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NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers

WAEC Biology Questions and Answers OBJ/Essay

2022 WAEC Practical Biology Questions – Expo

Study Specimen A and B and answer question 1(a) to 1(c). (a)

(i) Name the habitat of each of specimens A and B.

(ii) Name the adult stage into which each of specimens A and B would develop.

(iii) Name of the phylum and class common to the adult stage of specimens A and B.

(b) State three observations features of biological significance in;

(i) Specimen A;

(ii) Specimen B.

(c)(i) State four observable structural differences between specimens A and B.

(ii) State three observable similarities between specimens A and B.

(1ai) (2020 Answers)


– TEST: Specimen B + 2drops of iodine solution

– OBSERVATION: No precipitate is found (No reaction is occurring)

INFERENCE: It indicates specimen B contains no starch content


– TEST: Specimen B + 2ml of NaOH(aq) + 3 drops of CuSO4 + shake

– OBSERVATION: The mixture will turn to purple or violet colour

– INFERENCE: Protein is present

Today’s WAEC Biology Practical Real Answers – Expo

(i) Test for starch
(ii) Test for protein (Biurets test)

– Additional income is obtained through quality mushrooms
– They contain vitamins and proteins and Laos acts as antioxidants supporting the immune system


– Eukaryotic organism
– Absence of chlorophyll

– Cell walls made of chitin instead of cellulose

– Molds
– Mildews

– Smuts
– Rusts

– Yeast


– Presence of tentacles
– Possession of soft and unsegmented bodies

– Body is covered by a mantle and she’ll
– They are bilaterally symmetrical
– They are triploblastic with three layers

2022 Biology Practical Past and Likely Questions and Answers

(iii) State three observable features which adapt specimen C to its function.

(b) (i) State two observable structural similarities in specimens C and D

(ii) State three observable structural differences between specimen C and D.

(c) Make a drawing, 6cm to 8cm long of specimen C an label fully.

3. Study specimens K and L, and answer questions 3(a) to 3.

(a)(i) Name the floral part of specimen K.

(ii) Indicate the number of floral parts in each whorl of specimen K.

(b) (i) Name the sex of specimen K.

(ii) Give one reason for the answer in 4(b)(i).

(c)(i) What is the symmetry of specimen K?


– Increase in temperature
– Difference in concentration
– Molecular size
– Increase in temperature
– Increase in temperature
– Difference in concentration


The Biology questions and answers above are not the 2022 questions and answers, instead they are past practical question meant for practice.

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Things to Note

  • The first thing you should not is that all the questions will come from the practical specimen given to you. So, study the specimen
  • Your WAEC Biology grade comes from combining the OBJ/theory and the practical examination scores. So, all the papers matter.

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