WAEC GCE Biology Practical Questions & Answers 2022

Questions and answers from the specimen for Waec gce biology practical 2022/2023. On Monday, February 14th, 2022, the WAEC biology to practical question paper will be brought in for the exam.

The first set of the Biology (paper 3) Practical test will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and the second set will be held from 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We’re producing this post to show you the Waec GCE biology specimen made from provided yellow paper, as well as the Waec biology practical drawings and supplies used in the WAEC biology practical exam past questions and syllabus.

WAEC GCE Biology Practical Questions Answers 2022/2023

Paper 3 (Practical)
Answer ONLY … questions.
Write your answers in the spaces provided.

Question 1: 

Study specimens A, B, C, and D and use them to answer the questions that follow.

(a) (i) Name the phylum to which specimen D belongs.
(ii) Name the habitat of specimen D
(iii) Name the type of reproduction common to specimens D.
(b) (i)
(c) State three observable similarities between specimens C and D.

Question 2: 

Study specimens G and H and answer questions 2(a) to 2(f).

(a) (i) Name the floral parts of specimen H.
(ii) Indicate the number of floral parts in each whorl of specimen H.
(b)(i) Name the sex of specimen H.
(ii) Give one reason for the answer in 2(b)(i)
(c) (i) What is the symmetry of specimen H?
(ii) Give one reason for the answer in 2(c)(i)
(d) Name one pollinating agent of each of specimens G and H.
(e) State four observable differences between specimens G and H.
(f) Make a drawing 8 cm – 10 cm long of the longitudinal section of specimen H and label fully.

Question 3: 

Study specimens E, F, and J carefully and use them to answer questions 3(a) to 3(d).

(a) Classify specimens E, F, and J according to the following criteria:
(i) agricultural classification;
(ii) life cycle.
(b) State two ways in which specimen J is important to human nutrition.
(c) With a scalpel or knife, make a cross-section of specimen E.

(i) What type of placentation is observed in the cut section of specimen E?
(ii) Name one example of a fruit with similar placentation as observed in the cut section of specimen E.
(iii) Make a drawing 10 cm – 12 cm long of the transverse section and label fully.
(d) Make a transverse section of specimen F and state:
(i) three observable differences;
(ii) three observable similarities between the transverse sections of specimens E and F.

Question 4: Study specimens P, Q, R, and S carefully and use them to answer questions 4(a) to 4(d).
(a) (i)

waec biology practical specimen

The details of the WAEC Biology practical drawings and answers will be made available to you candidates as soon as it is released. Keep following this page and make sure you bookmark this site for reference purposes.

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