NECO Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Theory and Objectives)

NECO Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2022. I will be showing you NECO Further Maths objective and theory questions for free. You’ll also learn how NECO Sets further mathematical questions and other important NECO examination many more details.

If you are looking for further Mathematics past questions and answers or likely questions and answers, this post is for you.

The objective and essay will be detailed here, and the genuineness of this NECO 2022 Further mathematical solutions for questions have been tested and confirmed with certainty. NECO Further Mathematical answers and questions.

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NECO further Mathematics Questions and Answers

NECO Further Maths Essay and Objective Questions and Answers 2022 (EXPO)

Further mathematics

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Further mathematics Theory Answers

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DISCLAIMER: The questions and answers above are for 2021 WASSCE. The real ones for 2022 will be posted here for free once it’s ready!

2021 Answers.


Further maths answer 1


NECO further Mathematics Answers


No 3


Further mathematics answer 4


NECO further Mathematics answer


NECO runz for further Maths


Further mathematics expo

No 9 continues

No 9 continues


Further maths answer no 10


Given: mass ,m =10kg
Force,F = 40N
Time, t = 0.5secs
Impulse, I = Ft = 40Γ—0.5 = 20Ns


Ft = m(v-u) where u= 0 (at rest)

20 = 10(v-0)
20 = 10v
V = 20/10 = 2m/s
Final speed = 2m/s


Given: u=0 ; v=2m/s ; t=0.5secs

S= 1/2(u+v)t
S= 1/2(0+2)Γ—0.5
S= 0.5 metres
Distance = 1/2 metre or 50cm


No 13


NECO further Mathematics theory


No 14b

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The questions below are not exactly 2022 NECO Further Mathematics questions and answers but likely NECO Further Maths repeated questions and answers.

These questions are strictly for you to see how NECO further mathematics exam will look like.

NOTE: The 2022 NECO Further Mathematics expo will be posted on this page on the day of the NECO Further Mathematics examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.


Further maths possible questions and answers

1. The gradient of a curve is 8x+2 and it passes through (1,3). Find the equation of the curve

A. y = 4x^2 + 2x + 3

B. y = -4x^2 + 2x -3

C. y = 4x^2 – 2x + 3

D. y = 4x^2 + 2x + 3

E. y= 4x^2 – 2x – 3


2. Β Integrate 3x^2 + 4x – 8 with respect to x

A. x^3 + 2x^2 + 8x + k

B. 6x + 4 + k

C. x^3 – 2x^2 + 8x + k

D. x^3 + x^2 – 8x + k

E. x^3 + 2x^2 – 8x + k


Futher Maths OBJ Answers

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Today’s NECO Further Mathematics Objective Answers

(2020 Answers)






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How to pass NECO further Mathematics examination

Now that you have seen how Further maths for 2022 will look like, it is important you also get the necessary tips you need to observe in order to pass your exam very well.

1. Trust yourself

Self-confidence is another factor that affects the performance of a candidate. Promise to do everything by yourself and all will come out very easy.

It is well known that many students cancel the right answers only to copy the wrong ones because they do not have confidence in themselves. You’re a miracle for the day, study and pray hard.

2. Start Early Study

In your life as a student, studying is very important. NECO is a very simple exam for the duration of the study. To study is one thing and to study on time is something completely different.

Do not wait so long before you begin studying for the NECO 2022 Further Maths examination. You really won’t be helped by late preparation. There will be time to review before exams when you begin studying early.

3. Utilize the Further mathematics NECO Syllabus 2022

It is extremely important to use the NECO 2022 curriculum as it will help you to cover important topics. Without the Syllabus you will concentrate on unnecessary subjects not presented in examinations.

No need going to cover a whole textbook just to pass a particular subject. That would be stressful on your own side. The syllabus are important because all your questions will come from there.

Syllabus gives you area of concentration and also the list of textbooks which you will use to cover those topics.

Manage your time in the examination hall wisely

It is risky to remain in one question for more than the expected time. For objectives, you should be able to answer all your questions 15 minutes before the exam ends. Use the remaining time to dot your ‘I’s and cross your ‘T’s. In other words, use it to go through your work and make the necessary corrections.

For the essay part of the exam, ensure you do not exceed he proper time for each question. No matter how simple or hard a question would be, don’t dwell much on it.

To be able to manage your time properly, I recommend you go in with a wrist watch. Always allocate time to each question and try to finish it within that period.

Be timely to the examination venue

During the examinations, punctuality matters. Go early on to the examination site so the brain can do the job. When you rush into the examination hall you will be unstable and susceptible to so many mistakes.

Take the time before you begin to answer an examination question paper. NECO Additional questions and answers on mathematics

If you have any questions and answers concerning the NECO 2022, please let us know in the comment box.

Also read my article on how to pass any kind of exam.

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