Chapter 7: The Life Changer Summary, Questions and Answers

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The Life Changer Chapter 7 summary

The Life Changer chapter 7 summary
The Life Changer Chapter 7 summary, possible questions and answers.

Chapter seven reveals Salma’s encounter with Habib as she falls back into his hands.

Salma, after being expelled, went to Habib to help her influence the examination committee to restore her admission using his influence as a rich politician.

Habib agrees to help and wants to go through a lecturer called Dr. Debo. Due to the previous experience of Salma with Dr. Debo she declines the idea and suggests ‘bribe’ as a means of penetration.

Well, maybe her suggestion was as a result of her view of the Nigerian lecturers as she formerly described them. She describes them as corrupt people who could be bribed with as little amount as 2000 to 3000 Naira. She feels the idea of bribe will work.

Habib accepts to give her some money for the bribe but she will pay back in kind. In other words, she would have to sleep with Habib as a way of paying back the money.

Salma hesitates to give in to that as she already had sexual intercourse with Labaran, Habib’s driver. She sees it as an awful thing to sleep with her boyfriend’s man.

Salma gives in to the request of Habib. Habib gives her some money to give to the chairman of Examination Ethics Committee (EMEC).

Unfortunately, Salma is robbed of the money in a milled way. She mistakenly gives the money to Dr. Kabir who fraudulently misrepresents himself to be the chairman of Examination Ethics Committee (EMEC).

The Life Changer Likely Questions and Answers – Chapter 7

1. Who is Habib?

Answer: Habib is a rich politician who formerly asked Salma out but Salma turned down his proposal.

2. Why did Salma go to Habib?

Answer: Salma wanted Habib to influence the Examination Ethics Committee (EMEC) with his political influence to restore her admission.

3. What is the name of the lecturer through whom Habib wants to influence the committee?

Answer: Dr. Debo

4. Why did Salma reject the option of going through Dr. Debo?

Answer: Because of Salma’s past experience with Dr. Debo.

5. What suggestion did Salma proffer after refusing to go through Dr. Debo?

Answer: She suggests ‘bribing‘.

6. To whom did Salma and Habib plan to give the bribe?

Answer: The chairman of Examination Ethics Committee.

7. Who presents himself as the chairman of Examination Ethics Committee?

Answer: Dr. Kabir

8. Dr. Kabir was actually the chairman of Examination Ethics Committee. True or false?

Answer: False.

9. What does EMEC stand for according to the passage?

Answer: EMEC stands for Examination Ethics Committee.

10. Why do you think Salma suggested bribing as a way of influencing the committee’s decision?

Answer: Because she sees the lecturers as a set of corrupt beings who are ready to accept bribes.

11. Habib gave Salma some money for the bribe. What does Habib want from Salma in return?

Answer: Habib wants to have sex with Salma as a means of getting back his money.

12. Why did Salma hesitate before giving in to the demand of Habib?

Answer: Because she thinks it is unfair to have sex with her boyfriend’s man.

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Lesson from this chapter

This chapter supports the proverb which says “what goes around comes around” which means that if one treats others badly, he/she will also be treated badly.

Salma treated Habib badly and tricked him by giving him Tomiwa’s mobile number instead of hers.

Now, Salma gets back into Habib’s hands. She wants Habib to help her restore her admission. Habib gets what he wants by demanding sex from her before helping her. At that spot, Salma had no other choice than to give in to it.

Always be good to others as you may need them someday.

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