Cameron Impact Scholarships Application 2022 – Guide

The Bryan Cameron Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Cameron Impact Scholarships for eligible candidates. Go through this post and get the latest update on this.

Scholarship Description

According to the official website, the Cameron Impact Scholarships is awarded annually (beginning in December) to around 15 high school seniors who are United States citizens.

This four-year merit-based scholarship will cover full tuition as well as eligible educational expenditures (as determined by the Internal Revenue Service) at the recipient’s choice college institution (estimated to be between $20,000 and $50,000 per year).

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation was founded in 2015 with the goal of making a difference through investing in the education of young people. Bryan Cameron, the company’s founder, has a lengthy and successful career in asset management.

Over the years, his significant humanitarian endeavors have been driven by his realization and gratitude of his personal blessings.

We’ll provide you all the information you need to apply for the Bryan Cameron Impact Scholarships 2022 in this post. You will learn about the requirements for applying, the value of the scholarship, and how to apply for the scholarships.

What is the Cameron Impact Scholarship and how does it work?

The Bryan Cameron Education Foundation, as a privately held family foundation, is committed to investing in students by offering a four-year undergraduate Cameron Impact Scholarships program.

It is their sincere view that investing in a young person’s education is one of the most worthwhile and significant investments they can make.

They also acknowledge and appreciate the institutions, teachers, families, and citizens who volunteer their time, talent, and treasure to assist in the education of our country’s youth.

Each year, they set a goal to identify a select group of outstanding rising college students who they believe will have a good impact on their family, friends, colleagues, and fellow citizens.

In many professional fields, there are several opportunities to make a positive difference (Finance, Education, Healthcare, Technology, Military, Legal, Sports, Engineering, and Art to name but a few).

The Cameron Impact Scholar can make genuine, tangible contributions in either the private or public sector as part of their lifelong commitment to the greater good.

The Foundation has opted to award around a quarter of the scholarships to people who want to work in education, NGOs, government, or the military and who have a clear intention of pursuing a career in public service. The Scholarship’s criterion, on the other hand, is purposefully broad.

Who is Bryan Cameron?

The Brian Cameron Educational Foundation’s Chairman and President is Brian Cameron. The Foundation aspires to invest in the lives of many deserving students in order to help them continue their education at the university and have a lasting impact on their professional and personal lives.

What is an impact scholarship, and how does it work?

Only high school seniors will be considered for the Community Impact Scholarship (CISP), which will be based on application completeness, two letters of academic recommendation, commitment, creativity, originality, project completion, and presentation. In face-to-face jury evaluation, serve the community.

The Cameron Impact Scholarship criteria

The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a cumulative, unweighted GPA of at least 3.7 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent in high school;
  • To be a full citizen of the United States of America, you must:
  • Be a member of the Class of 2022, and plan to enroll in a full-time course of study for the full academic year following high school graduation at an authorized four-year U.S. college or university;
  • Show evidence of extracurricular success, be driven leaders with a strong work ethic, and participate actively in community service and/or civic minded venues; and
  • By the Application Deadline, you must provide the following three components:
    • Application over the internet;
    • Two letters of recommendation are necessary; and
    • A transcript is a document that certifies a student’s academic performance.

The Initial Online Application can be submitted in two ways:

Application Deadline and Opening Date

  • Applications will open for the Class of 2023 in February 2022
  • For the Class of 2022, the early application ended on May 21, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. PT (NOON) – CLOSED
  • For the Class of 2022, the regular application ended on September 10, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. PT. – NOW CLOSED

On a rolling basis, applications are received and reviewed. Please keep in mind that the Foundation is restricting the amount of applications they will consider from the Class of 2022 to 3,000. If and when this limit is reached, we will post a notice on the website and on our social media accounts.

In the Fall of 2021, the Selection Committee will choose 100 Finalists for face-to-face interviews (usually at the Applicant’s high school). The Cameron Impact Scholarships recipients will be notified in December 2021.

The Cameron Impact Scholarships requires recipients to attend an annual Cameron Impact Scholars Award Ceremony and Summit for the life of the scholarships, which is four years.

IMPORTANT: Applicants are highly encouraged to submit their applications well before the deadline. The Foundation will not be held liable for any technical issues with an applicant’s submission that arise after the final deadline.

Recommendations and transcripts may be emailed directly to the Foundation at or uploaded immediately within the Application when required. Please send only two letters of recommendation.

Host Nationality

This scholarship is to be taken in the U.S.A. If you are an international student and you wish to study in the united state of America

Level / Field of Study

The Cameron Impact Scholarship program is meant for high school students.

Eligible Nationality

The scholarship is available to all U.S citizens.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

10-15 Cameron Impact Scholarships are awarded each year.

Scholarship Application link

Tap on the link below to start application.

Apply Here

Warning – Beware

Any member of the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation staff, Board of Directors, or Selection Committee cannot be connected to or have a prior affiliation with an applicant.

The Foundation has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or any other legally protected feature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cameroon Impact Scholarship

Who is eligible to apply to the Cameron Impact Scholarships?

To apply for the Cameron Impact Scholarships, you must be a U.S. citizen. We are presently accepting applications from the Class of 2022 high school graduates. Applicants must be US citizens with an unweighted GPA of 3.7 or above.

The Foundation is searching for applicants that have demonstrated excellent leadership, extracurricular activity, and community service, as well as a desire to have a meaningful influence on the world around them.

When is the deadline for applications?


In February 2022, applications for the Class of 2023 will open.

What is the differences between the Early Application and Regular Application deadlines?

Regardless of when they apply, we thoroughly and equitably evaluate all eligible Applicants. There are, nevertheless, some advantages to applying early.

  • The number of applications we will consider is capped at 3,000. We guarantee that all eligible Early Applications will be examined; however, if we reach our 3,000-application limit before the Regular Deadline, we cannot guarantee that a submission will be reviewed. If we reach this limit, we will post a notice on our website and social media sites to alert potential applicants;
  • Early Applicants will learn if they have been selected for a Finalist Interview in June rather than the Fall, as is the case with Regular Applicants.
  • Each year, we give out 100 Finalist Interviews. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and the number of Interview slots available for Regular Round Applicants is determined by the number of Interview slots filled in the Early Application Round.
  • For the Regular Application Deadline, we receive the majority of our applications.

What does the Cameron Impact Scholarship Cover?

The Cameron Impact Scholarships are designed to pay for the recipient’s complete tuition and ‘qualified educational expenditures’ (as defined by the Internal Revenue Service) at the collegiate school of their choice.

Although ‘educational expenses’ differ between colleges and universities, the Scholarship is designed to cover tuition, fees, and books. Room and board are not covered by the Cameron Impact Scholarships.

Will I be notified of my status even if I am not selected for an interview?

Regardless of whether or not they receive a Finalist Interview, the Foundation informs all Applicants of their status. Early applicants will be notified by June 30th, and Regular applicants will be notified by October 31st.

Correspondence may occasionally end up in SPAM folders. To ask about the status of your application, please email us at

What if I want to take a gap year between high school and university?

The Cameron Impact Scholarship is open to those who want to take a gap year. However, we ask that you apply with the graduating high school class with whom you will begin your first year of college. So, if you’re taking a gap year, apply by May or September of the year you’ll be taking it. We also believe that describing what you did during your gap year adds value to your application.

Is it possible for me to submit my transcript or recommendations after the deadline has passed?

Our deadlines are strict, and any applications that are not full will not be considered. Late Transcripts and Recommendations are not accepted. If any information for the Early Application Deadline is missing, your application will be immediately rolled over to the Regular Applicant Pool.

Is the scholarship based on financial need?

The Cameron Impact Scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit. We will never ask you for any financial information about yourself or your family. Our evaluation process does not take financial need into account.

Are there any other merit-based programs that I should look into if I am not awarded the Cameron Impact Scholarship?

Yes, there are other merit-based programs! While we are proud to grant a large number of merit-based scholarships each year, we know that there are many excellent individuals who we are unable to recognize through our program.

While we do not pretend to have an entire list of all merit-based possibilities, we are making an effort to get familiar with such programs that may be of interest to you.

Is it possible to save my application and return to it later to make changes?

NO. Unfortunately, you will not be able to save an application and return to it later to update it. We always recommend saving responses in Word or a comparable program until you are ready to submit your Application to avoid losing information.

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