The Life Changer chapter 3 Summary, Likely Questions and Answers

Welcome to the summary, possible questions and answers for the life changer chapter 3. Here, you will see some questions which may come out during JAMB. If you have not read the book, I recommend you read the complete novel here.

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The Life Changer Chapter three summary

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The Life changer chapter three summary
The Life changer chapter three summary

Ummi still telling here story, she tells her children about a man called Talle who lived in a small community called Lafayette. He was called Talle because shortly after his birth his mother died. He was barely twenty (20) years old when he lost both his father and stepmother in a car accident. Talle was best described as “the silent one“.

His silence came as a result of the lonely life which he lived after losing his guardians. He lived a quiet and good life such that everyone in the village knew him not to be a troublesome type.

Talle managed a job as a driver in a local government office. In fact, he was an obedient and well behaved person.

One day, Talle needed some money badly. He confides in a man called Zaki. Zaki gave the suggestion of kidnapping a boy and asking for ransom. In other words, Zaki suggested that he and Talle should kidnap a boy and request that some money be paid to them before they release him. The abduction (kidnapping) was successful and they got some money.

Talle buys some items from the market for his groceries. The market woman notices an increase in the quantity of items requested by Talle. It’s double of what he requests. This caused the market woman to report to the district Hakimi (district head).

During investigation by the District Hakimi, the police rampaged the place and arrested Talle as a suspect. Later, Zaki was arrested and both were sentenced to some years of imprisonment for kidnapping and extortion.


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Likely Questions and answers for chapter 3

JAMB Novel likely questions and answers

Questions and answers for chapter 3

1. Were Ummi’s children interested in the story their mother (Ummi) was telling them?

Answer: they were very much interested as she could sense they wanted asking a thousand and one questions.

2. How did Ummi feel when she learned the good relationship between her husband and her HOD?

Answer: She felt like apologizing though she wanted her husband to do that on her behalf.

3. What is the name of Talle’s community?

Answer: Lafayette

4. Why was he called Talle?

Answer: He was called so because shortly after his birth his mother died.

5. Talle was known for what?

Answer: He was known for obedience and hardwork.

6. Which work does Talle do?

Answer: He works as a driver in a local government office.

7. Why was he summoned by the Hakimi?

Answer: He was suspected for criminal activity in the community especially in regards to the abduction of Alhaji Adamu’s son.

8. Why was the police present in the community?

Answer: they came to arrest Talle.

9. What crime was Talle arrested for?

Answer: kidnapping and extortion.

10. EMAL in the novel means?

Answer: Examination Malpractice.

11. Talle was described as ______ in the novel?

Answer: the silent one.

12. What is the district head of Lafayette community called.

Answer: Hakimi

13. Another words which you can use to represent “abduction” as used in the novel is ______?

Answer: Kidnapping

14. How did Talle’s lose his parents?

Answer: Talle lost his dad and step mom in a car accident.

15. How long was the young boy held captive in Talle’s house? 

Answer: The young boy was held captive in Talle’s house for a week before the police freed him.


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