The Life Changer chapter 2 Summary, Possible Questions and Answers

This post gives you The Life Changer Summary for chapter 2 including it’s possible questions and answers. For better understanding, it is important you read the complete JAMB novel before reading the summary and answering the questions.

But if you don’t want to read it, it’s still fine as you can pass without reading the novel. But, don’t expect to score very high in the use of English.

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Like I mentioned above, you have the chapter two summary, questions and answers here. You can also read chapter two of this novel before coming back to answer the questions.


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The Life Changer summary for Chapter two

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The Life changer chapter two summary
The Life changer chapter two summary

Ummi tells her children a story of her university experiences 20 years ago when she got admission in to the university. She gained admission to study 20 years ago but she got married to her husband even before her registration. These were the things she talked about in her story.

Ummi discloses the mode of life – freedom and carefree life of students in the university. She also tells how difficult it is to distinguish between students and lecturers as they almost look the same. Ummi further disclosed the dress code for different departments. Law students were mandated to always put on white shirt with black trouser while some girls dressed half-naked.

As Ummi narrated her story, she mentioned her experiences with Salma, a girl involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

Salma goes for her registration much later than everyone else but expresses dissatisfaction, discomfort and irritation towards the delay in the registration process.

While Salma stands in the queue, the lecturer in charge of the the registration  interrogated her. He continuously engaged Salma in an interesting conversation. Salma, in the course of the interrogation criticizes and over generalizes her opinions about lecturers. Salma does not only create a similarity between lectures and policemen as personalities that can be bribed, she also displayed her pride by telling the young man about her ability to win the lecturer’s favour by just giving him as low as two or three thousand naira (2k or 3k). Salma also added that, if you are a boy the lecturers ask you for money, and if you are a girl they ask you for a date. She described the lecturers as bad as that.

In this arrogance of Salma, she does not know that that the young man who interrogates her is the lecturer in charge of the registration she came for. This made everyone in the queue to be surprised although she acted in ignorance.

Ummi continuous with to her departmental registration. She is directed to the office Samuel Johnson who is the HOD office of her department. The HOD (Head of Department) exchanges  endearing pleasantries with Ummi but she finds the pleasantry rather discomforting. The HOD exchanged pleasantries with her in such manner because he knows Ummi’s husband very well. In fact, he (HOD) had a hand in Ummi’s admission.

Ummi assumes the HOD is trying to make passes at her. Although, the HOD didn’t mean to make passes at her. Ummi manages to accommodate this just to get her matriculation number which is popularly known as reg. Number. Ummi gets her matriculation number but leaves the office angry due to the actions of the HOD. Her matriculation number is UG0001.

Immediately she got home, she told her husband about her experience with Samuel Johnson, her department’s HOD. To her astonishment, her husband and the HOD are very good friends.

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Possible questions and answers – JAMB novel chapter two

JAMB Novel likely questions and answers
JAMB Novel likely questions and answers

1. At which time did Ummi get married?

Answer: she got married to her husband before she started her registration.

2. Which department dresses separately from others on campus?

answer: faculty of law. They put on black trouser with white shirt.

3. How was Salam described in the novel?

Answer: Salma is a fair complexed girl, tall, slim and rather busy.

4. What was salma complaining of during her registration?

Answer: She complained about the delay in the registration processes.

5. What was Ummi doing with her children outside, under the mango tree?

Answer: she was telling them the experiences she faced when she got admission in to the university.

6. What other word can you use to replace claustrophobic as used in the novel?

Answer: confined, confining, stifling, suffocating, airless, oppressive, packed, pinched, tight.

7. who is Samuel Johnson?

Answer: he is a HOD, and also in charge of giving matric numbers to new students.

8. What was Ummi thinking while she was with the HOD?

Answer: she thought he was making passes at her.

9. Why was Ummi telling her children story while they were outside?

Answer: she wanted her children to know the challenges faced in the higher institution and to learn from it.

10. Which tribe was the HOD from?

Answer: he is a Yoruba man

11. What was Ummi’s matriculation number?

Answer: Ummi’s matriculation number was UG0001.

12. What is the full name of the story teller?

Answer: Ummi Ahmad

End of The Life Changer chapter 2 Summary.

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