Physics Practical question paper will consist of three areas and general Physics questions namely:

  1. Optics
  2. Electricity
  3. Mechanics

You will be expected to carry out an experiment, take readings and tabulate your values, plot graph, state precautions taken during the experiment, and report observation.


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Today’s 2022 WAEC Physics Practical Free Questions and Answers

Congratulations! Today’s WAEC Physics Practical answers are ready

1bi. A period of an oscillatory motion is a motion taking place to and fro or back and forth about a fixed point.

_(Pick any two you like)_

¶ it is the measure of the amount of matter present in a body.

¶ it refers to the measure of force that acts on mass because of acceleration due to gravity

¶ S.I Unit of mass is Kilogram (Kg)

¶ S.I Unit of weight is Newton (N)

¶ It’s a scalar quantity. It has only magnitude no direction

¶ It’s is a vector quantity. It has magnitude and direction.

¶ we measure it using ordinary balance. E.g pan balance, e.tc

¶ we can measure weight using a spring balance.

Physics Practical answers



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Past questions

S/N: 1,2,3,4,5
Note: G=50.0cm Y=30.0cm

(i) I ensured that the meter rule balances horizontally before readings are taken in order to avoid experimental error.
(ii) I ensured that parallax error was avoided when taking the readings on The meter rule by viewing its calibration vertically.
(1bi) Moment of a force can be defined as the product of the force and its perpendicular distance from its point of action.
Moment of a force = force * Perpendicular distance of its line of action from the point
Moment = F * L
The S.I unit is Newton-meter(Nm).
It is a vector quantity(1bii)

From the principle of moment:
Sum of clockwise moment = Sum of anti-clockwise moment

60 * x=m * y
60 * 25 = m * 30
Divide both sides by 30
60 * 25/30 = m *30/30
m=60 * 25/30
m=2 * 25


(i) E=3.00v

R(ohms) | I(A) | V(v)
1.0 0.40 0.65
2.0 0.35 0.58
4.0 0.28 0.50
6.0 0.22 0.45
8.0 0.18 0.40

(i) I avoided error due to parallax when reading the ammeter and voltmeter.
(ii) I ensured tight connections.

(Pick any 2)
(i) connecting cells in parallel adds the current capacities together.
(ii) connecting cells in parallel provides alternative Pathways for Current flows.
(iii) When cells are connected in parallel the Total voltage provided do not change

(Pick any 2)
(i) Resistance.
(ii) Tolerance.
(iii) Rated Power Dissipation.
(iv) Package and mounting.
(iv) Voltage rating.


4. (a) you are provided with a pendulum bob,a metre rule, a stop watch,a retort stand with clamp and other necessary apparatus.

(i) Suspend the pundulum-bob from the clamp as illustrated inthe diagram.

(ii)adjust the pundulum such that AC = L = 90cm.

(iii) Displace the pendulum bob is slightly such that it oscilliates in a vertical plane

(iv) Measure and record the time t for 20 complete oscillations.

(iv) Evaluate T and the square root of L

(vi) Repeat the procedure for four other values of L = 80cm, 70cm, 60cm and 50cm.

(vii) Tabulate your readings

(viii) Plot a graph  with T on the Vertical axis and square root of L on the horizontal axis.

(ix) Determine the slope, s, of the graph.

(x) Evaluate g = 4n2/S2 (xi) State two precautions taken to ensure accurate results.

(b) (i) Determine from your graph the period of the pendulum for L = 75cm

(ii) A simple pendulum bob is set into simple harmonic motion. Sketch a diagram of the set up and indicate on it; the position of;

(a) Maximum Velocity;

(b) Maximum acceleration of the bob.

5. (a) You are provided with a metre rule, lens, screen, ray box and other neccessary aparatus.

(i) Set up the experiment as shown in the diagram above. Measure and record the diameter a­­­­of the illuminated object.

(ii) Place the object at a distance x = 25cm from the lens. Adjust the screen until a sharp image is obtained on the screen.

(iii) Measure and record the diameter a, of the image.

(iv) Measure and record the distance v between the lens and the screen.

(v) Evaluate y a/ao , P = 1+y2/y and T = x + y,

(vi) Repeat the procedure for x = 30cm, 35cm, 40cm and 45cm. in each case, determine the corresponding values, a,v,y,P and T,

(vii) Tabulate your results

(viii) Plot a graph of P on the Vertical axis against T on the horizontal axis starting both axes from the origin (0.0).

(ix) Determine the slope, s, of the graph.

(x) Determine the intercept, c, on the horizontal axis.

(xi) Evaluate k = c/2

(xii) State two precautions taken to ensure accurate results.

(b) (i) Explain the statement the focal length of a converging lens is 20cm.

(ii) An object is placed at a distance x from a converging lens of focal length 20cm. If the magnification of the real image formed by the lens is 5, calculate the value of x.

(3) (a) You are provided with an ammeter, resistor, key, metre bridge and other necessary apparatus.

(i) Consider a circuit as shown  in the diagram above.

(ii) Close the key and use the jockey to make contact with AB at N such that AN – d = 25cm.

(iii) Read and record the ammeter reading I.

(iv)  Evaluate I-1.

(v) Repeat the procedures for values of d = 35cm, 50cm, 65cm, and 80cm. In each case record I and determine I-1.

(vi) Tabulate your results.

(vii) Plot a graph with logI-1 on the vertical axis and d on the horizontal axis.

(viii) Determine the slope, s, of the graph.

(ix) State two precautions taken to obtain accurate results.

(b) (i) Use your graph to determine the value of d = I = 1.5 A. (

ii) State two factors which affect the resistance of a wire.

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WAEC 2022 Physics Practical Likely Questions and Answers

1. (a)

Sn        Lcm     11 (s)                12(s)

(ix) slope = 1.75-1.00/9.0-4.7 = 0.75/4.3 S/cm = 0.174S/cm

(x) g = 4n2/S2 = 4 x (3.142)2/(0.174)cm/= 1,303cm/s

(xi) The precautions taken to ensure accurate results.

  • I avoided conical oscillation
  • I avoided zero error on the stopwatch
  • I ensured that the bob did not touch the table.

b(i) When L = 75cm

Square root of L = Square root of 75 = 8.66cm

T = 1.675S

2. (a)

(ix) Slope = 2.9-0.4/90 – 47 = 0.0581

(x) Intercept on the horizontal axis = 40.0cm

(xi) k = c/2 = 40.0/2 = 20.0cm

(xii) Precautions

  •   I avoided zero error on the meter rule
  • I avoided parallax error in reading metre rule
  • I made sure the surface of the lens is cleared
  • I made sure that the lens was kept upright

2. (b)

(i) The focal length of a converging lens in 20cm means that the distance between the optical centre and the lens is 20cm.

(ii) 1/x + 1/v = 1/f

m = v/x > 5= v/x

v = 5x

1/x + 1/5x = 1/20

6/5x = 1/20

x = 24cm


(x) Precautions

  • I ensured tight connections
  • I avoided zero error on the ammeter
  • I avoided parallax error when taking reading on the ammeter

(b) (i)

when I = 1.5A

log 1-1 = log [1/15]s

= log 0.67

= 0.174

when log 1-1 = 0.174

d = 10cm

(ii) Factors affecting resistance

  • Thickness of wire
  • The cross-sectional area of the wire
  • Temperature

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How to Pass WASSCE Physics Practical Examination

Read the following tips carefully and get ready to make you WAEC with good grades.

Possess a Positive Attitude

It is self-evident that your life will not be positive until you have a positive perspective. You must have a good attitude about your fate as you prepare for WAEC.

Don’t utter things like “WAEC is incredibly difficult; I’m not sure if I’ll pass,” and don’t trust anyone who thinks you can’t pass WAEC 2022 on your own.

Have the mindset that “if others have passed WAEC 2022 in the past, then I will too.” Refuse to be associated with failure or those who have already failed.

Even if this isn’t your first time taking the WAEC Exam, it doesn’t mean you won’t pass WAEC 2022 physics practical this time.

With a refined attitude, sit for mathematics 2022/2023. Nothing will cause you to fail the WAEC 2022 examination. Your life will not be positive until you have a positive perspective.

Stay away from shady businesses

If you’re serious about passing WAEC physics 2022, stay away from bad firms. They will try to discourage you and get you involved in activities that will not help you succeed. Keep in mind that their mindset might not be the same as yours.

Make good goals and plans

If you’ve decided to pass WAEC Physics 2021, the next step is to create goals for yourself. Make a list of the grades you aim to get in WAEC 2022. You should start planning now if you want all As, no Fs, and no Es.

Make sure you have a time frame and a master plan in place to meet your objectives. It’s important to remember that it takes nothing to dream, but everything to focus on your dream.

Purchase the WAEC physics practical Recommended Manual for 2022

Obtaining the WAEC 2022 Physics suggested textbooks should be one of your goals. The West African Examination Council usually suggests literature for the exam.

However, except from WAEC 2022 English literature, where specified novels are required, you are free to utilize any decent textbook to study for the WAEC 2022 Accounting exam.

Some subjects are more difficult to grasp. If you’re having trouble understanding a topic, purchase a different textbook.

Download WAEC Physics Practical Past Questions and Answers

Are past questions really important? Yes, they are very important because it helps you in so many ways. First, some past questions appear in an exam as repeated questions. Secondly, they give vivid knowledge of how your exams will look like and the kind of questions you should expect.

Past questions give solid ground for you to practice. In that manner, I recommend you read WASSCE Practical questions and answers.

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