WAEC Biology Questions and Answers OBJ/Essay PDF 2022/2023

WAEC Biology Questions and Answers OBJ/Essay PDF 2022/2022 Is Out We’ve here to provide accurate WAEC biology 2022 questions and answers. Get the most up-to-date WAEC Biology Expo here, along with practice questions and answers from previous years’ exams

WAEC Biology Questions and Answers OBJ/Essay PDF 2021/2022 Is Ou

This post will provide you with reliable WAEC 2022 Biology question Answers obj/essay that will assist you in passing your examinations. Every achievement has a secret, and here is the secret to passing your WAEC biology exam. Candidates who want to get an A1 in Biology when the WAEC results are released should follow the instructions given.

Most WAEC Science candidates find Biology to be cumbersome and tough; however, this article will show you how to solve WAEC Biology Questions Paper 1 and 2 to reach the current Biology Marking Scheme’s standard.

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2022 WAEC Biology Questions and Answers OBJ/Essay PDF

Find strategies to evaluate yourself and identify your weak points before taking the WAEC exam to ensure you’re truly prepared. Get the WAEC biology questions and answers listed below and study them.

In general, earning a good grade entails getting the highest overall percentage on all of your examinations. Exam points are usually the most difficult to obtain, so make sure you get all of the easy — or at least less difficult — points right.

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There are two sections to the 2022 WAEC biology questions and answers (A & B). Whereas A normally consists of objectives with up to 60 questions, B always consists of 6 to 7 essay questions.

Previous WAEC biology questions and answers are included below.

1. Because of this, a cell is a functional unit of living organisms.

  • A.Cells make up multicellular creatures
  • B. In a multicellular organism, all cells act as a single cell.
  • C. A multicellular organism’s function is the sum of the functions of its constituent cells.
  • D. a single cell’s function is superior to that of a multicellular organism
  • E. A multicellular organism’s cells have a similar structure.

A is the correct answer (multicellular organisms are made up of cells)

2 The organelle that removes water from protozoa’s body is

  • A membrane of the plasma
  • B The contractile vacuous contractile vacuole) is a type of VA
  • cell wall (C)
  • The protoplasm of D.
  • the nucleus of E.

B IS THE ANSWER ( contractile vacuole )

2022 Questions for Practice at the WAEC Biology Expo

1.Which of the following statements about symbiosis is false?

  • A) Symbionts must be living;
  • B) It is a ‘give and take relationship; and
  • C) It may involve two plants.
  • D) A symbiotic relationship between two closely related species
  • E) Symbionts help each other

2.A person who can donate blood to anyone else must have the blood group.

  • A) O
  • B) AB
  • C) B)
  • D) A)
  • E) none of the aforementioned

3.If a food test yields a positive result using Benedict’s method, the meal includes

  • A is for sugar, and
  • B is for protein.
  • C) oil
  • D) fat
  • E) cellulose

4.An interesting feature regarding sickle cell illness is that it affects both men and women.

  • A) only affects black people
    B) causes the patient’s death
    D) impacts blood cells
  • C) is inherited
    E) causes the patient’s health to deteriorate.

5.Nitrification refers to the following processes:

  • A) converting nitrates to nitrogen;
  • B) fixing nitrogen in plants;
  • C) converting nitrates to nitrites;
  • D) converting ammonia to nitrites then nitrates; and
  • E) the nitrogen cycle.

6.Which of the following assertions about menstruation is NOT correct?

  • A) It occurs every month
  • B) The discharge contains amniotic fluid
  • C) It indicates that there has been no conception
  • D) It involves the uterine lining
  • E) It may induce aches

7. connecting fiber is the tissue that links a muscle to a bone.

  • A) cartilage
  • B) muscle fiber
  • C) tendon
  • D) ligament
  • E) connecting fiber

8. numerous fruit is created from a single flower with several free carpels.

  • A. numerous fruit
  • B) a dehiscent, dry fruit
    C) an indehiscent, dry fruit
    D) a straightforward fruit
    E) a group of fruits

9.When the anthers of a flower mature before the stigma, the condition is known as anthocyanin deficiency.

  • A) epigyne
  • B) phylogeny
  • C) protogyny
  • D) protandry
  • E. Perigyny is a type of perigyny that occurs when a woman

Questions and Answers for WAEC Biology Essay 2022

Here are some examples of previous essay questions:

[Essay] Section B

In this part, answer any FOUR of the questions.

Fill out the answer booklet with your responses.

(a) Describe the stomach’s role in digesting in a few words.

  • (I) illness;
  • (ii) Symptoms of diseases

(b) I Identify two physical and two chemical hurdles that impede you from achieving your goal.

microorganisms from infiltrating an organism’s body.

(ii) Describe how vaccinations protect the body against disease.

Infectious diseases are a type of infection.

(c) Recognize the difference between an antibody and an antigen.

(d) Identify the causative agents of the following diseases:

  • (I) Malaria;
  • (ii) Cholera;
  • (iii) AIDS.

What is the definition of respiration?
(ii) List four differences between gaseous exchange and liquid exchange in a table.

in addition to aerobic respiration

(I) Define the word “residual air.”

(ii) What role does residual airplay in mammals?

(iii) Describe four characteristics of respiratory health.


(c) What is the definition of oxygen debt?

(ii) Describe three activities that can lead to oxygen deficiency.

(a) What is the definition of conservation?

(ii) Identify six causes that have contributed to the decrease in abundance.

a wide range of wildlife

(b) Describe six ways the government may help to improve the situation.

above, in 5 (a) (ii).

WhatIss Eutrophication? (c) What Is Eutrophication?

(ii) Describe two different types of eutrophication.

(a) What is photosynthesis and how does it work?

Liste there are four external aspects to consider;

(ii) two intrinsic components that influence photosynthetic rates.

(a) I Make a list of the most important products of the light-dependent stage of


(ii) Explain the significance of each of the 6(c) products (i)


Our 2022 WAEC biology questions and answers came from the appropriate spot, and there is a match with the WAEC biology questions and answers, thus we can state that the questions for this year’s WAEC biology examinations are based on last year’s questions.

As you can see, the waec biology questions and answers are not as challenging as many applicants who have been studying day after day had anticipated.

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