The Protagonist and Antagonist in the Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

Some searchers have been asking us here in SCHOOL ISLE, who is the protagonist or the major character in The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli? For that reason, I found it worthy to write this post in regards to that question. So, in this article, we shall see the protagonist and other major characters in the 2022 JAMB novel.

And if you have not read the novel, you can read it online for free.

It is important for us to briefly look at what protagonist is all about so that you will understand fully what you are looking for.


Brief introduction to the term “Protagonist”

A protagonist is the main character of a story. The protagonist is the major character around whom the whole story revolves. His/her decisions in the story affect the plot, primarily influencing the story. One outstanding feature of a protagonist is that he/she faces the most significant obstacles in the story.

One may ask, can there be more than one protagonist in a story? The answer is no. There can only be one protagonist. However, there may be other major characters who perform significant roles to enhance the role and actions of the protagonist.

A character who opposes the protagonist is called antagonist. The antagonist is also a major character. But he acts to suppress the protagonist and his decisions sometimes determines the actions protagonist as he (the protagonist) also works to overcome the suppression of the antagonist.

I just want to establish one fact, and that is “one or more major characters can exist in a story but only one protagonist can exist in a story“.

Summary, likely Questions and Answers for The Life Changer

Who is the protagonist in the life changer?

The protagonist in The Life Changer is Salma. Salma is used in the novel to represent the University student’s life, a life full of freedom and it’s come back.

Ummi, being the narrator, focuses on Salma’s experiences in school and how she later changed for good.

At first, Salma was captured in a queue of students who came for registration. A lecturer interrogates her and she rudely describes the nature of lecturers in the Nigerian Universities as corrupt who can accept as little bribe as 2,000 – 3,000 Naira. While she said all these she doesn’t know the young man who interrogates her is a lecturer in the university. After her registration, she joins three other girls, Tomiwa, Ada, and Ngozi, in a room.

Salma also showcases her pride by giving her roommates number to Habib.

Habib, a rich honorable, proposes to Salma to date him, Salma turned down the proposal not because of any other thing but just because she wants to be seen as a high class girl and also gain respect from other university girls.

Tomiwa, Salma’s roommate ends up dating Habib, the rich honorable. Salma begins to show jealousy because Tomiwa accepted to date Habib.

In another development, Salma involves herself in Examination Malpractice (EMAL) which prompted her to be expelled from the University.

Salma falls back in the hands of Habib as she seeks for help from him. She wants Habib to help her restore her admission in the university. Habib intervenes. But in the process of his intervention, Salma suffers other tragedies as she was robbed of the money given to her by Habib to give to the chairman of the EMEC as the first step to the restoration of her admission.

Finally, Salma turns a new live after all her misfortunes in the story and she becomes a good friend to Ummi.

From the briefing above, the story revolves around Salma. Her decisions affect the flow of the story.

Further Explanation

Although, the story didn’t start with Salma, she still appears in most parts of the story. In other words, of all the characters who appeared in the novel, Salma appeared the most.

Her decisions or qualities affect the flow of the story. Now, see it.

First, her replies in an interview during her registration shows she is a proud type. So, as a proud type, she will definitely not be bent to all the rules of nature which will affect her.

Her decision to gain respect as a high school girl also caused her to turn down Habib’s proposal outrightly.

Her decision not to date honorable Habib caused her to give her roommates number to him instead of hers. This particular event made Habib to date Tomiwa. Tomiwa accepting to date Habib causes misunderstanding between Salma and Tomiwa.

In another development, Salma’s involvement in examination malpractice causes her expulsion. Her expulsion causes her to fall back to Habib for help which led to other tragedies in the course of the help.

Generally, her misfortunes made her turn a new live.

Well, the major reason Ummi told this story was for her children to learn from it. That it why she used Salma as the major character because Salma’s actions portrays everything she wants her children to learn.

Who is the Antagonist in The Life Changer?

Questions have also been going on concerning the antagonist of the new JAMB novel. And I will answer that question here.

Before then, I want you to know that an antagonist in a book must not be a human being. In other words, it must not be one of the characters in a book.

If you read the types of antagonist, you will observe that a character’s inward qualities can also stand as an antagonist.

From the brief analysis above, who is the antagonist in The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli? The antagonist in the novel is Salma’s inward quality.

No one acted fully as an obstacle to Salma. Instead, her bad behavior appeared as her obstacle.

For instance, her negative behavior made her trick Habib by giving her roommate’s number. Finally, she returns back to Habib for help as Habib takes advantage of her by sleeping with her before rendering help. Mainly, she suffered because of her bad attitude. So, Salma’s inward qualities stand to be the antagonist in this book called The Life Changer.

Other major characters in the novel

  • Ummi – the narrator of the story.
  • Bint – Ummi’s last child
  • Mallam Salihu – Bint’s teacher
  • Mr. Esquire – Ummi’s husband
  • Omar – Ummi’s first child who got admission to study law.
  • Dr Sam John – Ummi’s HOD
  • Talle – the silent one
  • Habib – rich honorable
  • Tomiwa, Ada and Ngozi – Salma’s roommates
  • Zaki – Habib’s thug
  • Dr Debo – Salma’s level coordinator who made uncalled for advances at Salma.
  • Kola – the one who provides answers to Salma during Moral Philosophy examination.
  • Dr Kabir – the one who claims to be the chairman of the EMEC.

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