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One of the most prominent awards in the United States is the Ron Brown Scholarship. It is a scholarship program that only covers the price of education for African-American nationals of the United States.

ron brown scholarship

The Ron Brown Scholarships Program is extremely competitive, with hundreds of students applying each year.

Furthermore, Ron Brown Scholarships awardees receive monetary rewards as well as international exposure and renown.

As a result, the Ron Brown Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity that every African American senior high school student should pursue.

This article will show you how to apply for and obtain Ron Brown Scholarships, as well as how to perform well on your SAT or ACT exams.

What is the Ron Brown Scholarship, and how does it work?

The Ron Brown Scholarship is named after Ronald H. Brown, the late Secretary of Commerce who was known for his commitment to public service.

The scholarship aims to help intelligent Black American students pursue higher education in order to boost their economic and social prospects.

The Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP), on the other hand, strives to cultivate future transformational leaders who will have a beneficial impact on the world while excelling in their chosen fields.

Benefits of the Ron Brown Scholarships Program

The Ron Brown Scholars program offers the following benefits to its winners:

  • A total of $40,000 in financial aid is available for a four-year college degree program.
  • Mentorship from seasoned teachers has a significant impact.
  • Possibility of landing a good internship position
  • Good interpersonal skills development
  • Recognition from the general public
  • Ticket to a high-octane leadership summit this summer

Eligibility Requirements

Academic brilliance and intellectual prowess are encouraged through the Ron Brown Scholar program. Every year, around 5000 people apply for the honor, with just 20 being chosen after meticulous consideration.

However, you will be considered for the Ron Brown Scholar program only if you meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant must be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the US.
  • At the time of application, the applicant must be a current high school senior with a strong academic record.
  • The applicant must be capable of leading others.
  • Applicant must surely be a Black American.
  • The applicant must have a track record of active participation in community service.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a financial need.

NOTE: Current college students are not eligible to apply.

How much is Ron Brown Scholarship Program

Each year, 45 students are designated Ron Brown Scholars and receive $10,000 annually for four years, for a total of $40,000.

Application Timeline – Opening and Closing Dates

The calendar for interested applicants to organize their application submission to the Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP), as well as crucial dates when eligible applicants will be notified, is listed below:

  • Interested students can begin filling out and submitting the RBSP scholarship application from August through January.
  • The deadline for early applicants is November 1st. Interested individuals who submit their applications by November 1st will be considered for the Ron Brown Scholar Program, and their contact information will be passed to a select number of additional universities and scholarships sponsors.

Students who apply by this deadline must indicate on their application that they are applying under this deadline. Applicants must still submit materials to any institutions, universities, or scholarship programs that they are interested in.

  • The final postal date to be considered for the Ron Brown Scholar Program is January 9th.
  • The Program team reviews applications from January to March.
  • Semi-finalists are notified in mid-February.
  • Early March: Finalists are contacted and asked to attend a Ron Brown Scholar Program-sponsored weekend selection process in Washington, D.C. Finalists will be interviewed by members of the RBSP National Selection Committee and will be required to participate in a number of activities over the weekend.

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on their application materials, interviews, and weekend activities participation.

  • The competition’s winners are notified on April 1st.

Scholarship Funding

The scholarships are funded by the Ron Brown Scholar Fund a public 501(c)3 charity and through generous donations from friends and partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the questions applicants ask you might get answers to your own questions.

Is it possible to apply online?

No. You can print and mail the application from our website, however it is not feasible to apply online. Print both pages of the application if you print it from the website. You, your parent/guardian, and your high school guidance counselor must all fill out sections.

Is it possible to fax or email my application?

We are unable to accept faxed or emailed applications, or any part of them, due to the enormous quantity of applicants.

I didn’t meet the deadline. Is it still possible for me to apply?

You may contact to request an extension if you have a reasonable reason for missing the deadline that is beyond your control. The Ron Brown Scholar Program must offer their approval before the deadline can be extended.

Is it necessary for me to be a United States citizen or permanent resident to apply for a Ron Brown scholarship?

Yes. To apply, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Is there a monetary limit?

We take financial need into account while providing scholarships. You should apply for a Ron Brown Scholarship if you believe you would be eligible for financial help at the universities to which you are applying.

When do letters of recommendation and transcripts have to be submitted? Is it possible to send them separately from my application?

All application documents must be mailed together in one envelope. It is not necessary to send transcripts and letters of recommendation in separate envelopes. Applications that are incomplete, emailed, or faxed will not be accepted.

Is it necessary for my letters of reference to be written by professors, or may they be written by anyone?

Two letters of recommendation are required. Your high school guidance counselor, instructor, or principal should write at least one of these. Anyone who knows you well and can attest to your character, leadership abilities, devotion to community service, or academic performance may send the second letter.

This could be someone like a boss, a coach, or a mentor. It’s not possible that it’s your mother, father, or guardian.

What kind of standardized test results do you need? When and how do I turn in my grades?

SAT (Verbal and Math) or ACT (Composite) scores are required. SAT II (Subject Tests) and AP examinations results are optional. If the requisite scores do not appear on your high school transcript, write them down on page 1 of your application.

You should take the SAT I or ACT as soon as possible after November to ensure that your scores are available when you submit your application or immediately thereafter.

What address should I send my full application packet to?

The Ron Brown Scholar Program office should receive all application documents. 485 Hillsdale Drive, Suite 206, Charlottesville, VA 22901. Ron Brown Scholar Program, 485 Hillsdale Drive, Suite 206, Charlottesville, VA 22901.

Are there any SAT or ACT minimum scores?

No. There are no cut-off scores in our program. However, the competition for the scholarships is fierce, and successful applicants have shown a strong commitment to academics. Their outstanding grade point averages, class rank, and test scores reflect this.

Is the Ron Brown Scholarship transferable to any college and major?

The scholarship can be used at any four-year accredited college in the United States that offers a degree. Recipients are free to pursue any academic discipline. The scholarship cannot be utilized for technical or vocational education.

When will the winners be informed? Are applicants who did not win notified as well?

Semi-finalists will be contacted between the middle and end of February. Finalists will be contacted in early March and invited to an interview with the National Selection Committee in Washington, D.C. (we will cover expenses).

We are unable to contact individuals who have not advanced to the semi-finals or finalist stages due to the enormous number of candidates. In late April/early May, we will publish the names of the scholarship winners on our website.

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