Best Subject Combination for Law – JAMB and WAEC

JAMB and WAEC Best Subject Combination for Law – Are you aspiring to study law in any Nigerian University but you do not know the relevant courses or subjects to use in gaining admission. Do not worry any more, you are in the right place. Here, I will show you how to combine subjects and gain admission into law in any Nigerian University.

As a matter of fact, your chances of gaining admission in to your dream course depends on your subject combination.

In the same way, if you want to study law, some subjects are compulsory.

I will show you the relevant subjects which you need in your WAEC or NECO result in order to gain admission in to law. I will also show you the relevant subjects to write in JAMB.

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How to combine different subjects and gain admission in to law

How to combine subjects and gain admission in to law
Best Subject combination for law in Nigeria

Under this subheading, I will discuss the subjects you need in your O’level (Internal SSCE) or A’level (External SSCE) and the subjects you need during JAMB.

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Best subjects needed in NECO or WAEC for Law in Nigeria

Compulsorily, you must pass both English and mathematics plus any other relevant three subjects in your field. In other words, you must get credit in your 5 main subjects including English and mathematics.

As an art student you need:

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Literature-in-English
  4. Government and
  5. Christian Religious Studies – CRS (for Christians). If you are a Muslim, remove CRS and add Islamic Studies.

Generally, you need about 8 – 9 subjects to gain law. But the 5 subjects I mentioned above are the most crucial ones.

This does not mean you can fail other ones and still gain admission in to law.

Importantly, since law is a noble and professional course, it is highly competitive as thousands of candidates apply for it each year. For that reason, you need to pass all your NECO or WAEC papers with good grades

To make it simpler for you, you can go for these 9 subjects:

  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Literature-in-English
  4. Government
  5. CRS or Islamic Studies
  6. Economics – A social science subject is necessary.
  7. Marketing, Data Processing and Animal Husbandry ( Choose one trade subject).
  8. Native Language.
  9. You can choose any other relevant subject to complete it 9 or your can just leave it at 8 subjects.

Furthermore, it is worthy of note that your grades in WAEC or NECO result does not matter as long as you get at least a ‘C’ in each of the subjects. Even if all the subjects are ‘C’s you can still process your admission successfully.

Perfect subject combination in JAMB for Law

You have seen the relevant subjects you need in your O’level or A’level result. Now it is time for you to know the relevant subjects to choose during JAMB registration.

For you to gain admission into law, you need the following subjects:

  1. English Language
  2. Literature-in-English
  3. Christian Religious Studies or Islamic Studies and
  4. Government

These are the four subjects you need in JAMB. Anything short of these may put you in danger of not gaining admission into law.

Let me briefly explain why you need these subjects.

Why you need English language to study law

You need English language because it is general for all the candidates no matter your field of study. Again, it is the Nigerian general language and you need it in all you do whether Art or Science.

Jamb subject combination: Why you need literature to study law

You need Literature-in-English to study law because literature exposes you to books and realities of life. Literature helps you speak well and to know how to articulate each word.

If you cannot use words, then you are not good enough to be a lawyer. Most times, people say, “lawyers are liars”. The reason people think so is that lawyers use words in a way that ordinary people cannot think of. They are trained to do that.

For instance, when you read the works of William Shakespeare, you will see the power of words as used by Shakespeare in his works.

Why you need CRS or Islamic studies to study law

Thirdly, CRS or Islamic studies is needed because it helps you study and apply law in line with what is obtainable in the region where you want to practice in future. For instance, the law used in the South-Eastern part Nigeria is different from that of the North. So, in the South-Eastern part you need CRS while in the North you need Islamic studies.

In all, one religious study is important since some laws are also patterned according to religion.

Why you need Government to study law

If you do not know how these arms function, then you cannot perform your duty as a lawyer operating under one of the arms. So, you need government.

How JAMB and O’level or A’level result affect your admission

I recently got a message from one of our searchers. She asked can I get admission with an E8 in my result?

The answer is yes but it depends on the course you want to study and the subject in which you score the E8. It is almost impossible to gain admission with E8 in any Nigerian University.

Obviously, admission is based on JAMB score even without WAEC or NECO result. But if you must process (claim) the admission successfully that is where your WAEC or NECO result comes in.

In other words, you can input awaiting result in that area where you are meant to upload your WAEC or NECO result. During this period, you can write and get good result to enable you register successfully.

More so, in most Nigerian Universities, you can get admission into professional courses like law and medicine using only one sitting.

In other courses, you can register using one or two sittings.

Nigerian Universities where you can easily get admission into law

Ebonyi State University (EBSU) | Jamb subject combination

Ebonyi State University is a State University and it is is one of the Universities where you can easily again admission in to law. When it comes to law, it is very competent and it beats most universities in Nigeria.

It’s cut off mark is as low as 240. So, it is very easy for you to gain admission. If you need help here, you can just contact me to help you out.

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Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo

AE-FUNAI is a federal University still in Ebonyi State. It is also easy to gain admission here. The departmental cutoff mark for law is as low as 200. That means if you get upto 240 or more in JAMB you have greater chances of being admitted.

Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) | Jamb subject combination for LAW

This is a federal University which has its departmental cutoff mark for law as 200. So, once you get upto 230 or more, you have good chances of getting admission into law.

In conclusion, to solidify your chances of getting admission into law, all you need to do is to score above 300 in JAMB. Once you gain the admission get your WAEC or NECO ready or registration.

I hope this posts finds you well and that you have seen the best WAEC and JAMB Subject combination for law.

Let’s hear what you have to say below. Also share this post to friends.

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