NECO Agricultural Science Practical Specimen 2022/2023

NECO Practical examination for Agriculture. Areyou looking for the real Specimen for 2022 NECO Agricultural Science Practical. This is to inform you that the new specimen for NECO Agric Practical examination is out. You can now proceed to check it out for free.
NECO Agricultural science Practical specimen
The National Examination Council (NECO) has approved and released the a new Specimen for this year’s exam.
The items below are the specimen for the Practical.
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  • SPECIMEN A – Measuring tape
  • SPECIMEN B – Gunters chain
  • SPECIMEN C – Ranging pole
  • SPECIMEN D – Peg
  • SPECIMEN E – Sandy soil
  • SPECIMEN F – Urea fertilizer
  • SPECIMEN G – Paddy rice
  • SPECIMEN H – Cassava tuber
  • SPECIMEN I – Palm fruit
  • SPECIMEN J – Fresh milk
  • SPECIMEN K – Egg
  • SPECIMEN L – Hides and skin

NOTE: The agric practical does not count on its own. It counts together with the Objective and theory examination. In other words, before you can pass your NECO Agric, you need to take both the Practical, OBJ and Essay very serious as the three papers will be added together to award you your final grade.


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How to pass NECO Practical for Agriculture

Get the Practical specimen on time

Agric Practical simply entails to practice agriculture. In other words, it means putting in some skills in other to get the required agricultural result.

Before you get the required result, you need the specimen. So, it is important you lay hold on the specimen on time; start practicing the possible combinations and the possible outcomes. From there, you will begin to see the possible NECO possible questions and answers for NECO Agriculture.

Follow the examination instructions

Reading of examination instructions is very important. They tell you what to do and what not to do. They also show you how you should do those things. So, not reading the instructions carefully means ignoring the required practices and adopting your own which will definitely lead to failure.

Don’t think you already know it. Follow the stipulated steps untill you are sure you’ve gotten the correct answers.

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