How to Write JAMB Once and Get a High Score

Some students keep bothering themselves with different thoughts concerning their JAMB and how to pass. Some ask too many questions possibly because it’s their first time or that they have written too many times without making it.

Sometimes, you will actually notice you are afraid. All I have to tell you is congratulations! Because you are in the right place where you will get effective secrets on how to score very high in JAMB.

Before I proceed, let me add that you have not been doing very well in JAMB because there are things you have not been doing. In the same way, you may not also do well in the forth coming JAMB because you may fail to do same thing. But, don’t worry, I’ll address that issue here and tell you all you need to be doing.

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Furthermore, in a case where your dream course is competitive (especially professional courses), you need to put more effort to make it. In order to score higher than other competitors of the course, you have to apply these tips which I will expose to you here and you will get a better result. Good luck!

10 Tips to Pass Jamb JAMB High Score

Get these tips and see a difference in your JAMB score.

Kill the fear and doubts in you

The first thing that hits a JAMB candidate is fear or doubt. You begin to ask yourself “can I make it?” This question may come in because you think you are dull or that your intending course is hard to get. Sometimes such question comes in when you consider your choice of institution. The best thing to do here is to get rid of the fear or doubt. Always believe that you can do it!

You need to build confidence within yourself. The truth is, once you begin to doubt your ability to do something, your brain works towards that notion and that will make you not to put all the necessary efforts you need in achieving that particular goal and it will definitely land you to non-achievement of your goal.

However, do not mistake over confidence for self confidence. Over confidence can bring a surprising failure on a man. It makes you think you know a particular thing when actually you do not know it. So, as you deal with your fears and building your confidence, don’t get over confident.

Go for your dream course | How to score high in JAMB

Your passion for a course will also help you do well in JAMB. When you do not have passion for a particular course, you may not study very well for it during JAMB exam.

The subject combination matters. Any course you choose determines what you will write in your JAMB. Your passion for a course helps you study those subjects better.

Sometimes, it appears that the subjects we combined are very hard and may demoralize you from reading them. One trick against that is to start liking and giving more time to each of the subjects.

Set a goal – What score do you want to get?

This is one of the first things to do. Tell yourself the score you want to get. Or, you can write it down somewhere and work towards it. Don’t set your goals doubtfully. Set it with belief and confidence that you can attain it. After that, begin to work it out.

Look out for JAMB Syllabus

JAMB Syllabus gives you a comprehensive list of all the topics you need to read in preparation for your JAMB. You need to cover most or all the topics.

One of the best ways to cover a whole Syllable without stress is to start on time. Read it slow but steady if you can’t read all of them at once.

IMPORTANT: For those writing government, some of the topics in JAMB government Syllabus are covered on this website. So, all you have to do is to search your topics using the search bar and read them here.

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Study without ceasing | How to Pass JAMB

Study without ceasing! This is one of the most effective keys. Some people can study once and get everything upstairs while others have to study it for a good number of times before it sticks very well.

I want to reveal an observation I made few years ago and I’ve come to know that it’s really true. I observed two classes of persons –

  • People that read once and understand.
  • People that read more than once before they understand.

I observed that those who read more than ones to understand perform better as they study over and over again. Each time they study, they gain a new things and also refresh the old ones they already have. This simply means that if those who read ones can study over and over again, they can also do better. Therefore, consistent study of your subjects will give you the major helping hand and enable you pass your JAMB with a high score.

Make use of the JAMB past questions | How to Pass JAMB

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It is evident that some past questions appear in JAMB questions. Let me say about 40% of it. If you are lucky, you may have many of those past questions. For that reason, it is important you watch out for JAMB past questions and answers. You can download the PDF.

You can also download the JAMB CBT software which will enable you practice those questions using your phone and computer.

Relax or sleep after reading

Relaxation after reading is important. As you relax, your brain also relaxes. I mostly recommend that you sleep after reading. Sleep is a complete rest and while sleeping your brain is actually getting a complete rest.

No doubts that the brain seems fresh after sleeping. That is why you tend to have much strength, both mentally and otherwise, in the morning if only you had a good night sleep.

Remove your mind from any form of examination malpractice

Once you put your mind in malpractice, you will not or hardly read. Remember that examination malpractice, especially in JAMB, may fail you as you may get wrong answers to questions. Also remember that anyone caught in the act will go to jail. Therefore, to be on the safe side, be natural in all you do.

Answer your questions smartly

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While you answer your questions, answer the ones you know first. Once a question appears on your screen and you do not know the answer, move to the next one immediately. The system will show you the unanswered questions. So, you can always come back to those questions later to read and understand them better which will enable you tick the correct answers.

More so, answer questions and remember your time. Always be mindful of your time. Try to finish at least 20 minutes before the end of your exam. Use 17 minutes to cross check your answers and make the necessary corrections. Submit your answers immediately before the exam ends. However, ones your time is up, it will automatically submit but it’s always better you do it yourself.

God factor – Put Him first

In all you do, don’t forget your creator. You may be surprised to see more or less than you expect. That is why you need Him. Pray and believe it will work in your favor.

Conclusion | How to Pass JAMB

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Finally, if you really want to be among the list of highest scorers in UTME, don’t doubt any of the steps you have taken towards achieving a high JAMB score and subsequently getting your admission. Accept that all went exactly the way it was planned and you will get a better result.

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