WAEC Foods and Nutrition Practical Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Complete Solutions)

Updated WAEC Food and Nutrition questions and answers for 2022 WASSCE examination. Free foods and Nutrition Practical Questions, WAEC food and nut answers.

Free WAEC food and nutrition Practical

Free questions on Foods and Nutrition Practical for the WAEC 2022: Our website now has the WAEC Expo Questions for 2022. In this article, I will provide you with free access to past WAEC Food and Nut random repeated Practical questions and answers.

You’ll also learn how WAEC Foods and Nutrition Practical questions are set, what you will expect in your exam, as well as a variety of other examination details. Continue reading for more information.

You will also see 2022 WAEC food and nut Practical planning session (specimen).

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Free expo, WAEC foods and Nutrition Practical questions.

2022 WAEC Food and Nutrition Examination Guide

  1. To begin with, practicing our WASSCE Foods and Nutrition previous questions can help you be more efficient on exam day.
  2. It’s no secret that, because they’re from the same WAEC curriculum, questions on the WASSCE for each topic are usually identical to questions from previous years. WAEC also has a habit of repeating questions verbatim.
  3. In addition, exposure: Regular practice exposes your deficiencies and allows you to improve your performance before the exam.
    Reduces worry, on the other hand: Regular and efficient practice boosts your confidence before the exam.
  4. In light of this, these are only a few of the many wonderful advantages of practicing WAEC Foods and Nutrition previous questions.
  5. Furthermore, it is critical that you develop the habit of practicing with previous question papers on a regular basis.
  6. There’s little doubt that this will help you get the WASSCE scores you want in the long term.
  7. Also, don’t limit yourself to the WAEC previous questions we’ve provided on this page. Other WASSCE-related resources that will be of great assistance to you are also available.
  8. Finally, this part contains the Foods and Nutrition WASSCE / WAEC previous questions that we currently have. Please use them in accordance with the guidelines on this page and our policies.

2022 WAEC Food and Nutrition Practical Questions

1. Your diabetic pregnant sister is spending the day with you.

(a) Prepare, cook and serve a two-course lunch for her.

(b) Prepare a snack dish for her.

(c) Set the lunch table.

Today’s Food and nutrition Practical answer

Today’s food and nutrition Practical answers

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The correct WAEC food and nut Practical answers will be posted here as soon as it is out.

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DISCLAIMER: The questions above are not the 2022 food and nut Practical Questions instead they are possible questions and they’re also for Practice.


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How to pass WAEC foods and Nutrition examination

Practice food and nutrition past questions

Food and nut past questions help you get experience of what you expect in your exam and how to tackle the questions. In case you do not know, past questions may be repeated.

Use the syllabus and recommended textbooks for Food and nutrition

Syllabus contain WAEC recommended topics and other hot topics which you just read to pass your examination. It shows you the area of Concentration for each subject. In the same manner, WAEC good and nut had is own Syllabus.

In addition, you will also see the recommended textbooks and authors in the syllabus.


Read the examination guidelines/Instructions

Disobedience to examination instructions is the same thing as not writing the exam at all because you won’t pass. To avoid such, you have to answer your questions according to the directions given on the examination paper or by the examination supervisor.

SEE: Tricks you must adopt to pass WAEC

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