NECO Computer Practical Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Complete Solutions)

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Computer Practical examination

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Free WAEC Computer Practical Questions and Answers

NECO Time Table

Area of Concentration for 2022 NECO Computer Studies Practical

1. Some Basic operations in MS Word window

  • Create a Document
  • Edit
  • Save
  • Retrieve
  • Print
  • Close

(vii) Further operations
in MS Word

The use of different types and sizes of fonts

  • MS word formatting
  • justifying
  • search/explore
  • spell checking
  • file merging, etc

2. The use of Spreadsheet (Excel)

3. PowerPoint operation

4. Computer Data Conversion

5. Application areas of ICT

6. Networking

The topics above are very important as they show topics you need to read in order to pass your NECO computer Practical examination. Also note that your Practical Questions will come from these topics.

NOTE: NECO Computer Practical examination involves the use of computers. Your answers will be types using the computer.

2022 NECO Computer Science Practical Questions




(a) Use Microsoft Excel to produce the table below which shows the authors name, book supplied and their unit price in Naira

NOTE: No marks shall be awarded for using other packages.

SN Author’s Name School Number of Books Unit Price (=N=)

1 Wale LASISI Papalanto High School, Ewekoro 102 300

2 Yemi AKINFENWA Ebenezer Grammar School, Abeokuta 85 560

3 Idowu TAIWO Isanhi Gramma School, Ilisan 68 450

4 Liames UZOR Nsukka High School, Nsukka 78 600

5 Bola BABASOLA Premier Grammer School, Abeokuta 65 1200

6 Lilian NGWIJ Federal Government College Enugu 120 250

7 Bako DANLADI Government Secondary School, Minna 56 500

8 Morooph ADEGUNLE Adaradoun College, Ijebu-Jesa 45 690


i. Set the page margin to 0.5 inches for Top,. Bottom, Left and Right.

ii. Set the page size to A4 and Orientation to landscape.


3. (a) Use CorelDraw to design the following application

i. Use a rectangular dimension border.

ii. Create any logo of your choice at the centre of the border.

iii. Type this paragraph text, “Many software application include graphics components, such programs are said to support graphics, for example. certain word processors support graphics because they let you draw or import pictures ALL CAD/CAM systems support graphics”

iv. Wrap the paragraph text around the logo created by you.

v. Demarcate the rectangular border into two equal parts with a bold line.

vi. Select any single object from clipboard and paste below the demarcated line.

vii. Rotate the object to form a semi-circular shape. (e.g. Do not use this example).

viii. Type your name, registration number and your home address.

ix. Apply shade to 3a

Microsoft WORD Practical

(i) Type your name, registration number in the sheet given to you.
(ii) Print out the hardcopy at the end of each task.
(iii) Staple your work together after print out

1(a). Use Microsoft Word to answer the questions.

As its slogan says. Ogun State the (Gateway truly is the gateway to the South West of Nigeria. It offers the greatest number of specialized tours of tourist attractions to Olumo Rocks in Abeokuta, rustic village called Bilikisu Sugho (Queen of Sheha) Shrine believed to be one of king Solomon’s wives birth place in Ijebu- Ode and Yemoji Natural Swimming Pool at Oke-Eri.

The agency’s tour planners and tour guides are considered experts in the history and culture of these areas.


(i) Start a new document and key (type) the two paragraphs written above. 4 marks

(ii) Switch to over type mode and key (type) Oke-Eri and ljebu-Ode over the texts
“ljebu- Ode and Oke-Eri” in the first paragraph. 4 marks

(iii) In the first paragraph. Key (type) of travellers, after Gateway”. 2 marks

(iv) Turn off over type mode and move the insertion point immediately after the ‘S”
in the word agency’s in the second paragraph. Delete “The agency’s” and key
(type) Ogun State in its place. 4 marks

(v) In the second paragraph, key (type) remarkable before area 2 marks

(vi) Create the third paragraph written in italics and bold: your name, registration
number and home address 6 marks
e.g Bahasola Titus.
Reg NO. 172053811W.
No. 8. Ifeoluwa Street
Araromi Lafenwa

NB: Do not use the address above, it is an example.
(vii) Save the document, print out the hard copy and submit.

1(b) Use Microsoft word to answer these:-

(i) State two precautions taken while performing task 1(a) above. 4 marks

(ii) Mention two uses of Microsoft word. 2 marks

(iii) Differentiate between Microsoft word and typewriting. 2 marks

NB:- The answers must be typed with your computer system.

Today’s NECO Computer Practical Answers 2022

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The correct questions and answers will be posted here as soon as it is out. For the mean time, begin to practice the topics and questions above.

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DISCLAIMER: The questions above are not the real 2022 questions instead, they are NECO computer science Practical past questions which are meant for you to practice before you write your exam.

You can send us a message on WhatsApp for more updates on the NECO computer Practical examination.

Tips on How to pass computer NECO SSCE Practical Examination

Use the computer Practical manual

Each school has a computer Practical manual. Lay hold on them and begin to practice them on time to enable you get acquainted with some operations in the computer.

The computer Practical manual is a guideline which tells you what to do on the computer system and how to do it. It also contains the Practical specimen, area if concentration and possible questions. So, it is important.

How do I get a NECO computer manual?

You can approach your school Dean or anyone incharge of the school library to give you the manual. You can sign it from the library after which you’ll return it.

Follow the examination instructions

Each examination has its ok peculiar way of writing it. Computer Practicals deals with the use of computer following a set of instructions.

On your question paper paper, read the rules there and make sure you follow them strictly.

If you have any issue with the computer Practical exam, drop a comment below.

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