WAEC Physics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Obj/Theory) is Out

The WAEC Physics questions and answers for 2022 are now available. You’ll find WAEC Physics Objective Answers, WAEC Physics Essay 2022, WAEC 2022 Physics, as well as the advice you need to ace your WAEC Physics exam.

Free WASSCE Physics questions and answers 2022, including obj/Theory, Essay are provided below to assist exam candidates in scoring an A or B on this test.

For WAEC 2022 candidates, all of the WASSCE 2022 Physics Questions and Answers samples below have been thoroughly solved.

Free WAEC Physics questions 2021 and WAEC Physics questions and answers 2021 (obj/Theory) Essay
2022 WAEC physics Obj/theory

Each question on this page has been solved, including the OBJ and theory problems, and each answer is put beside the question.

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Free WAEC Physics Questions Expo 2022 for Theory and OBJ

This is an example of 2022 free WAEC Physics Expo answers for theory (essay) paper 2 and OBJ (objectives) paper 1 for WAEC candidates in 2022.


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Each of the WAEC Physics essay and theory example questions and answers for 2022 will be “showing working” in the theory section (i.e paper 2). If you see similar questions on the exam, study the steps and master them.

You can also try solving the problems on your own (by following the same methods we did) and then compare your results to the ones on this page. Examine all of the WAEC physics questions 2022 samples on this page and double-check your answers.

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Questions and Answers for WAEC 2022 Physics OBJ

For reference, use the WASSCE 2022 Physics Objective Questions and Answers examples for OBJ paper 1.

Examine all of the example WAEC physics questions 2022 below and see if you can find the correct solution. To see how each question is solved, go to the theory section at the bottom of the page.

(1). What is one joule equal to?

  • (A) a total of 103 ergs
  • (B) a total of 106 ergs
  • (C) 107 ergs are the number of ergs in a kilogram.
  • (D) 105 ergs are the number of ergs in a kilogram.

C) 107 ergs is the correct answer.

(No 2)

(2). Optical fiber is based on which of these principles?

  • (A) Scattering
  • (B) interference
  • (C) introspective reflection in its entirety
  • (D) refraction

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(C) complete internal reflection is the proper solution.

(No 3)

(3). Why is it that the base of an electric iron is usually gleaming?

  • (A) To make it frictionless and smooth
  • (B) Make it rust-resistant.
  • (C) Radiative heat loss should be reduced.
  • (D) Make it more long lasting

The correct response is C) to limit heat loss by radiation.

(NO 5)

(5). A 15-kilogram riffle fires a 60-gram bullet at a velocity of 200ms-1. Calculate the riffle’s recoil velocity.

  • (A)–0.8ms-1
  • (B) 200ms-1
  • (C) 0.8ms-1
  • (D) -200ms-1
  • (E) 0.8kgms-2

A is the correct answer. -0.8ms-1

(NO 5a)

(5a). Which of the following is the correct Kinetic Energy formula?

  • (A) 12 ms2
  • (B) 12 kg2
  • (C) 12 kx2
  • (D) 12 mu2
  • (E) 12 mm2

12 mu2 is the right answer.

(No 6)

(6). If a machine’s efficiency is 60%, calculate the work done by a student using this machine to lift a load of 150kg over a vertical distance of 2.5m (g = 10ms-1) in joules.

  • (A) 3534joules
  • (B) 5000joules
  • (C) joules 2500
  • (D) 6250joules
  • (E) 622joules

(D) 6250 Joules is the right answer.

(NO 7)

(7). Determine the height at which a body is released from rest if its velocity is 30ms-1 just before it hits the ground.

  • (A) 15m
  • (B) 45m
  • (C) 60
  • (D) 90m
  • (E) 75m

(B) 45m is the correct answer.

(NO 8)

(8). A 5m long mango fruit falls to the ground from the top of its tree. When the mango ripens, how long does it take for it to reach the ground?

  • (A) 2.0s
  • (B) 3.00s.
  • (C) 1.5s.
  • (D) 1.0s
  • (E) 0.5s

D. 1.0s is the correct answer.

Free WAEC Physics Questions and Answers for 2022 – Essay

Furthermore, the following WAEC questions and answers on the physics objective can assist you in gaining further insight into how to tackle physics WAEC problems.

It’s also a good idea to scroll down to the bottom to see how each of these questions is answered.

(No 1)

(1). Is Gay-law Lussac’s the equation PxVyTz = constant if____?

  • (A) x, y, and z are all equal to one.
  • (B) x = 1, y = 0, and z = -1 are the values.
  • (C) x, y, and z are all equal to one.
  • (D) x, y, and z are all zero.
  •  (E) x = -1, y = 1, and z = 0 are the values of the variables.

(B) x = 1, y = 0, and z = -1 is the correct solution.

(No 2)

(2). Determine the effort expended by a machine with a 75 percent efficiency that lifts a load of 1000N and a velocity ratio of 4.

(A) 233.33N

(B) 332.33N

(C) 322.33N

(D) 323.33N

(E) 333.33N


E. 333.33N is the correct answer

(NO 3)

(3) A rocket is burning fuel at a rate of 200gs-1 and ejecting all of the gas in one direction at a rate of 400ms-1, according to theory. If the rocket is going to move vertically upwards, what is the maximum weight it can have?


(No 4)

(4) When a wire is stretched from its original length of 10.00 cm to 10.05 cm, the tension on the wire is 107NM–2. The wire’s Young’s modulus is

  • (A) 5. 0 x 104 Nm-2
  • (B) 5. 0 x 105 Nm-2
  • (C) 2. 0 x 108 Nm-2 C. 2. 0 x 108 Nm-2 C. 2. 0 x 108
  • (D) 0 x 109 Nm-2 D. 2.

(No 5)

(5) A solid weighs ten kilograms in air, six kilograms in water, and seven kilograms in a liquid. X. Calculate the liquid’s relative density, X.

  • (A) 5/3
  • (B) 4/3
  • (C) 3/4
  • (D) 7 out of 10


(6). As a liquid’s temperature rises, its surface tension

  • (A). decreases and..
  • (B). rises.
  • (C). Remains constant
  • (D) Increases then decreases


(7). A gas with a volume of V0 is compressed to one-fifth of its original volume in a container at pressure P0. If the magnitude of its original temperature T remains constant, what will be its pressure?

  • (A) P0/5
  • (B) 4P0/5
  • (C) P0.
  • (D) 5P0

(8). A substance with a specific head capacity of 450JKg-1K-1 falls 20 meters vertically from rest. Calculate the temperature rise of the substance when it collides with the ground and all of its energies are converted to heat. [10ms-2] [g] [g] [g] [g] [g] [g

  • (A) 2/9°C
  • (B) 4°C/9°C
  • (C) 9°C/4°C
  • (D) 9/2°C

(NO 9)

(9). I. When the saturated vapour pressure of a liquid equals the external pressure, it boils.

  • (A) II. Dissolved chemicals in pure water cause the boiling point to rise.
  • (B) III. As external pressure rises, the boiling point rises as well.
  • (C) IV. In pure water, dissolved chemicals lower the boiling point.


(10). Which of the following is a characteristic of a liquid’s boiling point?

  • (A) I, II, and III.
  • (B) I, II, III, and IV
  • (C) I, II, and IV.
  • (D) II, III, and IV

Bonus for you

The WAEC Physics OBJ/Theory exam is computed together with the WAEC physics practical exam in order to get your final grade. So, paper i, ii and iii are all very important if you must pass this year’s WAEC examination.

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