Download Physics WAEC Correct Practical Specimen 2022/2023

Download 2022 WAEC Correct Physics Practical Specimen. Many WAEC candidates who are looking for the most up-to-date WAEC Physics specimen can now find it here.

On this page, you will find physics practical examples of questions and answers. In your WASSCE Physics Practical examination, we offered the best technique to answer WASSCE Practical questions using a good reputable source.

Is the Waec Physics specimen for 2022 Out? Yes, the 2022 Waec Physics Practical Specimen has been officially released for all WAEC candidates in different countries.

For all Waec applicants, the Physics Specimen for 2022 has been released. All West African Examination Council (WAEC) applicants can now access the official WASSCE 2022 Physics specimen.

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2022 Correct WAEC Physics Practical Specimen

Question 1

Two metre rule
Retort stand and clamp
Thread ( about 250 cm long)
A weighing balance;
Split cork.

Question 2

(1) Ray box with illuminated objects (cross wire)
(2) Convex lens(f = 15cm)
(3) Screen
(4) Metre rule.
(5) Lens Holder.

Question 3
Accumulator (2×1.5v)
Ammeter (0 – 1A)
Crocodile clip
A 2 ohms Q resistor
Constantan wire (about 1m long)
Connecting wires

Download 2022 WAEC Physics Specimen for Free

The new WASSCE physics practical examination specimen is now ready for download. Simply tap on the link below to download.

Download Physics Specimen


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One thing you should not about WAEC practical marking scheme is that practicals are computed together with OBJ and theory examinations to get your final grades.

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