NECO Food and Nutrition Objective and Theory 2022/2023

NECO Food and Nutrition Questions and Answers 2022. I will be showing you NECO Food and nut objective and theory questions and answers for free. You’ll also learn how NECO Sets food and nut questions and other important NECO examination many more details.

NECO food and nutrition questions and answers

If you are looking for food and nut past questions and answers or likely questions and answers, this post is for you.


NECO Food and Nutrition Questions and Answers 2022

You are on this page because you want the 2022 NECO Food And Nutrition expo.  The question and answers will be posted here during the NECO Food And Nutrition examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

NECO Food and Nutrition Correct answers will be posted here in few hours from or latest, 2 hours to exam. Please check back steady or refresh this page for more answers.

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NOTE: NECO Food and Nutrition Questions and Answers for both essay and objectives will be posted in this website once it’s out. Keep checking and reloading this page for more updates.

NECO Food And Nutrition Free Theory Answers 2022

This are sample questions and answers from the previous Food And Nutrition NECO examination. The main answers for 2022 will be loaded in this page 2 hours to the exam time.

Steaming is a moist-heat method of cooking that works by boiling water which vaporizes into steam; it is the steam that carries heat to the food, cooking it.

(i)It preserves the main nutrients
(ii)Steamed foods retain their own genuine flavour

(i)The food takes longer to cook.
(ii)There will be no gravy from meat or fish cooked this way.

(i)Slipping on wet floor
(ii)Cutting fingers or hands

(i)protect the wearer’s hand from hot objects such as ovens
(ii)Used for holding hot objects

Reproductive health is defined as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being in all matters relating to the reproductive system, at all stages of life.

(i) It helps to move food particles round the body
(ii) It helps excrete waste through perspiration, urination, and defecation

(2b) (Pick any 3)
(i) Cracked middle
(ii) Sunken cake
(iii) Side of the cake crunchy or burnt
(iv) Cake can’t get out of pan
(v) Cake too dark
(vi) Crust too think

(i) The ICPC Enlightens, rallies and enlists citizens of Nigeria in the anti-corruption process;

(ii)The ICPC Educates and alerts citizens about the consequences of corruption. Therefore, support the preventative measures in the corruption cases.
(iiii) The ICPC advises the leaders of the government bodies about corruption measures in the country. Moreover, the commission should also help these leaders to assure the effectivity of anticorruption and anti-bribery procedures.

2022 NECO food and nut questions

The 2022 NECO food and nut correct questions and answers will be out here before the exam starts. Chat us on watsapp to get it.

Note: you’re expected to attempt at least 3 questions in the section B and all the questions in section A.

How do I pass NECO Food and Nutrition examination

Have a strong desire to succeed

The food and nutrition 2022 exam is primarily for individuals who are determined to pass with a high score.

Any applicant who has not made up his or her mind to pass the upcoming food and nut exam with an outstanding grade is not ready to pass.

So, stay cheerful and study your books, rather than following your slacker buddies who believe in miracles on exam day.

2. Have self-assurance

Another component that influences a candidate’s performance is self-confidence. Promise yourself that you will do everything by yourself, and everything will be extremely simple for you.

Because of a lack of self-confidence, many pupils cancel the correct answers in order to replicate the incorrect ones. You are the miracle of the day if you study and pray diligently.

Manage your time in the examination hall wisely

It is risky to remain in one question for more than the expected time. For objectives, you should be able to answer all your questions 15 minutes before the exam ends. Use the remaining time to dot your ‘I’s and cross your ‘T’s. In other words, use it to go through your work and make the necessary corrections.

For the essay part of the exam, ensure you do not exceed he proper time for each question. No matter how simple or hard a question would be, don’t dwell much on it.

To be able to manage your time properly, I recommend you go in with a wrist watch. Always allocate time to each question and try to finish it within that period.

Utilize the NECO Food and Nutrition Syllabus 2022

It is extremely important to use the NECO 2021 curriculum as it will help you to cover important topics. Without the Syllabus you will concentrate on unnecessary topics not presented in examinations.

No need going to cover a whole textbook just to pass a particular subject. That would be stressful on your own side. The syllabus are important because all your questions will come from there.

Syllabus gives you area of concentration and also the list of textbooks which you will use to cover those topics.

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