2023 Simmons University Kotzen Scholarship Grants in the USA – Fully funded

Applications for this grant close on December 1, 2022.

Congratulations! Kotzen Scholarships are now available at Simmons University.

Both local and international students are eligible for the Kotzen Scholarship grant from Simmons University. Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Besides tuition, mandatory fees, and living expenses, the scholarship covers all other expenses as well.

Through rigorous curricular and experiential programming, the Simmons Honors Program develops 21st-century thinkers.

As part of the Honors Program, motivated students are guided through complex intellectual problems and tasks, enhancing the undergraduate experience. Students in Honors should explore other departments and programs to enhance their knowledge of their major discipline.

A small seminar setting and a team-taught course format provide an enhanced curriculum for Honors students. The community includes professors who are also scholars, who bring their own research and community engagement into the classroom, challenging Honors students to push themselves beyond their limits.

An applicable program can be found here

  • African Studies (BA)
  • Accounting (BSBA)
  • Biology (BS)/Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
  • Art (BA)
  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Arts Administration (BA)
  • Biology (BS)
  • Biostatics (BS)
  • Business (Minor)
  • Business Management (BSBA)
  • Chemistry (BS)
  • BS/MS in Computer Science/Library and Information Science
  • Study of Cinema and Media (Minor)
  • BS in Chemistry Management
  • The communication major (BA)
  • (BS) Computer Science
  • Science and Analytics (BS)
  • (BA) East Asian Studies
  • BA in Economics
  • Economics (BA)/Public Policy (MPP)
  • Economics and Mathematics (BS)
  • Elementary Education (BA/BS and MAT/MS)
  • English (BA)
  • Entrepreneurship (Minor)
  • Environmental Science (BS)
  • Exercise Science (BS)/Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
  • Exercise Science (BS)
  • Exercise Science (BS)/Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Finance (BSBA)
  • French (BA)
  • Financial Mathematics (BS)
  • Graphic Design (Concentration)
  • Gender History (Minor)
  • Health Informatics (BS)
  • Health Care Management (Minor)
  • History (BA)
  • Information Technology (BS)/Library and Information Science (MS)
  • Information Technology (BS)
  • International Relations (BA)
  • Journalism (Concentration)
  • Mathematics (BS)
  • Marketing (BSBA)
  • Media Arts (Concentration)
  • Music(BA)
  • Neuroscience and Behavious (BS)
  • Nursing (BS)/ Nursing (MS)
  • Nursing (BS)
  • Nursing (BSN):For RN Holders
  • Nutrition (BS)/ Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)
  • Nutrition and Food (BS)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics (BS)
  • Organizational Studies (Minor)
  • Performing Arts (Minor)
  • Photography (Minor)
  • Philosophy(BA)
  • Physics (BS)
  • Physics of Materials (Minor)
  • Political Science (BA)/Public Policy (MPP): 3 + 1 Program
  • Political Science (BA)
  • Principled Leadership (Minor)
  • Psychology (BA)
  • Public Health (BS)/Nutrition And Health Promotion (MS): 4 + 1 Program
  • Public Health (BS or BA)
  • Public History (Minor)
  • Public Policy Studies (Minor)
  • Public Relations and Marketing Communications (BA)
  • Radio Minor
  • Retail Management (BSBA)
  • Social Work (BSW)
  • Scientific Computation (Minor)
  • Special Education (BA/BS and MSEd): 4 + 1 Program
  • Social Work (BSW)/Social Work (MSW): 3 + 1 Program
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Sociology (BA)/Public Policy (MPP): 3 + 1 Program
  • Spanish (BA)
  • Statistics (Minor)
  • Sustainability (Minor)
  • Women’s and Gender Studies (BA)
  • Web Design & Development (BS)

Requirements for Admission:

Kotzen Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • English is preferred.
  • World countries are eligible
  • A standardized test score of 28 or higher on the ACT, 1300 or higher on the new SAT, or 1250 or higher on the old SAT – CR+M. An SAT score of 600 in each section is strongly recommended.
  • Become a freshman in the fall semester by applying
  • Test scores must be submitted by non-native English speakers
  • Preparation for college, including advanced level math courses in high school, or before
  • Unweighted grade point average of 3.3 or higher
  • Taking honors courses, advanced placement courses, and international baccalaureate courses in high school

Here are some of the perks of applying:

Full tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board are covered by this scholarship. Study abroad, internships, short-term courses, and research assistance are also offered each year. Undergraduate studies must be full-time for four years, and the scholarship supersedes any previously awarded merit scholarships. There is an increased interest in the Simmons Honors Program among students who meet the following criteria.

How to apply

  • To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must complete and submit both their scholarship application and admission application by December 1.
  • It consists of two parts. You will need to write a formal essay and a short answer. To submit a Kotzen Application, students must complete our online form or send an email to ugadm@simmons.edu by December 1. It is mandatory for students to include their full names and birthdates on each page.
    • If you were awarded an additional $3000 each year (to study abroad, take short courses, pay for an internship or pursue research), what would you do with it?
    • How can a woman most effectively lead change in today’s world? (Maximum 500 words)
  • A campus interview will be required of scholarship finalists in February. International applicants unable to attend campus interviews may have their interview conducted via Skype.


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