WAEC Home Management Questions and Answers 2022/2023 – Theory and Objective

WAEC Home Management Questions and Answers 2022. WAEC home management Theory. WAEC home management expo. In this post, I will give you free access to all WASSCE Home Management theory questions and answers. You will also see how home management questions are set and other examination details. WASSCE home management Objective is also out.

WAEC Home Management

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WAEC SSCE Home Management Objectives Answers 2022

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WASSCE Home Management 2022 Essay questions and Answers

This are sample questions and answers from the previous Home Management WASSCE examination. The main answers for 2022 will be loaded in this page 2 hours to the exam time.

Bed laying

(i) Putting of fitted sheet
(ii) Putting of hospital corner
(iii) Unfolded bedsheet
(iv) Placing of duvet on top
(v) Folding of the top sheet duvet

(i) Duvet
(ii) Blanket
(iii) Bedsheet
(iv) Mattress
(v) Bed

(I) Toddler:
In the first few years, your child has specific nutritional needs for healthy growth. Protein, fats, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals are provided by a variety of foods. At this age your child is getting used to new textures, tastes and more regular meal times.

(II) Adolescent:

The rapid physical changes of adolescence have a direct influence on a person’s nutritional needs. The growth spurt that occurs in adolescence, second only to that in the first year of life, creates increased demands for energy and nutrients.

(III) Manual worker:

Their Job requires that they are all very physical and all require a lot of food and fluid. Food choices are not high fatty and sugary junk foods (although there is some fat and sugar present for energy), rather healthy food choices, big portions and regular eating.

(IV) Pregnant women

Most doctors recommend that pregnant women take a prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement every day in addition to eating a healthy diet. Taking a supplement ensures that you and your baby get enough important nutrients like folic acid and iron.

(V) Adult:

Older adults need more calcium and vitamin D to help maintain bone health. Some adults older than 50 may not be able to absorb enough vitamin B12. …

Disclaimer: The questions and answers above are WAEC past and likely Home Management questions and answers. It will enable you know the tactics to use to pass your WASSCE home management exam.

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How to pass WAEC home management Examination

Use the tricks below and see yourself doing well in your WAEC SSCE home management exam.

Start to read on time

This is one of the most important thing you need to do. Begin to offload the workload on time and don’t wait for the examination period.

If you wait till then, it means you will have a lot to do during that period which you may not cover.

Use home management WAEC Syllabus

The Syllabus provides you with all the topic or area of concentration including the recommended textbooks and authors. You can get this from your school or you download it online. You questions will not come outside these recommended topics. All you have to do is to cover all or 70% of it and you’re good to go.

Pray to your God

Don’t forget to hand in your examination in to the hands of your God. He is a supernatural being that can help you.

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