Chapter Four Summary, Possible Questions and Answers for The Life Changer – JAMB novel

Welcome to the summary, possible questions and answers for the chapter 4 of The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. Your JAMB questions may come from any of the chapters. For that reason, it is important for you to see the likely questions and also the answers.

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For better understanding, I also decided to include the summary of chapter four. At least, the summary will be a better eye opener.


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JAMB Novel Complete summary, Likely questions and answers

The Life Changer Chapter 4 Summary – JAMB

This chapter starts with Salma who came to do her registration and doubtless in her prime.

In this chapter we saw when salma came across Doctor Dabo who was described as a highly disciplined lecturer in the University.  Almost all the students respected him and his major rule stands that students are not allowed to come into the lecture room before him.

This chapter also talks about the experience Salma faced while registering. The registration was successful anyway. She joins other three girls in a room. She didn’t like them at first but she later became so friendly with them such that they formed a strong sisterhood relationship. The names of Salma’s roommates are: Tomiwa from the west, specifically from Ibadan, Ngozi from Umunze in Imo State and Ada from Benue State or Middle Belt. Salma herself came from the North.

Initially Salma did not want to stay in the hostel not because the hostel wasn’t beautiful or the ladies weren’t sophisticated ladies or happening babes as commonly used. But one thing she didn’t like about the room she was allocated was the composition of her roommate.

Salma and her roommate never really fought rather they stayed together as sisters

In another development, we see the happenings between Salma and Habib.  Labaran, Habib’s driver is also among. On a faithful day Salma went out with Habib an honourable, as descrubed in the book. they so much talked on issue partianing their lives. When it was time for Salma to take her leave, the honourable gave her lots of expensive gifts, money and provisions. He also told her to share some with her friends which Salma did.

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JAMB Novel possible questions and answers for chapter 4

1. How old was salma when she came for registration?

Answer: She was barely twenty years old then?

2. Who is doctor Dabo?

Answer: He is a desciplined lecturer in the University.

3. What are the names of salma’s roommate?

Answer: Ada, Ngozi and Tomiwa.

4. How many were salma’s roommates and from which states are they from?

Answer: Salma has 3 roommates and they are: Tomiwa from the West, Ngozi from Imo state, Ada from Benue state.

5. Why was Salma specktical about choice of roommates?

Answer: she thought they will not be compatible since they came from different background

6. Which University did Ummi attend?

Answer: Ahmadu Bello University

7. What is the acronym for Ahmadu bello University?

Answer: ABU

8. How many hours does it take from Oyo State to Ahmadu bello University?

Answer: It takes less than eight hours according to the novel.

9. Why was Salma hostel very popular?

Answer: Salma’s hostel was famous for having the most beautiful girls on campus. The ladies often referred to themselves as “happening babes”.

10. What car were Labaran and Habib driving?

Answer: The young men were driving a Mercedes Benz.

11. Why was Dr. Dabo afraid after Salma left his office?

Answer: Dr. Dabo feared Salma wouldn’t report him to the school authorities and that would tarnish his reputation which he had worked hard to build.

12. What is the name of Salma hostel?

Answer: Salma’s hostel was called Queen Amina hall.

13. How did Dr Dabo feel about Salma?

Answer: Dr. Dabo was instantly attracted to Salma the moment he laid eyes on her.

14. Who are Habib and Labaran?

Answer: Habib and Labaran are the young men who offered to give Salma a ride in their car.

15. What special delicacy did Tomiwa offer her friends?

Answer: Tomiwa sometimes prepared snail for her roommates and they enjoyed having it.

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