JAMB Result Upgrade 2022 : Is It Real Or Fake?

Do you want to upgrade your 2022 JAMB score? Many people, especially those who scored low in JAMB want to go for JAMB result upgrade.

They want to increase their JAMB score by all means to enable them gain admission into any university of their choice. But, is JAMB result upgrade real or fake? If it is real, where do I increase my score? This page contains all you need to know about JAMB score upgrade.

Can JAMB add more marks to my score?

JAMB Result upgrade

No, the Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB cannot add more marks to your score? The truth is that JAMB marks and gives each JAMB candidate what he or she scores. The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) does not know you in person or whosoever you are related to.

JAMB uses automated technique to mark and give you whatever you have scored.

How can I increase my JAMB score 2022?

No, you cannot increase or decrease your JAMB score. No one has access to that as everything is automated. Even though anyone does, it involves going through the fraudulent way and against the ethics of JAMB. Whatever you score is what you have and nothing more.

However, rumors have been going on concerning JAMB score upgrading. Some justify their stand by saying that money can influence it. Such scenario is very rare as it is almost impossible to increase or decrease your JAMB score.

Is JAMB score upgrade 2022 legit or Scam?

JAMB result upgrade is fake. Don’t be duped by any fraudster. No computer user or even JAMB official can upgrade your JAMB score.

Some websites have been advertising that candidates who scored low should come for UTME result upgrade. Please don’t fall victim of such.

The only thing they do is to edit your JAMB score using MS Word or Corel Draw and give you another fake score which is not even in the JAMB Portal. Don’t allow anyone to edit your result in the name of upgrading your UTME result. It is not real!

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My UTME score is low, what do I do?

If you have a low score in JAMB, I suggest you go for change of course and institution and apply for the course which your score can fetch you.

You can also gain admission without JAMB. It is an opportunity for those who didn’t write JAMB and those who scores low to gain admission.

Finally, you can wait to the next JAMB registration date. It will be coming up soon and it will be announced once it starts.

In preparation for the next JAMB, see how to score high in JAMB to avoid thinking of JAMB result upgrade.

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