WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Complete Solutions)

2022 WAEC Agriculture Practical Questions and Answers. Because many WAEC candidates don’t comprehend the questions, they have troubles answering the WAEC Agriculture Practical Questions accurately. I’ll show you how to answer WAEC Agric Science Practical questions correctly and get a good result on your 2022 Agricultural Science exam.

waec agricultural science practical questions and answers

Before trying any question, you must first comprehend the WAEC Agriculture Practical scoring scheme in order to present your answers in such a way that they would appeal to the examiner and allow you to obtain high marks.

Keep in mind that each process will receive a grade. So, when reporting and presenting your practical outcomes, make sure you don’t neglect any steps. Also, keep in mind that precise sketching and labeling are really crucial.

You will be required to conduct an experiment and submit your findings.

What you’ll see is very similar to the WAEC Agric Specimen that was supplied to your school.

Today’s WAEC Agric Practical Questions and Answers 2022

1. (a) What class of manure does each of specimen A and B belong to.
(b) List three characteristics of each of specimens A and B.
(c) List two precautions to be observed when applying each of specimens A and
(c) List two precautions to be observed when applying each of specimens A and B.
(d) (i)State which of the specimens is recommended to improve clay soil.
(ii) Give two reasons for your answer.

ANS: (a) Natural and Artificial.
(b) Characteristics of Specimen A (Poultry droppings)
– It is bulky
– Rich in micro-organisms
– Contains many plant nutrients/ improves soil fertility the nutrients concentration are fairly low
– Capable of binding soil particles together /improves soil structure has a bad smell
– Improves soil temperature
– Nutrients not easily leached/lasts longer in the soil Reduces soil erosion by improving soil structure Variable nutrient concentration

Specimen B (N-P-K 15 -15-15)
– Granular in structure Has pungent smell
– Contains only few mineral nutrients
– Not bulky in nature
– Does not reduce soil erosion Nutrients are readily available Hygroscopic.

Precautions to take when applying
Specimen A (Poultry droppings)
– Should not be applied when fresh to crops on the field Must not be allowed to touch the plants
– Should cure properly before application/fully decomposed before applying – Wash hands immediately after application
– Wear protective clothing
– Should be applied when soil is wet
Specimen B (N-P-K 15 -15-15)
– Do not allow direct contact with the plant Do not apply when the soil is very dry
– When applying manually always wear gloves Wash hands immediately after application Do not apply to alkaline soils
– Do not eat, drink or smoke when applying the fertilizers Do soil test to know deficient nutrient before applying.

2. (a) Identify specimens D,E and F.
(b) Classify specimens D,E and F according to their mode of formation.
(c) State three characteristics each of specimens D and E.
(d) State three ways in which specimen E is economically important.

ANS: (a) D(Pebbles or sandstone), E(Granite) and F(Marble).
(b) Specimens D – Sedimentary rock
E – Igneous rock
F – Metamorphic rock
(c) Characteristics; Specimen D (Pebbles /Sandstone)

– Occurs in layers or strata

– May be coarse, fine, soft or hard

– Non-crystalline in nature

– May contain fossils/plant and animal remains

– Not resistant to erosion

– May be porous.
Specimen E (Granite)

– Crystalline in nature/contain crystals

– It is massive – Very hard – Impermeable to water

– Highly resistant to erosion and weather element

– Does not contain fossils.

3. (a) Identify specimens C
(b) State two uses of specimens C
(c) Give two maintenance practices for specimens C
(d) Name two other farm tools that can perform the function of specimen C.

The above questions are strictly for practice not the 2022 WAEC Agric practical expo. The correct answers will be posted here 2 hours before the exam. Check back shortly for your answers.


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WAEC Agricultural Science Questions and Answers

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