How to Get New JAMB Novel 2022/2023 For Free

Have you been looking for a way to get the new UTME Book for 2022/2023? If so, you are in the right place. Here, I’ll show you how to get the JAMB novel 2022. I will also give you the PDF so that you can download it.

Some people actually find it easier to read online than reading the hard copy of a work. Some may not have access to the book. For that reason, I decided to make it available for every interested person here online.

The good news here is that you can read the complete JAMB novel here on this website. You can also download the PDF file of each chapter is you wish to. Scroll down to read and download all the chapters.


Please read the following following guidelines and see how you can successfully get the JAMB novel.


Note these before you download the JAMB Text

You can download the new Jamb Text here on SCHOOL ISLE or you can read it online here.

PDF download may not be supported on your device if it is not a smart device like Android, Apple device, tablet, computer, etc.

If you want to download the PDF, ensure you have a PDF reader. I suggest you use Adobe reader. If you don’t have Adobe reader, download it on Google play (for Android phones) or App Store (for apple devices). Alternatively, you can use your WPS app on your Android phone. Sometimes, you can view it using Google drive. In all, ensure you have a PDF reader.

You can read the novel Chapter after chapter on this website and you can also download each of the Chapters separately. So, each chapter I’m going to show you below is also available in PDF.

You may like to read the chapter by chapter summary and JAMB questions. Read them below.

Summary, Likely Questions and Answers for The Life Changer chapter 3

Summary, Possible Questions and Answers for Life Changer chapter 2

How to get the New JAMB novel 2022/2023

How to get JAMB novel

Like I said above, you can read the novel here or download the PDF file.

If you want to read it here, start from

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JAMB Novel for 2022 out?

Yes, the new JAMB novel for 2022 is now out and all UTME candidates are advised to read it.

Is the JAMB book Compulsory for all candidates?

Yes, the new UTME book is compulsory for all the candidates. Each candidate must answers at least, 4 questions from the book. So, it is compulsory.

Where do I get the book?

You can get it from the JAMB registration center after your registration. Once your registration is successful, a copy of the book will be given to you for free.

You can also download the PDF file here online. By clicking on download JAMB Novel.

Way forward

Now that you have the novel, there are crucial steps you need to make in order to increase your chances of scoring high in the use of English.

Firstly, go for the summary, possible questions and answers of the novel. It may interest you to know that the chapter by chapter summary, likely questions and answers are also available in this blog. Read it below.

The Life Changer Summary, Likely Questions and Answers for all chapters.

Ensure you finish the novel. Finishing it is the first step you need to take towards making a high score.

However, it doesn’t just end in reading it. You need to read it with every concentration. As you read, ensure you put down important points in a book.

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