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Questions and Answers for NECO Physics 2022. In this post, I will provide you with free NECO Physics objective and theoretical answers, as well as answers to repeated questions. You’ll also learn how NECO Physics questions are constructed and how to respond to them.

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In Nigeria, the National Examinations Council (NECO) administers the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in the months of June/July and December/January, respectively.

NECO Physics Essay Answers And Objectives 2022 (Expo)

During the NECO Physics examination, the 2022 NECO Physics exhibition will be uploaded here. For the answers, keep checking and reloading this page.

NECO 2022 Physics Answers are now being loaded…

Obj for Today: (2020 Answers)








NECO Physics Essay Answers for Today 2022


(i)a printing press



Figure (step up transformer)










When a system is displaced, it encounters a net force in the same direction as the displacement.


When a system is displaced from equilibrium, it feels a net force in the same direction as the displacement. If it is displaced even little from its equilibrium position, it tends to accelerate away from it, whereas in neutral equilibrium, the system is unaffected by displacement from its original location.


(ii)Low centre of gravity

(ii)Large contact surface area


Velocity is a vector quantity with the SI unit of ms-1. It is defined as the rate of change in a body’s displacement.

No (3aii)

1. They both involve molecules escaping into the atmosphere.

2. They are both dependent on the liquid’s nature.

3. They are both affected by pressure.

4. They are both dependent on the surface area.

5. Both are reliant on impurities.




The body has the most kinetic energy when it is in equilibrium position B. As it approaches end points A and C. It comes to a complete halt before shifting course.


No (5a)

Both are derived quantities.


x-25/100-25 = 67-0/100-0

x-25/75 = 67/100

4 = 61*3 (x-25)

4x-100 = 201

4x = 201+100+100+100+100+100+100+100+100

301 = 4x

75.25 ohms = x = 301/4





A lens camera has a shallower depth of field than a pinhole camera.

No (7a)

– Amplification

— One of the speakers


16cm u u u u u u u u

v/u = m = 4

:. v =4u :. v =4u :. v =4

v = 416 = 64cm v = 416 = 64cm v = 416 = 64cm

Remember that 1/f = 1/u + 1/v

1/16 + 1/64 = 1/f

4+1/64 = 1/f

5/64 = 1/f

f = 64/5 = 12.8cm f = 64/5 = 12.8cm f = 64/5 = 1

No (8a)

The zinc atoms on the anode’s surface oxidize, which means they lose both of their valence electrons and become positively charged.




When the perceived power equals or exceeds the real power, the power factor of a circuit is unity.











(i)Viscosity; the force that exists between the layers of fluids; this force tends to slow the stone’s descent until it reaches terminal velocity.

(ii)weight; refers to the stone’s actual force in the liquid.

(iii)upthrust is the upward force experienced by responding objects in fluid as a result of area displacement.


A = 9 (molecular mass)

B = 6 (atomic mass)





Fusion of nuclear fuel

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The NECO 2020 Physics Practice Questions are listed below. Go over them and be prepared to do well on your NECO 2022 Physics Exam.

1. The equation X15062 => Y150 63 + -1 + energy denotes the following:

A. Alpha decomposition

B.Beta-degradation is a type of decay that occurs in the body.

C. Decomposition of gamma rays

D. Photon emission

B IS THE ANSWER (Beta-decay)

2. A thermometer’s ice and steam points are 20mm and 100mm, respectively. On a thermometer, a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius equals to Y mm. What exactly is Y?

A. 100 mm

B. 70 mm

C. 80 mm

D. 60 mm


3. When looking at a yellow card through a blue lens, the card appears to be

A. Black

B. Green

C. Red

D. White


7. Some students made the following statements about what happened during the determination of the melting point of solids:

1. The temperature of the solid remained constant until it began to melt.

2. The temperature of the solid increased until it began to melt.

3. The temperature increased as the ice melted.

4. The temperature remained constant throughout the melting process.

5. After the solid had melted completely, the temperature continued to rise.

6. After all of the solid had melted, the temperature stopped rising. Which of the following statements is correct and in the correct order?

2, 4, and 5 are examples of adverbial adverbs.

2, 3, and 6 (B)

1, 3, and 6 (C)

1, 3, and 5 are the first, third, and fifth letters of the alphabet, respectively.

A is the correct answer (2, 4, and 5)

8. Both the silver and wooden spoons are at room temperature. Because silver is colder to touch, the silver spoon is preferred.

A. has a higher density than B.

B. is polishable

C. has a lower absorption rate than wood.

D. is a better heat conductor.

D IS THE ANSWER (is a better conductor of heat)

Questions for the NECO Physics Essay

1. (a) A student constructs an atom model. There are 24 electrons, 25 protons, and 26 neutrons in the model. Some of these particles are contained within the model’s nucleus.

I Determine the atom’s nucleon number (mass number).
(ii) Describe how the model depicts a charged atom.
(iii) A new model of a different isotope of the same element is created by the student. Describe this new model’s nucleus.

Ans: 1 (a) I 51 B1 (ii) more protons than electrons or differing numbers of protons and electrons do not balance out.
(iii) There are 25 protons. There are a distinct number of neutrons in each particle.

2. The distance-time graph for two cyclists A and B is shown in Fig. 1.1. They start a 500-meter race at the same time but finish at different times.

NECO Physics answers

(a) Using Fig. 1.1, calculate I the distance between A and B at time t = 20s, and (ii) the difference between A and B’s race times.

(b) Cyclist C starts the race at the same time as A and B and maintains a steady speed of 5.0 m/s for the first 200 meters. He then speeds up and finishes the race in 60 seconds.
I Draw the distance-time graph for cyclist C on Fig. 1.1.
(ii) Determine cyclist C’s average speed during the course of the race.

Ans: (a) I 60 m (ii) 12s (b) I straight line from origin to 200 m at 40s any straight or curved line from (40,200) to (60,500) (ii) s = d/t or 500/60 = 8.3m/s any straight or curved line from (40,200) to (60,500)

Sample Questions for NECO Physics Objectives;

If a satellite travels in a circular orbit around the earth at a constant speed,

1. Which of the following quantities are scalars?
Acceleration (a), force (b), mass (c), and speed (e).

2. The satellite’s velocity varies, but its speed remains constant. Explain what the term “velocity” means……………………

3. Explain why the velocity changes……………………………

4. Describe what causes this satellite to move in a circular orbit.


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How to pass your NECO Physics Exam

Make a goal for yourself and work toward achieving it.

I am confident that you have opted to pass NECO Physics 2022. The next step is to define goals for yourself.

You’ve promised yourself, “I’ll get an A in Neco Physics 2022,” but that’s not all. You must devise a strategy for achieving your goal. Make a schedule and a master strategy to reach your objectives.

Get the Recommended Physics Textbook for the NECO Exam in 2022

In most cases, NECO recommends literature for the exam.

However, you are allowed to utilize any decent English Language textbook to prepare for the NECO 2022 exam, with the exception of NECO English Literature, where specified novels are required.

Some textbooks are more challenging to comprehend than others. If you’re having trouble understanding a topic, invest in a textbook that will help you learn the material and make your life easier.

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