WAEC Outstanding & Withheld Result 2021 Release Date

2021 WAEC  withheld & outstanding result: The latest information (most recent) on the Waec outstanding and withheld results is as follows: Are you a candidate who enrolled in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) last year and you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on Waec examination results?

NOTE: WAEC withheld/outstanding results have been released. You can check yours now.

A passing grade in the WASSCE examination qualifies you to apply for admission to any higher institution in the globe.

In this essay, we will explain the circumstance surrounding the withheld and outstanding results. This post is obtained directly from the  WAEC Examination Board.

  1. Please is Agric outstanding result been released?
  2. Is financial accounting outstanding Waec result out?
  3. Is Chemistry outstanding Waec result out?
  4. I have an outstanding result in English Language, Is it released?

If you are seeking to know more about the recently withheld or ceased results, continue read this post.

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Has the 2021/2022 withheld result be released?

Yes, the WAEC withheld results for 2021 has not been released.

If your result was ceased, you can now proceed to WAEC checker portal to check your result.

When will the WAEC Withheld/Outstanding results be released

WAEC withheld result 2021 release date

The WAEC 2021 outstanding/withheld results have been released.

What are they doing about the 2021 ceased WASSCE results?

Below is what WAEC Board is saying concerning the withheld results.

Arising from its 72nd Meeting of the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC), which was held from Thursday, 27th to Saturday, 29th January 2022, the Council said:

“NEC authorized that the entire results of candidates proven to have been involved in malpractice cases which attract the penalty of Cancellation of Entire Results (CER) be canceled.

“It (NEC) also approved that subject results of candidates proven to have been involved in malpractice cases which attract the penalty of Cancellation of Subject Results (CSR), be similarly canceled.

“Furthermore, some candidates will also suffer other sanctions such as being barred from sitting the Council’s exams for two years, some schools will be de-recognized for a specified number of years or have their recognition completely withdrawn.”

It added that “some Supervisors that were found wanting in the discharge of their exam duties will be formally reported to their employers & blacklisted while some Invigilators will also be reported to the appropriate authorities for disciplinary action.

“The resolutions of the Committee (NEC) will be implemented without delay & the affected candidates & schools duly informed by the Council. But, the results of candidates who were exonerated by the Committee will be released without further delay.”

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Why were the results withheld?

There have been a variety of explanations stated for why some Waec results have been withheld, and some of the issues stem from both the persons and the Waec center where the school applicants were registered. The following are some of the reasons why your Waec result has been withheld.

1. Faults on your results

When your results are incorrect, it is sometimes due to a clerical error on the part of the school. When you ignore or flout their rules and regulations, there is every cause for them to withhold your results.

If WAEC discovers that candidates are answering the same questions with the same words, they may be forced to withhold the results of those who participate in this practice.

2. Malpractice

If a center is caught once or twice engaging in malpractice, such as copying from textbooks or using mobile phones to obtain answers to questions provided by WAEC during the exam, and the report is forwarded to WAEC’s head office by the invigilator assigned to the center, the Weac Board will launch an investigation.

3. The same questions are being asked and answered with the same answer

The WAEC Markers, often known as the WAEC Markers, Those who indulge in this practice may find themselves subject to withholding the results of their tests if they are discovered to be answering the same questions with the same words.

This could have an impact on you as well. Did your center become a victim of the aforementioned cause as a result of these considerations?

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Some questions concerning WAEC Outstanding/withheld result

Some of the questions you will see below are queries we have received so far from our comment box and other website comments sectors, which School isle have opted to respond to with basic facts and recommendations from the Waec board of directors.

What is the reason for the delay in releasing WAEC results in Niger state? “The resolutions of the Committee (NEC) are that they are executing some step without delay in separating the candidates who are not affected but whose results are still outstanding or withheld,” says the committee’s chairman.

When, exactly, will the 19.44 percent results that have been kept secret be made public? In reality, the Waec examination board had confiscated the results of 170,146 applicants who had taken the 2021 May/June Waec Examination (WASSCE) for a variety of reasons, resulting in a 19.44 percent pass rate.

When will the Wassce results be made public? Let’s be clear: the Waec result has been released; the only results that have not been disclosed are the outstanding Waec result and the Withheld Waec result, both of which have not been issued as of yet.

Have any of the outstanding results been made public? The Waec Body Council is responsible for informing all candidates and schools centers of the results. The results of the candidates who were found not guilty by the Committee will be revealed as soon as possible.”

What is the best way to find out when the outstanding result is published online? The simplest approach to find out if the outstanding Waec result has been released is to keep an eye on the Waec handle page on Twitter. Alternatively, you can check our website for updates on Waec results.

In what time frame will the WACE results for Liberia’s owner be made public? The results of nearly 13,454 candidates in Liberia have been withheld. Issues involving school administrators were hidden from 637 candidates, and it was revealed that 47 schools out of a total of 4,281 candidates represented 31.82 percent.

When it came to financial accounting, my sister had an amazing grade… Please tell us what we should do. The best thing to do is to be patient for a short period of time, while the (NEC Committee) is analyzing the Waec results for some indicators.

Mine was in the field of chemistry. Just hope they get it out to us as soon as possible. After more than a week, should I go ahead and check on the results that are still awaiting my approval?

If you look right now, the Waec exceptional Waec result has not yet been released. The best thing to do is to subscribe to the Waec Twitter account Page so that you may be notified when the outstanding Waec results are released.

List of WAEC Withheld/Outstanding Subjects

  1. Agricultural Science
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Chemistry
  4. English Language

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