NECO Biology Practical Approved Specimen to 2022/2023 Examination

This is to inform all concerned NECO candidates that the Biology approved specimen for 2022 biology Practical is out. You can now read and also download it for free.

NECO Biology Practical specimen

If you are also looking for the biology Practical questions and answers, you are in the right place.


NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers

NECO biology Practical specimen 2022

  • SPECIMEN A – Atlas vertebra
  • SPECIMEN B – Thoracic vertebra
  • SPECIMEN C – Scapula
  • SPECIMEN DLumbar vertebra
  • SPECIMEN E – Pooter
  • SPECIMEN F – Sweep net
  • SPECIMEN G – Tridax fruit
  • SPECIMEN H – Tad pole
  • SPECIMEN I – Spirogyra (filaments)
  • SPECIMEN J – Okro fruit
  • SPECIMEN K – Mango fruit
  • SPECIMEN L – Tick
  • SPECIMEN M – Bean weevil
  • SPECIMEN N – Cactus plant
  • SPECIMEN O – Water lettuce
  • SPECIMEN P – Soldier termite (mandibulate)

NOTE: The Practical Questions and Answers will be posted here as soon as it’s out. You an also reach us on WhatsApp for more information.

For the mean time, begin to practice the uses and possible combinations of the specimen above. It will be of great help if you must pass this year’s biology Practical.

What to know about the Practical examination

Your grade in biology comes in combination of the papers I, II and III. In other words, after combining your biology Objective, theory and Practical examination then your grade will be awarded to you. So, don’t think you will have the practical exam separately.

Download 2022 NECO Practical specimen – PDF

You can now download the Biology Practical specimen for free where you can access it offline. Simply tap the button below to download. 

Download NECO Biology Practical specimen


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