Moshal Scholarships Application 2022 in South Africa

The Moshal scholarship program 2022 is open to scholars both inside and outside of South Africa who want to further their study.

Moshal Bursary is largely focused on increasing access to higher education in order to make a significant difference in the lives of disadvantaged students, their families, communities, and, hopefully, the rest of the world.

The Moshal Scholarship Program‘s primary goal is to provide financial and moral assistance to ambitious and committed students from tough backgrounds who are pursuing high-quality, sought-after degrees that will lead to successful professions.

Moshal scholarships are built on the four pillars of education, community, soft skills, and values in order to create a spectrum of soft skills and values in our Moshal Scholars that support their transformation into resilient, responsible, and respected persons and professionals.

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What is Moshal scholarships All About

Moshal scholarships program information Martin Moshal, the company’s founder, was born in Durban, South Africa, in 1970. Martin had already put his sights on business while still in school, following a wide range of ideas and interests. The majority of his attempts failed, but that did not deter him.

Martin is convinced that, aside from hard effort, motivation, and a lot of patience, there is no secret formula for success. But there’s also a lot of luck involved. “I was fortunate to be given two things that benefited me more than anything else on the road to success–a decent education and my family’s support and encouragement to believe in myself.”
Martin witnessed firsthand the disparities of South Africa’s educational system while growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. Even today, students from low-income families are denied the opportunity to attend a good university due to their family’s financial situation.

As a result, Martin founded the Moshal Scholarships Program in 2009. “As a businessperson, I believe that education is one of the best investments you can make.” While the scholarships have no financial requirements, Martin actively encourages students to make a difference in the lives of others once they are in a position to do so.

“Pay it forward whenever and whenever you have the opportunity to help others,” he reminds the Moshal Scholars. It does not have to be monetary. It could be in the form of time, counsel, or effort.

To far, the Moshal Scholarship Program has provided scholarships to over 700 Moshal Scholars in Israel, South Africa, and Ukraine, allowing them to attend renowned colleges in their respective countries.

Moshal Scholarships for 2022 in South Africa

The Moshal scholarships program’s goal is to help highly motivated and determined students gain entry to and complete their university education so that they can obtain strong, well-paying employment and better their financial status, as well as that of their families and, hopefully, their communities.

Scholarship awardees become role models for other young people in their community, motivating them to work harder and achieve their goals.

However, the Moshal Program’s ‘contract’ with its scholarships recipients includes the understanding that in exchange for our sponsorship of their university education, they will do everything in their power to get the greatest grades possible.

This program’s scholars are expected to participate in the Moshal community program, meet with our psycho-social coordinators on a regular basis, attend training courses, and attend annual festivities. Students are also encouraged to volunteer occasionally in the Program or in their communities.

The Moshal Scholarships Program is highly personalized. Martin Moshal and the Moshal Scholarships Team take an interest in every individual student and every student’s situation is considered on a case by case basis.

Level of study

The scholarship program is available to students that are to pursue their undergraduate studies in select study areas.

Field of study

The scholarship program is available to students to study a selected range of subjects for the duration of their degrees:

  • engineering
  • IT and computer science
  • medicine and health sciences
  • natural sciences
  • economics
  • law
  • business.

 Host Nationality:

The scholarship is hosted and taken in South Africa.

Eligible Nationality

Moshal scholarship is open to South Africans.

What does the Moshal Scholarships cover?

For students who meet our criteria, the scholarship includes tuition, housing, textbooks, and a living allowance for the duration of their university studies.

Selection Process for the Moshal Scholarships Program

The scholarship selection team looks for evidence of individuals who have actual financial need and who have the aptitude, attitude, and values required for a successful profession and life. This scholarship program is intended to be a last-resort option. We advise students to seek assistance elsewhere if they can.

They do not accept unsolicited applications from students because the selection process is focused on relationships. The Moshal scholarship program collaborates with a variety of organizations (NGOs, schools, municipalities, and so on) in each country that deal with high school students from disadvantaged families, as well as some financial aid offices at the colleges involved.

A referral (shortlist) from one of our partner organizations is combined with personal interviews with a member of the Moshal Team. The final choice is made by our Selection Committee.

Eligibility Criteria For Moshal scholarship

  • Candidates must be accepted (or conditionally accepted) into an undergraduate program supported by the Moshal scholarship at one of the universities where the scholarship is available in each country.
  • The list of academic institutions and other organizations that work with Moshal scholars can be found on the Partners page.
  • Financial need is a significant requirement, and proof of it is necessary both at the outset and on an annual basis. Personal and family situations of students are also taken into account.
  • Beyond these precise criteria, we assess a student’s mindset and ambition to succeed and make a difference, as well as their entering grades, which demonstrate their ability to succeed at university.

How to Apply for Moshal scholarship

Application is yet to begin.
To apply for this scholarship for 2022 in South Africa, applicants are to make their application through this link,  apply now

Closing Date

There is no stated application deadline yet for the Submission of the Moshal Scholarship for 2022, but we shall update you as soon as possible.

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