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The new JAMB novel, The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli, was not written just for entertainment. It has some moral lessons to dish out to readers. There are so many lessons to draw from the Life Changer. But in this post, I will give you six (6) important lessons drawn from the book.

Before we proceed, if you are a JAMB candidate, I urge you to read this post as it maybe of help even as you answer your questions during JAMB.

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Moral Lessons in the 2022/2023 JAMB novel – The Life Changer

Moral Lessons from the life changer
Important Moral Lessons from The Life Changer

Pride goes before a fall

First, the reality of the saying “pride goes before a fall” is evident in the novel.

Salma showcases pride to a very large extent. Her pride caused her to lose alot. Pride also caused her to go through other misfortunes.

The display of pride starts with her during a conversation with a young lecturer in the University. In the course of the conversation, she talks rudely about the Nigerian lecturers without knowing that the young man with whom she discussed was a lecturer in the university.

Out of pride she refused to date Habib, a rich politician. Instead, she gave her roommate’s number (Tomiwa) to him. Tomiwa ends up dating Habib which causes Salma to become jealous. Finally, she falls back into Habib’s hands when she needed him to influence her expulsion and restore her admission. Habib wanted to have sexual intercourse with her before helping her which Salma gave in to.

The University is a life changer

Ummi first made this statement that university is a life changer. The University can change your life from bad to good or from good to bad depending on your choice.

It can also change you from good to better or from bad to worse. It all depends on one’s choice.

This could be seen in the lights of Salma who wanted to be seen as a high school girl. She also wanted to earn some respect from other girls. This causes her take some crazy decisions in the novel which she finally regrets.

Well, she finally turns a new live and changes from the arrogant type to the nice type.

University is different from what people think it is

Sometimes, people think that the university is a place of enjoyment and absolute freedom. The truth is, yes, the university is a place of freedom but the irony is that your freedom will either make you or mar you.

Salma saw the university as a place she can do anything since she is not under the control of anyone. But we see that her life later turned miserable.

Self-discipline is a powerful key to a successful university life

University students are always overwhelmed with the needs and wants of university life. Everyone wants to feel among thereby joining what every other persons do, of which some are illegal. This simply means that when the repercussions of those illegal activities arise it will affect all those who engaged in it.

To avoid getting into some troubles, you need self-discipline to overcome.

Social media platforms are quite unreal

Most times, the way things appear on social media platforms is not the way they are. At the same time, it can endanger one’s life.

Without any doubt, social media has caused some people to lose their lives, property and loved ones.

Well, social media is now the major means of communication but we all need to be careful.

One of the disadvantages of social media was displayed in the book using Salim. He was tricked by a girl he met online. The day he went to visit the girl, he was almost robbed of everything he had.

Salim meets another girl on social media whom he thinks she is as beautiful as she looks on her profile picture. Salim meets the girl and sees she’s ugly.

Past events are meant for the present and future generations to learn from

Ummi, the narrator, understands how important it is to tell her children a story of her past experiences in school.

She also told a story of the ugly experiences of Salma, Talle and others. She wants them to make better choices by learning from others’ experiences.

Anyway, the main factor that prompted the story telling was Omar’s admission. She doesn’t want Omar to see the university as a place of total freedom, forgetting the main business of the day. She wanted Omar and other children to learn.

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