WAEC Data Processing Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Objectives and Theory)

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WAEC Data processing examination

It’s pointless to wait for the WAEC Data Processing Expo. You have an extremely slim chance of knowing the answers. The correct answers to WASSCE Data Processing Questions 2022 are shown here.

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Data processing


Today’s OBJ 2022 Answers


Today’s Data Processing Essay Answers

(i)Disk formatting is the configuring process of a data storage media such as a hard disk drive, floppy disk or flash drive for initial usage.

(ii) Data backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

(iii) Virus scans: this is the process where antivirus search through your system to locate and remove any malicious threats on your device.

1b. Uses of ATM (choose 4)

(i) it is used for intra bank transfer
(ii) it is used for inter bank transfers
(iii) it is used to check account balance
(iv) it is used for printing of mini statement of account
(v) it is used for bank withdrawal


-Analog computer system is the very old computer system which operates on the mathematical variables in the form of continuously changeable physical quantities/entities like mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc. They use continuous values rather than discrete values so they work on analog signal. At the time of at the time of the 1950s–1960s these analog computers were first used. Analog computers are limited in accepting the problems and also they can never be extremely accurate.

-Digital computers are the computer systems/machines which uses the binary number system, which has two digits: 0 and 1 and performs many computational tasks. It processes the data represented in discrete and the main three components of digital computers are input, processing and output. The first digital computer was designed for numerical computations in the late 1940s. Digital computers give results with more accuracy as it is not dependent upon physical quantities for processing a task.

(i) On the Basis of Size and Capacity, [Supercomputer, Mainframe, Mini, and Micro Computer].
(ii) On the Basis of Purposes, [General and Special Purpose].
(iii) On the Basis of Hardware Design and Type [Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Computer].

Data processing



(i) Analog computers works with continuous values or these types of systems process continuous data.
(ii) Analog computer has very low or limited memory and it can store less amount of data.


(i) Digital computers works with discrete values or these types of systems process discrete data.
(ii) Digital computer has very big memory it can store large amount of data.

(I) Access to information: Increase in access to information and services that has accompanied the growth of the Internet. Some of the positive aspects of this increased access are better, and often cheaper, communications, such as VoIP phone and Instant Messaging.

(ii) New tools, new opportunities: ICT gives access to new tools that did not previously exist: digital cameras, photo-editing software and high quality printers, screen magnification or screen reading software enables partially sighted or blind people to work with ordinary text rather than Braille.

(iii) Communication: Cost savings by using e.g. VoIP instead of normal telephone, email / messaging instead of post, video conferencing instead of traveling to meetings, e-commerce web sites instead of sales catalogues. Access to larger, even worldwide, markets.

(i) Guided Media
(ii) Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)

Data processing

(i)Insert the flash drive into a USB port on your computer.

(ii)With your Microsoft Word document open, click the “File” tab and select “Save As.”

(iii)Click the “Save In” drop-down menu at the top of the Save As dialog box.

(iv)Navigate to and click the flash drive. The flash drive is typically drive letter “E” or “F.”

(v)Type the name of your document into the File Name field and click “Save” to save the file to the flash drive.

(i)Choose Start Documents.

(ii)Click the New Folder button in the command bar.


(iv)Press the Enter key to make the new name stick.

(v)With your document open, click File > Save As.

(vi)Under Save As, select where you want to create your new folder.

(vii)In the Save As dialog box that opens, click New Folder.

(viii)Type STUDENTS_ASSIGNMENT, and press Enter.

(ix)Click Save.

(i)Fingerprint. …
(ii)Facial Recognition. …


(i)RCA (Stereo audio output)

(i)Finger print

Difference is that to access that on internet an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a router to connect to the ISP while it is not needed for that of storage

Biometric recognition creates a specific link between an individual and a data record.

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Data processing Past questions below

A function is a predefine formula that perform calculates using specific value in orderly manner

(i)Date and time
(ii)Statistics and test

A cell referencing in Excel refers to the value of a different cell or cell range on the current worksheet or a different worksheet within the spreadsheet.


(i)Relative. =A1+B1


Photocopy machine
Computer system

(i)Ms Excel
(ii)Ms word




Press Ctrl + , (comma) while nothing is selected (i.e select Pick tool and click on blank place and then press CTRL+, and then you have permanetly set up default angle to “0”).

Align Right: R.
Align Left: L.
Align Center Vertically: C.
Align Center Horizontally: E.

Hold down the Ctrl + Home keys together as following screenshot shown, the cursor will be jump to the cell A1 from anywhere of the worksheet.

It tells google or any search engine to find the exact format



(I)Easy to access
(II)Easy it to retrieve
(lII)efficient maintenance

(I)Financial difficulties
(II)spellings and handwriting skills
(II)technical problem

(i)It warms you up: Air conditioning is useful over the winter months too, it cools you down in the summer but multi-function systems keep you warmer during the cold snaps as well.

(ii)It improves air quality: Run air conditioning systems and they filter particles from the air which can harmful to human health.

(i)To Prevent Loss of Data
(ii)To Save Time and peace of mind


The steps the secretary would take to displace the number for f words
– He would go to menu bar
– Click on reference
– Then click on view menu
– Then click on document summary
– This would display number of words lines of text number of pages and number of paragraphs

– The secretary will open the two documents
– The secretary will click on the menu bar
– The point to view with the mouse pointer
– Then click on cascade the windows
– The two windows will display simultaneously

– Go to menu bar
– Click on file menu
– Click on document directory
– The right click on the file that has the document you want to protect
– Then click on password protect


-Start by opening a “Blank presentation” in PowerPoint.
-Select the “Title Slide” option.
-Type in your title and subtitle.
-Select a background for the entire presentation.
-Add new slides.
-Set the transitions for your slides.

In PowerPoint you can add or remove automatic slide numbers, hide numbering on the title slide, and move slide numbers. You can also add the date and time to slides.

-On the Insert tab, select Slide Number.
-shows the slide number button on the ribbon in PowerPoint
-On the Slide tab, check the Slide number box.
-Show header and footer dialog in PowerPoint

-Click Header & Footer in the Text group.
-In the resulting dialog, click the Footer option and click Apply To All. You can add the footer to individual slides or a group of slides, rather than all-it just depends on your needs.


Select the Column —-> click —-> (write your name ) —-> click on second column to create your profile.

Click start —-> select quick
Access toolbar —-> Click the slide show —-> view the command from the bottom or side to show —-> preview —-> click on escape or ESC



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WAEC Data Processing Objective Questions 2022

The Objectives questions will be given to you to choose the right option, kindly check and read the questions well before attempting the questions.

1. The first generation computers made use of
A. low level programming language.
B. high level programming language.
C. object-oriented programming language.
D. procedural programming language.

2. Microprocessor was used as the main electronic component of the
A. first generation computers.
B. second generation Computers.
C. third generation computers.
D. fourth generation computers.

3. The act of producing information from figures, text or images is called data
A. collation.
B. conversion
C. preparation.
D. processing.

4. The following are primary sources of information except
A. questienaire
B. publication
C. observation
D. interview.

5. Which of the following factors is not considered when classifying computers?
A. Size
B. Type
C. Location
D. Purpose

6. Which of these channels would enable business transactions between a buyer from Nigeria and a seller from Ghana?
A. e-portal
B. e-library
C. e-commeree
D. podcasting

7. The ICT application which helps to resolve road congestion at junctions is
A. automatic teller machine.
B. automatic traffic marshal.
C. street light.
D. traffic light.

8. The main components of the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer are.
A. register and memory.
B. control unit and register.
C. control unit and At t
D. ALUartdBUS.

9. Stages in data processing cycle include the following except data
A. collation.
B. gathering.
C. parsing.
D. processing.

10. At what stage of information processing is data validation carried out?
A. Data analysis
B. Data collection
C. Data processing
D. Data summarization

11. The media which enable electromagnetic signals to be transmitted through free space is known as
A. unguided media.
B. intranet.
C. guided media.
D. ethemet.

12. Information that stimulates both the senses of hearing and sight is called
A. audio information.
B. audio-visual information.
C. video information.
D. visual information.

13. The following are advantages of networking except
A. spamming.
B. sharing of resources.
C. communication.
D. backup.

14. Which of the following devices would not transmit signals from one point to another?

A. Telephone line
B. Modem
C. Fibre optics
D. Coaxial cable

15. Another term for Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is
A. website address.
B. IP address
D. data link

WAEC 2022 Data Processing Theory Questions

WAEC Data Processing Past Questions for practice. Below are the repeated WAEC Data Processing Essay questions. Go through them and get prepared for the upcoming WAEC examination.

1. (a) (i) What is data model?
(ii) State three types of data model.

(b) (i) List three approaches to data modelling.
(ii) Explain any. one approach listed in l(b)(t).

2.(a) Vera, a secretary tonthe manager of her organization is saddled with the responsibility of typing a confidential report. She is also instructed to insert the word. “CONFIDENTIAL” diagonally in the background of every page of the report.

(i) State the most suitable application software needed by Vera to produce the report.
(ii) What feature of the application software can be used to insert the word “CONFIDENTIAL ” as instructed?
(iii) Mention one measure that can be taken to ensure the confidentiality of the soft copy of the report on the computer.

(b) Explain the following terms:
(i) icon
(ii) browser

3. (a) Outline the steps involved in printing the first five pages of a Word document from the print dialog box on a computer with two printers installed.

(b) Sadiq complained that a pop-up usually appears on the screen of his personal computer thereby disturbing him while using the computer.
(i) What is the possible cause of the pop-up?
(ii) State a possible source of the element causing the pop-up.
(iii) What measure would be necessary to stop the pop-up from reoccurring?

(c) Mr. Aneke is billed to address a large audience in an auditorium.
(i) What computer application package is suitable to prepare and deliver his speech?
(ii) State the output device that can be used to transmit Mr. Aneke’s speech note from his computer to a large screen in the auditorium.

(d) Give two types of computer network.

The above questions and answers are not exactly the WAEC questions. They are past Questions meant to equip you and get you ready to make all WAEC papers.

WAEC Data processing practical questions and answers

The Practical Questions will be posted as soon as it is out. Keep checking and refreshing this post for more answers.

Data processing Practical answers loading…

NOTE: The Data processing practical examination is always with the use of computer. For this reason, it is important you follow the guidelines of your examiner or follow the Practical instructions.

If you do not know how to use the computer, do well to learn or you follow the guidelines of your exam group leader.

How to Pass WAEC Data Processing 2022

The tips below will enable you pass both the data processing objective and theory exam and the data processing practical examination.

Download and follow 2022 West African Examination Council (WAEC) Syllabus

Download WAEC Data Processing Syllabus

Syllabus contains all the topics which you need to read in order to pass an examination. It shows you the areas of concentration such that you don’t have to read a whole textbook before you pass.

WAEC Syllabus For Mathematics: Download PDF

See Other Syllabus:

Physics Syllabus for JAMB

WAEC Syllabus for English

2022 Agric Syllabus for JAMB (Download PDF)

3. Download and Read WAEC Data Processing past questions and answers

Past questions and answers are of great help and it is something every examination candidate should not do without. Sometimes, questions are repeated or similar questions appear in your examination. The past question will enable you to have a clue of how to examination looks like.

4. Go for tricks which will help you pass without stress

I recently published a post on how to pass WAEC examination without stress. I outlined the important facts and behaviors which you should not forsake if you really want to pass 2021 WAEC Data Processing. I also recommend the post below for you.

Secrets of Passing Any Kind Of Examination With Good Grades

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