NECO Animal Husbandry Practical Questions, Answers and Specimen 2022/2023 (Complete Solutions)

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NECO animal husbandry Practical

I will also give you the newly approved NECO Animal Husbandry examination specimen and all you need to know about it. Keep read!

NECO Animal Husbandry Practical specimen 2022

  • SPECIMEN A. Horn of cattle
  • SPECIMEN B. Fresh meat (labeled)
  • SPECIMEN C. Honey (labeled)
  • SPECIMEN D. Sickle
  • SPECIMEN E. Feeding trough
  • SPECIMEN F. Watering trough
  • SPECIMEN G. Knife
  • SPECIMEN H. Debeaker
  • SPECIMEN I.  Dehorning saw
  • SPECIMEN J. Groundnut cake
  • SPECIMEN K. Bone meal
  • SPECIMEN L. Elephant grass
  • SPECIMEN M. Calopogonium
  • SPECIMEN N. Fish meal
  • SPECIMEN O. Lantern
  • SPECIMEN P. Tick
  • SPECIMEN Q. Roundworm
  • SPECIMEN R. lice

Who will provide the Practical specimen

Candidates do not have to worry themselves looking for all these items in the specimen. The school under which you are taking your NECO examination will provide them for you.

However, of you can lay hands on any of the items, then you need to get it and start practicing animal husbandry Practical likely questions and answers.


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NECO Animal Husbandry Practical Questions and Answers 2022

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