NECO Music Questions and Answers 2022/2023 – Theory and Essay

NECO Music Free Questions and Answers 2022. In this article, I will give you free access to this year’s NECO music examination. It includes both the NECO music theory and Objective answers.

NECO music


NECO Music Questions and Answers 2022

Question 1

The Griots of Senegambia are examples of

A. Palace musicians
B. Wandering musicians
C. Cult musicians
D. Village musicians

Question 2

The folk symphony is a nationalistic work by

A. Akin Euba
B. Fela Sowande
C. Bode Omojola
D. Ayo Bankole

Question 3

Special words that are said to have magical effects are referred to as

A. Heaving
B. Whistling
C. Recitative
D. Incantation

Question 4

The song entiled Adara was composed by

A. Weird MC
B. Olu Maintain
C. Sasha
D. Alex

Question 5

The time signature for the tune above is

A. 3/2
B. 2/2
C. 3/4
D. 2/4

Question 6

I call it love is a hit song by
A. Lionel Richie
B. Kelvin Lyttle
C. Steve Wonder
D. Issac Hayes

Question 7

Martellato means
A. Pinched
B. Hammered
C. Blasted
D. Punched

Question 8

The melody in the score above is in the key of

A. D minor
B. G minor
C. D major
D. A major

Question 9

The quality of the triad above is

A. Augmented
B. Minor
C. Diminished
D. Major

Question 10

The triad above is in its

A. Third inversion
B. Second inversion
C. First inversion
D. Root position


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The correct questions and answers will be posted here two hours before exam. Please check back and keep refreshing this page for more answers. To get the correct answers, please contact us on WhatsApp.

Disclaimer: The questions above are not the real NECO questions. They’re music questions for practice and repeated questions. So, you can use it see how this year’s NECO examination will look like.

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