Posse Foundation Scholarship Application 2022 – USA

What is Posse Scholarship and How Does it Work

The Posse scholarship is an academic and merit-based award given out by the Posse Foundation since 1898. The group was selected as one of ten NGOs to receive a portion of President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize money in 2010.

posse scholarship

The Posse Foundation was founded to help students who are typically overlooked by traditional college and university testing and selection processes. The prize honors not just academic achievement, but also leadership potential among public high school students.

The Posse group is well-known as a college and university access campaign in the United States. New York City, Atlanta, Boston, and Houston are among the eleven cities where the team works. Numerous students have benefited from the organization’s assistance in attending and graduating from the college of their choice.

Each group consists of ten students, each of whom is given the chance to pursue academic excellence and personal accomplishments. The student teams are multicultural and extremely collaborative, and there are countless other advantages to becoming a Posse scholar.

How to Get Posse Scholarship

As a high school senior approaching graduation, you’ve definitely been considering which schools and universities to apply to. If you’re like most high school students, paying your academic pursuits is a major consideration in your decision-making process.

Fortunately, if you’re attentive and thorough in your search for prizes, you’ll be able to secure funds to attend any university on your choice.

You’ve come here because you’re interested in four-year leadership scholarships with complete tuition, such as the Posse award. You can almost taste the dream of attending any of the colleges and institutions you want without having to worry about money, but you’ll need assistance getting there.

This is where the information in this guide comes in. The goal is to provide out a clear path for you to join the ranks of the Posse scholars and thrive in college. We’ll tell you about the Posse Foundation and how to become a Posse scholar in the following parts.

What Are the Benefits of the Posse Scholarships?

When you join the exclusive posse, you’ll be eligible for one of the few four-year full-tuition leadership scholarships available. The reward is intended for high school students who are just beginning their academic careers.

The Posse Foundation collaborates with schools and universities across the country to assist you find the program that best fits your needs. With a group of nine other Posse fellows, you’ll visit colleges and universities.

Despite the tremendous advantages of an academic scholarship, the money does not cover everything. Room and board, any potential meal plans, health insurance premiums, and other costs associated with attending schools and universities are remain the responsibility of students.

How to Determine Whether You Are Eligible for the Posse Scholarship

There are a few requirements to complete if you’re a high school student trying to figure out if you’re qualified for the Posse award.

To begin, either you, a counselor, a community foundation, or one of the Alumni posse scholars must nominate you. Furthermore, you must be,

  • A senior high school student in his first year.
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities in a student, community, or family setting.
  • Academic potential abounds.
  • Follow the Posse Foundation’s instructions and adhere to the deadlines in your city.

You can apply for the award regardless of your background as long as you match the above criteria. You can start applying for the Posse award once you’ve confirmed that you’re a student who qualifies. The application process to become a Posse scholar is tough and requires your undivided attention.

See more about the nomination process

Steps to Apply for the Posse Scholarship

You can move on to the next steps of the application process after being nominated to join the ranks of the Posse scholars.

The prize, which is one of four-year full-tuition leadership scholarships for students, requires commitment to apply for and receive. The steps are as follows, with the timetable varying depending on the city you’re applying to.

1. The Proposal

To begin the application procedure, you must be nominated, as previously stated. If you want to be considered for one of the Posse scholars, talk to a teacher, community leader, or activist about being nominated. You can also put yourself forward for consideration.

2. The Dynamic Evaluation Process

The Posse foundation conducts the dynamic assessment after receiving the student nominations. The approach is unique in that it analyzes young student leaders who may not necessarily match the traditional academic entrance requirements.

The Posse Foundation uses forums to allow students to demonstrate their leadership and cooperative skills, as well as their enthusiasm and desire to further their education.

You’ll find out if you’ve been awarded the Posse scholarships after the tough testing phase.

3. The Annual Timeline for the Posse Scholarship

Depending on where you live and how you apply, the Posse foundation follows a different timeframe. However, some fundamental times remain constant, such as,

Between the fall of your junior year of high school and the summer before your senior year, you will be nominated.

While the students are in their first term of senior year, the Dynamic Assessment procedure takes place between September and December.

Depending on the city, the Posse student scholarship ceremony takes place towards the end of December or the beginning of January.

From January through August, Posse scholars attend 2 to 3 hour weekly seminars at the local organization’s office. These programs focus on academic success, cross-cultural teamwork, leadership development, and team building. Students choose their university, program, and major during these sessions.

Student award recipients have access to a tutor and academic adviser during their time in school, with whom they meet once a week. The scholars meet with the tutor twice a week as a group.

Tips for Students Interested in Winning the Posse Scholarship

Are you looking forward to joining your local Posse student club before starting college?

Let’s go through some pointers to help you get ahead.


Participate in volunteer initiatives that motivate you before you start your senior year. You have a range of options, such as local homeless shelters, food banks, and so on. Once you’ve discovered something you enjoy, devote more time to it and look for leadership positions.

Make Public Speaking a Habit

Speaking to the public is a vital component of being a Posse scholar. Every other week, gather a group of friends and loved ones who will provide you with constructive criticism and speak in front of them. Choose from a variety of topics and have a good time with it.

Become a member of a Multi-Cultural Club

You can also join clubs that focus on multicultural collaboration while in school. Choose an organization that is unique to you and your upbringing, as well as one that piques your curiosity.


You’ll need determination, passion, and heart to join an acknowledged network of learners dedicated to making a good difference in their communities.

You’ll be able to complete a four-year college degree with the Posse scholarship, allowing you to pursue your academic goals.

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